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Dear Producer,
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Tomorrow’’s show will highlight more analysis of the situation in Hong Kong.

Also there is the new cheap tactic appearing in politics. The idea is to out the names of prominent donors to scare them away from contributing to a political campaign.

While this information is in the public domain Julian Castro has sent out the names of specific Trump donors in an obvious effort to target them for harassment. This has eliminated him for any real contention as a candidate. Nobody in their right mind wants to see this as if will make people think twice about donating to anyone.
Biden and Castro
"So I'm in the White House gym and see it. I swear to you it was this long."
"Hehehehe. Yeah, I heard that."
"By the way, you are out of the running."
And Adam will present a new installment of his feature, Off the Grid.

All this and the usual deep dive into world events on Tomorrow’s No Agenda Show. Please keep this show healthy by supporting the show with a contribution. Click here.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Risking getting penalized by the a-holes at Google for too many images in the email. Here are some classics anyway.
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