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Loot One, Get One Free

Lancet Scammed
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Be careful who you date.
Tomorrow’s show explores the incredibly screwball riots around the country and around the world over the death of George Floyd while in custody by the Minneapolis police. For some reason thousands of New Zealanders protested in Auckland with chants of “hands up, don’t shoot” with complaints about the police in the United States as well as complaints about Trump. This action, over 7000 miles away, amongst a people who never heard of Minnesota, apparently was all taken as normal by the mainstream media around the world.

Any thought that this sort of thing (as well as random protests and rioting around the USA) was coordinated and staged by subversive leftist groups was nuts. No way said the mainstream media. It’s spontaneous they tell us.
Antifa in Portland
Pic taken of the "spontaneous and unplanned" Antifa in Portland during the Democratci primaries. In this instance a supporter of Bernie Sander was beaten up for having the audacity of carrying an American flag.
In fact, according to the pundits, the looting was overdue and should have been expected and it’s pretty much all Trump’s fault. He’s a racist, they tell us. All the looted cities are Democrat controlled and the way to fix the problem is to elect more Democrats. That will do it.

Yes, the logic is elusive, but that is the logic, if you can even call it logic.
House Judiciary Homepage on Twitter
House Judiciary committee Facebook Homepage
Jerry Nadler, hoping to impeach Trump two or three more times, runs this committe which is now pandering to Black Lives Matter and by associateion, Atifa and RAM. The is virtue signalling at its worst.
Meanwhile, violent revolutionary groups advocating for the complete overthrow of the USA such as RAM (Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement) have had its video available on YouTube for three years while YouTube is taking down anything counter to a mainstream Progressive narrative of the way things ought to be. Check out the video and do some research on The International Revolutionary Peoples Guerilla Forces which seem to be commanding both RAM and Antifa. The video is here.  
Antifa HQ
Supposedly the HQ (that the media says does not exist) of the International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces. The Anrtifa and Anarchist flags could have been photoshopped onto the picture, but the picture was shown in the RAM video.
Meanwhile, in Covid news it turns out that the study in the vaunted Lancet medical research journal showing that HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) was ineffective and perhaps dangerous was a hoax pulled off by some un-vetted group providing what now appears to be bogus information. Read this.

This now makes you wonder what other bogus studies are promoted by this journal. You were led to believe that this publication did not have an agenda, yet it appears they are not objective at all and were quick to jump on the anti-HCQ bandwagon since HCQ is equated with Trump and is therefore all bad. Apparently, facts and people’s health is less important than the anti-Trump narrative. This particular situation was so egregious that even the biased Guardian had to report on it in detail.
excerpt from the Guardian
Snookered by wishful thinking and bullshit artists. Can these people ever be trusted?
This is the tip of tomorrow’s iceberg. No Agenda is the only media analysis that gets to the truth early. Once you identify the influence on the American media by the CCP (Chinese Communit Party) and the pharmaceutical companies, it is not hard to see the media corruption.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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