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Tomorrow The Media has gone mad and it’s blowing over into everyday life and scrambling the brains of the public, especially the entertainment community. This resulted in the offensive and mostly pointless  Kathy Griffin post of her holding the severed head of President Trump

Did she think this was a good idea? It was obviously done to drive publicity for her and she’s been in the business long enough to know it was risky. But because of her dimension B milieu she would underestimate the consequences and had to apologize, albeit insincerely.

You’d normally think this sort of thing could be a career killer. But there is a lot of sympathy for her “guts” in dimension B. You would have thought that Bill Maher’s commentary during 9-11 when he said on network TV that America was the coward and the terrorists were the heroes would have killed his career too.

In fact, his career was boosted after an initial firing.
This was the original post which has been expunged from Twitter leaving a TMZ post. It is also hard to find on Google.

Some of the fallout follows.
The difference may be in the fact that the Griffin stunt was a threat against the President. Still, the MSM such as USA today pooh-poohed the exercise. Senator Al Franken was good with it.

You can expect this to be the subject and theme of a Kathy Griffin apology tour on all the talk shows.

So she’ll go on the tour, show the Trump head picture, apologize profusely and then answer inane questions, including these: “Why did you do it?” “Did you think it was going to get so much negative attention?” and “What did you do with the head?”

At that point her idea will be to pull out the head from a satchel, but most producers of these types of shows will reject the idea and low-end chit-chat will continue instead. Eventually the head will go up for auction at some Beverley Hills event.

Unless the head is actually destroyed, it should begin to appear around the country at events as art. It may even end up with an agent to “book” it.
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