Saturday, May 20, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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If there was ever a time when you need the No Agenda Show to claw through the flotsam and flak laid down by the mainstream media it is now. It’s the networks and the mainstream media who are obsessed, unhinged and hysterical.
The insanity spills over into the society at-large and creates a creepy mania such as the screaming woman who highlighted the last episode of the show.

The kind of crying and nuttiness over Hillary’s loss to Trump has continued unabated. It’s as if there is a new stage 1.5 in the five stages of grief. And that stage is stuck between denial and anger permanently. Locked in place.
It’s all bad for your mental health. Stop watching television. No Agenda analysis and deconstruction brings understanding which precludes all the negative effects of the hysterical main stream media and its unhealthy perspectives
This can only be done because your No Agenda Show is divorced from the mainstream corrupting mechanisms of advertising, corporate sponsorships and underwriting
On the surface, It doesn’t seem like a big deal to have those connections. But you can see the influence on the TV networks insofar as reporting on the pharmaceutical industry during an era where big pharma is advertising like crazy. It’s simply hands-off and say nothing.
You see it on PBS too. It is sponsored by Big AG, banks and the railroads. 

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Shape Shifter? Trump?
This is a frame taken right out of the Adam Curtis moive "Hypernormalisation." The time code is noted and should be around this time on the various versions of the movie on YouTube. There are probably only 2-3 frames of him looking like this then he shifts into the "look" we expect. This isn't even his big smile look, this is something different. Check it out for yourself and see what you think. I found it very peculiar. Where is David Icke when you need him?
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