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Dear Producer,
Memorial Day is upon us on Monday and this is a notorious show killer as people take off the three day weekend to travel. Many find ways to make it a 5-day holiday beginning tomorrow. The drop-off is lessened by those of you who subscribe to one of the many offered show subscriptions.

These are actually sustaining donations which provide a baseline of long term support for the show. This is the way to go. This week the show would like to highlight some of the most successful and popular subscriptions and encourage you to consider one or more of these options as an important show of support for No Agenda.

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Some years ago the show added a second $11.11 a month subscription called the Veterans subscription. It needs reintroduction for Memorial Day. Click here for that.

And digging through the archives there is the long ignored $42 monthly sustaining subscription celebrating both the meaning of everything and as a tribute to writer Douglas Adams. Click here.

And, as usual, you can just make up a contribution of any amount whatsoever byclicking here.

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Tomorrow the show will continue to discuss Trump’s Travels as well as under-covered stories recently discovered. This includes the sudden revelation that the Fox cable news channel’s ratings have plummeted under the new liberal control of the Murdoch sons, severely affecting the stock price of 20th Century Fox. You can be sure an excellent discussion will ensue.

Make sure to catch it. And please take advantage of one of the many subscriptions offered above.
Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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New Cache of Hillary Pics.
Out of the blue, numerous unseen pics of both Bill and Hillary emerged on to the Internet. Who keeps this many pics of themselves for so long? There are hundreds, a few of which are shown here. This continued promotion of Hillary should convince you that she is going to run again in 2020.

The latest pics of her emphasize her youth as they include grammar school pics and Hillary as a toddler. It may be a subtle propaganda technique to distract thinking about her as elderly or old. See what you think. Enjoy.
Many of the pics, such as this one from 1970 have seldom been seen.
My hand is just exploring. Tell me when to stop.
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