Saturday, May 06, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Buzzkill Jr. and his wife Jessie gave birth to a 9.9 pound baby boy on Cinco de Mayo. This would be worth celebrating with a special last Cinco de Mayo babydonation.
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Dear Producer,
Has the slowdown in Trump and Hillary bashing created a slowdown in your support? Adam and I see a 1:1 ratio between extreme news and No Agenda support even though the show continues to entertain and uncover more and more untold and underreported stories that are important to you and your mental health. This is very disheartening.

With one lone associate executive producer for the last show, you must wonder where everyone went. I always look at the PayPal donations before I write this newsletter and today it is the lowest I have seen for the last couple of years. Is it Trump fatigue? News fatigue?

Whatever it is, it is hurting the show. Show your support by contributing anything you can from a few cents to a few dollars. Click here and help the show.
Bored Stupid
On Sunday the 14th we have Mother’s Day, a quasi-holiday and one that I commonly blamed on Hallmark cards.

A few years back, after doing research it turned out to be legit in terms of its sincerity.

Give your Mom a call out with the annual Mother’s Day No Agenda donation of $514.17 or $51.40 (dimes).
On tomorrow’s show, we discuss the French election as the vote nears with actual egg throwing taking place along with a release of supposedly damaging emails (again?)

Also, guess what new thing Soros is backing. An eye-roller.

And maybe you will go to the support page and help the show through this incredibly slow period.

Your co-host,
John C. Dvorak
PS. Please send checks to: No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Your mail is always welcome.
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This was done for apparent morons or as a "shut up slave" reminder.
Working on my Photoshop skills, or lack thereof.
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