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Show 1161
33 is the Magic Number

Summer Ending
Dear Producer,
We have another “33” anomaly. Tomorrow’s show 1061 is 33x33+33+(3+3). This is a lot of 33’s and invites another call to action to contribute $33 to the show for continued good luck to you and the No Agenda ShowClick here for that.

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This equals the number for tomorrow's show! 1061
There is no lack of news for tomorrow’s show including the emasculation of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez staff by Nancy Pelosi with the ouster of puppet master, Justice Democrat and chief of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti. This guy was a bad actor from the start and probably the reason some founders of the Justice Democrats quit the operation. He’s going off to push the Green New Deal.

This means the tweets and everything else coming out of Ocasio-Cortez’s office will be different.
Don't shoot!
In the South there have been two mass shootings at two different Walmarts. The information is scant at the moment. Hopefully, the show can shed light on the incidents.
The situation in Hong Kong was amped up over the past few days. If the Chinese Army comes in, which is possible, that will end the idea of “Two Systems One Country” promoted by China to cajole Taiwan into coming on board.

When the UK turned over Hong Kong to the Chinese there was an agreement that it would be hands-off until 2047. If China does use its Army it would be a violation of the agreement and all hell would break loose as the UK could demand Hong Kong back. This would be quite the battle.
Hong Kong Protests
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John C. Dvorak
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Classic Special Offers
Twitter Shadow Bans Me
These two tweets about a ridiculous hatchet job found on Yahoo news never appeared in my own Twitter timeline and appeared randomly on the feeds of those following me. Was it something I said? Classic shadow ban. And it was instant. Algos at work?
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