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Cinco de Mayo is back too

Dear Producer,
Friday is the famous Cinco de Mayo celebration where everyone salutes the fact that the Mexicans fought back and beat the French Army at the battle of Puebla on 5-5-1862. At its essence it had as much to do with refusing to pay the Mexican debt to European banks which the Mexicans could not afford to pay.

People love Cinco de Mayo and the show does too. For years No Agenda has a Cinco de Mayo donation commemorating the date May 5, 1862 or $55.62. Click here and keep the tradition alive.
On tomorrow’s show, we’ll begin to discuss who is running the government as various articles come out in support of Trump now that he is obeying the wishes of the encroaching Neocon influences

This starts with the man who replaced disgraced National Security adviser Flynn.

The replacement is General Herbert (H.R.) McMaster who is himself a Neocon. He’s loaded up the place with more Neocons. Job number one with these folks is to get rid of dissent and thus the top target is Bannon.

Intrigue ensues.
Congratulations, I'll be turning over the Presidency to you. God bless.
This same thing happened to the Obama administration with Clinton as Secretary of State and the inclusion of the Kagan family. Soon we were overthrowing Ukraine, Syria, Libya and trying to ruin Egypt and who knows what else
Whatever faction of the CIA that runs the propaganda arm including the American media is all-in with these folks as almost all anti-war sentiment within the media is dead silent and has been since the Ukraine and Georgia schemes.

On the show, you often hear about the Wesley Clark Seven -- the seven countries Clark was told about which were targeted for regime change and rubbleization ending with Iran. The thing left out of the equation is the “why?” Is it just oil? Clark must have some idea, but he has never expressed it.
At No Agenda, we just keep digging while the MSM goes off on tangent after tangent to distract you. The current preoccupation with Hillary’s various laments is a good example of the kind of who-cares-journalism that dominates the scene.

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Your Co-hosts,
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