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Dear Producer,
Memorial Day is Monday. The holiday began in 1866 in the South as Memorial Day to honor the dead Confederate soldiers. It was then co-opted in the North in 1868 as Decoration Day whereby the public was encouraged to memorialize the Union dead from the Civil War by decorating gravesites. The North and the South had differing days for this event until it was officially united around 1913 as Memorial Day, proper.

The Civil War origins of the holiday are largely forgotten. A complete a fair rundown of the event is here 

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And, worse,  is the native advertisement. This is a story written by an advertiser and placed in a newspaper as if it was news. Once the New York Times adopted this practice you knew it was over for the reliability of conventional mainstream media. This is why No Agenda is more important than ever.

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Here are a few of the better pics I've collected off Twitter and during research for tomorrow's show.
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