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NYT Has Meeting. Discovers it is biased.

Cat Nights!
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Today Cat Nights begins. If you are unfamiliar with this bullcrap here is a snippet taken from the Old Farmers Almanac to consider.
Cat Nights Begin
Cat Nights begin on August 17. This term harks back to the days when people believed in witches. A rather obscure old Irish legend said that a witch could turn herself into a cat eight times, but on the ninth time (August 17), she couldn’t regain her human form. This bit of folklore also gives us the saying, “A cat has nine lives.” Because August is a yowly time for cats, this may have prompted the speculation about witches on the prowl in the first place. Also, nights continue to get longer. Cats, crepuscular creatures, are nocturnal hunters. Their superior night vision means that the nights belong to them.
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cat head
Cat sez: Moving to Portland, while I can.
This past week was highlighted, for many, including us, by some apparent Republican within the skewed New York Times editorial ranks secretly taping and then transcribing the internal, employees-only town Hall crises meeting with executive editor Dean Baquet.
Violating the code of silence between media companies, the WAPO outlet Slate published the transcript with a concise summary. It’s linked here and is a gem showing just how perverted the news coverage at the Times has become. The crises seems to be mostly about the innocuous headline “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM” which got the entire staff bent out of shape. This seems to be because the staff (the objective and trained reporters) want Trump called out as a racist -- all the time, apparently.
Newspaper picture
One headline swapped out for another as NYT tried to appease the staff and readers.
It’s quite weird, but as your No Agenda Show has emphasized, the corporate media (NBC, CNN, NYT, WAPO, CBS and ABC) are mostly peopled by hardcore Democrats if not socialist sympathizers. At the NYT this much have been the case with deputy DC bureau chief over his tweets seemingly supporting Justice Democrats with glee. There are no tweets from him after Aug. 7.
dubious last tweet
The big news media outlets are trying to figure out how to go into the 2020 election without looking like partisan idiots. It may not be possible.
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John C. Dvorak
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