Saturday, August 31, 2019

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Palindrome Sunday?

Adam Clark Curry Turns 55
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow is the number one palindrome of the year 9-1-19. And here is your opportunity to contribute $91.19 to the show to match the palindrome. These are generally the most popular donation amounts ever offered on a one-time only basis. Click here.

But wait, there is more. This is also Adam’s birthday week. On Tuesday he turns 55 years old. Please wish Adam a very happy birthday with a $55 donation to the No Agenda Show. It’s better than a gift. Click here.

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hapy 55th bday
Happy 55, Adam!!
Tomorrow’s show discusses the ever-worsening situation in Hong Kong which is not going to end well. There are all sorts of disputes worldwide that get ignored by the Trump-obsessed MSM.

A lot of our Florida producers might get taken off the net by Dorian the hurricane. As of this writing nobody knows what is going to happen with this storm. So they put all the global warming predictive simulations to work and here is the results.
computer modelling diagram SNAFU
Clear as mud.
You get the latest analysis of breaking news worldwide twice a week with No Agenda. Tomorrow’s show promises to be a winner.

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John C. Dvorak
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Birthday related.
What happened??
mom drops cake
funny gif
Whatever is going on here is beyond me.
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