Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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The big news for tomorrow’s show is the sudden and unexpected firing of FBI director, Jim Comey. You will get real insight into this unlike any other news analysis show. It’s somewhat amazing that nobody can manage to tackle these stories without obvious bias.
Fun Fact. Comey is six foot eight inches. Taller than Trump.
The lack of good analysis makes some sense with national broadcast media because many of the talking heads just read what they are told. But the Trump-haters at the Times and the WAPO could break rank once in a while and deliver some actual insight.

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Saudi Chicken Chain

"Best chicken in the world"
Note from John:
I've heard of this chicken palace from more than one source and you can Google the place and you will find recipes galore that may come close to the proprietary restaurant recipe. One of the more cited recipes for the primary chicken dish is here.The restaurant seems to mostly barbecue instead of bake.

This photo was taken by a guy I met on a flight from Europe. He was a troubleshooter for big oil. He did not have much good to say about the country, but was such a  fan of the chicken that he took a pic of one of the outlets. I will work on a copycat recipe and see what we can come up with. The chickens themselves may be part of the reason they are so good. That may be hard to copy.
Do you like chicken?
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