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Deep Fakes or Deep Flakes?

August (K)Nights
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On our last show we had a humorous Jordan Peterson fake voice talking about the No Agenda Show. That site-- -- took down the voice software and Peterson himself has written a complaining missive about the horrible danger of these so-called deep fakes.

To me a deep fake has always been a manipulated video. Voices can be mimicked by professionals often better than these computerized systems and nobody ever called those “deep fakes.” On the show we often comment on the sound-alikes when we hear them on the various clips.
too much Jodan Peterson
J.P. The man of a thousand poses now starting an online University.
I’m now almost convinced that the site had Jordan Peterson behind it since it now killed the voice reproduction and tells you to put your name on a mailing list for future updates. This now seems like a perfect mailing list collection operation.

Names on a mailing list are worth $10-100 each for people who do email marketing nowadays. There was no reason to shutter the mechanism. Peterson, in his column, says that it probably shut down because it became too popular. There are ways of throttling a site to keep it active without shutting it off, Any coders who can create a perfect voice like that should be able to accomplish simple site management.
animated gif
Early attempt at Deep Fake
If seen only as a publicity stunt and mail list collection scheme, it succeeded. 

If there was any such mechanism is should be licensed by Peterson himself and sold as a replacement voice for voice navigation systems and Kindle book readers. It would make billions.

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