Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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Xbox Series X price leak could blow PS5 out of the water

500+SlashGear / 11h
The Microsoft Xbox Series X price and release date schedule leaked in part, suggesting the Sony PlayStation 5 could be in trouble. Of course we still do not know the pricing of the PlayStation 5 for certain, but if a leaked listing on Amazon France proves accurate, Sony might need to make some adjustments. Today’s situation with Microsoft seems to … Continue reading

Spirit Airlines CEO sees recovery taking a ‘big move in the right direction’ in July

4KThe Points Guy / 15h
Spirit Airlines is ready to carry all those would-be travelers who, after months of being at home, are eager to hit the beaches in Florida or spend a night out in Las Vegas . Leisure travelers, the South Florida-based budget carrier’s bread-and-butter market, are coming back in a big enough way to allow for a significant return of flying in July. Spirit plans to operate around 550 flights a day n

Holy Cow: Half Of Employees Tested At Orlando Airport Are Positive For COVID-19

500+View from the Wing / 12h
Florida reported that 260 out of 500 employees at Orlando International Airport (MCO) tested positive for the novel coronavirus. They did widespread testing at the airport as a result of a handful of cases there, followed up by contact tracing. The 52% positivity rate is huge, but – without more information about the specific roles involved – makes sense for indoor air conditioned environment. Co

Become a cybersecurity professional with this bootcamp bundle

Mashable / 11min
TL;DR: The Ethical Hacker Bootcamp bundle is on sale for £31.12 as of June 18, saving you 98% on list price. When the average person thinks about hacking, they might picture a trenchcoat-wearing citizen in The Matrix , furiously pounding away at a keyboard in a darkened room, in attempt to “infiltrate the mainframe,” only pausing to spout snarky one-liners into a headset mic and triumphantly excl

DroneBase nabs $7.5 million in a slight down round to double down on its work in renewable energy

56TechCrunch / 19min
DroneBase , a Los Angeles-based provider of drone pilots for industrial services companies, has raised $7.5 million during the pandemic to double down on its work with renewable energy companies. While chief executive Dan Burton acknowledged that the company was fundraising prior to the pandemic, the industrial lockdown actually accelerated demand for the company’s services. Even with the increas

Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphones makes for odd bedfellows

SlashGear / 41min
There has been a sudden rise in the popularity of video conferencing and remote meetings in the past months. There has also been a rise in work from home arrangements, many of which involve keeping a laptop stationary on a desktop with multiple peripherals connected to it. Dell thought it smart to capitalize on both use cases and hit two … Continue reading

Xbox One test enables DTS:X spatial audio for headphones

29Engadget / 1h
It took several months, but you can finally see what the fuss is about with DTS’ advanced headphone audio on Xbox One consoles — if you’re an early adopter. The latest Alpha Skip-Ahead test release (via Windows Central ) for Xbox Insiders adds an option to install the DTS Sound Unbound app, and thus DTS:X for Headphones support. You’ll have to get a license to try Unbound (it’s thankfully free fo

Galaxy Watch Active 2 blood pressure feature finally rolls out in Korea

Samsung Galaxy Watch
SlashGear / 1h
It’s really not surprising to see Samsung repeat itself when it comes to its health monitor features on its wearables. After all, gaining regulatory approval, even in just one country, is a huge victory when it comes to medical features. So when it repeatedly talks about its new blood pressure monitoring feature getting the green light and finally rolling out … Continue reading

The world’s largest Android ‘tablet’ has an 98-inch screen and a subwoofer

2020 MacBook USB 2.0
40TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
At 98 inches, the ViewSonic IFP9850 4K Ultra HD Display is probably one of the largest monitors with a touchscreen on the market. Think of it as a giant tablet with 20-point touch and a surface area roughly equivalent to four 50-inch television sets. Although aimed primarily at schools and businesses, it could also prove useful for serving interactive multimedia content to a sizeable live audienc

Brazil’s BizCapital raises $12 million for its online lending service

100+TechCrunch / 1h
BizCapital , an online lender based in Brazil, has raised $12 million from a clutch of investors including the German development finance institution, the corporate venture capital fund of MercadoLibre and existing investors Quona Capital, Monashees, Chromo INvest and 42K Investments. “This latest round reinforces investors’ confidence in BizCapital’s ability to innovate in the Latin American cre

Nokia 8.3 “truly global” 5G finally pops up in Germany

SlashGear / 1h
When Qualcomm made the surprise announcement of the 5G-capable Snapdragon 690, HMD Global was quick to tease an upcoming phone utilizing this new mobile platform. Some people, however, were also quick to point out that this isn’t HMD’s first “truly global” 5G phone and that the one it promised last March is still nowhere to be found. As if on … Continue reading

Zoom to offer end-to-end encryption to free users but there’s a catch

Zoom End Encryption
SlashGear / 2h
Zoom is that kind of product that everyone loves to hate but still remains one of the most widely-used in its field. Time and again, the company that is close to officially becoming a verb has been involved in one privacy or security scandal or another, including one that is being linked to the Chinese government. One of the most … Continue reading

The WikiLeaks breach might just have done the CIA a favor

CIA WikiLeaks Vault 7
44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
A new report has revealed that the largest data loss in CIA history occurred as the result of “woefully lax” security practices. Back in early 2017, WikiLeaks published details on top-secret CIA hacking tools that were actually part of a larger set of data (37TB) stolen from one of the US agency's high-security networks. These hacking tools were developed by the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligenc

Android 11 Beta 1.5 squashes some showstopping bugs

Android 11 1.5 Google
SlashGear / 2h
A beta release, though closer to the final version, doesn’t mean it’s bug-free. In fact, it’s actually more of a call for developers and adventurous users to put the software through the wringer to uncover those bugs before it finally lands in the wider public’s hands. Unfortunately, some nasty bugs do manage to sneak in from time to time, like … Continue reading

Was That So Hard, Zoom?

Zoom End Encryption
76Gizmodo / 2h
Video chat service Zoom will finally add end-to-end encryption to calls placed by users on the free version of its service, weeks after announcing it would only be available to premium users who shelled out for the privilege. Read more...

Quibi phone-based streaming service may launch smart TV apps

SlashGear / 2h
Short-form video streaming service Quibi may expand beyond its mobile roots to launch smart TV apps, a new report claims. The service launched in early April with smartphone apps for iOS and Android, but soon found itself in an uncomfortable position: most people were in lockdown at home, meaning they weren’t as inclined to watch videos only available on their … Continue reading

Twitter is rolling out a new audio tweet feature for iOS users

Twitter Voice Tweets iOS
44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Remember when 140 was an important number for Twitter users? Well, that number is making a comeback. This time it's not the maximum number of characters in a tweet, but the duration of how long an 'audio tweet' can be. Twitter has announced – via Twitter of course – that audio clips of up to 140 seconds in duration can be recorded and attached to tweets being posted to the platform. This new way

Galaxy Watch 3 design confirmed in SAR certification

Samsung Galaxy Watch
SlashGear / 3h
June is half over and, if the rumors are correct, we are just a few weeks away from the first round of Samsung’s new device announcements. It won’t be the big splash that’s reserved for August’s Unpacked but those more interested in wearables will also get their treats first. The Galaxy Watch 3 has pretty much been leaked to death … Continue reading

Bot Mafias Have Wreaked Havoc in 'World of Warcraft Classic'

100+Wired / 3h
Blizzard has suspended or closed over 74,000 accounts in the last month, as bots have upended the game's economy.

Twitter DMs will be easier to access in Android 11

54Engadget / 3h
Android 11’s conversational upgrades will extend to the Twitter crowd. Google and Twitter have confirmed that Twitter direct messages will be available through Android 11’s Conversation API, which puts your messaging notifications in an easier-to-find section. It should be that much easier to spot a DM (and importantly, reply to it) without venturing into the Twitter app itself. At the same time,

Why one email app went to war with Apple—and why neither one is right

Apple App Store Basecamp
48Ars Technica / 3h
Enlarge / The login screen for Hey on an iPhone XS. (credit: Samuel Axon) Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson launched a firestorm of public criticism of Apple after Apple rejected an update to Basecamp's new email app. Hansson's tweet thread and the ensuing controversy surfaced days before Apple's annual developer conference, and amidst news that the European Commission has opened an antitrust

Twitch launches its own free broadcasting software for Mac users

100+TechCrunch / 3h
Back in November of last year, Twitch rolled out a beta build of Twitch Studio — a free, straightforward broadcasting app meant to be the first step for anyone curious about streaming on the service. At launch, it was PC only. Today, however, they’re opening up the beta to Mac users. Twitch is pretty open about its intended audience here; in an FAQ on the Mac beta release , they note that while i

Congressman calls out Amazon's 'performative' facial-recognition moratorium

81Mashable / 3h
Sometimes, you just have to call BS. That appears to be the thinking of California Congressman Jimmy Gomez, who on June 17 shared a letter addressed to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demanding specifics on his company's supposed year-long moratorium on providing its facial-recognition tools to police. Because when it comes to Amazon's big June 10 announcement , sadly there is no there there. Lest we forge

It's official: Horizon Forbidden West won't be a PS5 launch game

PS5 Sony PlayStation
52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
If you were hoping the PS5 would launch with some of the games shown during last week’s showcase, we’ve got some bad news: many of the 23 PS5 games shown won’t be available until sometime next year. The newest game to add to that pile is Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the smash-hit Horizon: Zero Dawn from developers Guerrilla Games. The game’s director Mathjis de Jonge has confirmed in a v

AWS stops largest DDoS attack ever

72TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Amazon has revealed that its AWS Shield service was able to mitigate the largest DDoS attack ever recorded at 2.3 Tbps back in February of this year. The company's new AWS Shield Threat Landscape report provided details on this attack and others mitigated by its AWS Shield protection service. While the report did not identify the AWS customer targeted in the DDoS attack, it did say that the attac

Apple's Beefiest MacBook Pro Has a New, Speedier GPU Option

Apple GPU MacBook Pro
Gizmodo / 4h
16" Macbook Pro With AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics | B&H Photo Read more...

Figuring Out Sex Toy Storage, Part 1: Bags and Pouches

20Lifehacker / 4h
There are as many ways to store sex toys as there are types of sex toys, and at the request of you, our beloved readers, in the upcoming weeks we’ll explore the different options that are available. Proper toy storage is an important part of sexual health—you should clean sex toys after every use, and then store them… Read more...

NBA Gives The Good Disney Hotels To The Top-Seeded Teams

View from the Wing / 4h
The precautions they're taking are significant. They're limiting the number of people each team can bring into the 'bubble' although reportedly in addition to an athletic trainer, equipment manager, and security officer each player can bring their private masseuse or security. Everyone is going to have to wear Disney Magic Bans that'll be used to check in for coronavirus testing. Anyone who tests

Lyft vows to use 100% electric vehicles by 2030

Lyft Electric 2030
SlashGear / 4h
Ride-hailing company Lyft has vowed an ambitious goal: it will transition to 100-percent electric vehicles by 2030. The commitment was announced on June 17, with Lyft explaining that it is collaborating with the Environmental Defense Fund on this effort. The news comes amid reports that transportation is driving greenhouse gas pollution in the US and is a big source of … Continue reading

Bug-Ridden Tablets Behind Glacial Lines at Voting Sites in Los Angeles County, Report Finds

Gizmodo / 4h
Shitty tablets helped screw up California’s March 3, 2020 primary election in big time, according to a previously unpublicized Los Angeles County report flagged by Politico on Wednesday. Read more...

LATAM Airlines suspends Argentina unit, ending its Miami-Buenos Aires route

22The Points Guy / 4h
Americans will have one less option to fly to Buenos Aires after the coronavirus pandemic following bankrupt LATAM Airlines’ decision to close its Argentina unit. The South American carrier has ceased all operations at its Argentine subsidiary for an “indefinite period,” LATAM said on Wednesday. The move effects all of LATAM’s domestic flights in the country, while most of its international servi

La Haus is bringing US tech services to Latin America’s real estate market

200+TechCrunch / 5h
The alchemy for a successful startup can be hard to parse. Sometimes, it’s who you know. Sometimes it’s where you go to school. And sometimes it’s what you do. In the case of La Haus , a startup that wants to bring U.S. tech-enabled real estate services to the Latin American real estate market, it’s all three. The company was founded by Jerónimo Uribe and Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos, both graduates of S

If Buffy found religion: A Catholic order battles evil in Warrior Nun trailer

100+Ars Technica / 5h
Alba Baptista stars as Ava in the Netflix adaptation of Ben Dunn's comic series Warrior Nun . A young woman wakes up in a morgue and finds she now carries an embedded divine object in her back in Warrior Nun , a forthcoming fantasy drama from Netflix, based on the comic series by Ben Dunn. Not only has the divine brought her back from the dead, but she now has superpowers and a new mission to fig

The entire Dominican Republic reopens on July 1: What you need to know

71The Points Guy / 5h
The island nation of the Dominican Republic reopens for tourism on July 1. Lucien Echavarria, Director at the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, told the Caribbean Journal that the country would be prepared to welcome international visitors at the beginning of the second half of 2020. Sign up for TPG’s daily newsletter to stay informed on travel news “Throughout [the COVID-19 pandemic

All bets are off as Hertz pulls plan to issue $500 million in new stock

77TechCrunch / 5h
Hertz, which filed for bankruptcy last month, halted its $500 million stock offering Wednesday after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission told the rental company it would review its controversial plan to sell shares that could soon be wiped out completely. Hertz disclosed Monday that it would issue a $500 million stock offering following approval from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Dist

VW's production ID.4 sports a subtle design in 'leaked' photos

64Engadget / 5h
You might not have to wonder what Volkswagen’s ID.4 looks like beneath zebra paint schemes and other forms of camouflage. EVPartner claims (via Electrek ) to have photos from the electric crossover’s certification with Chinese regulators, showing what it should look like in production form. If it weren’t for the lack of a prominent front grille and the rear badging (which includes a “Crozz” sub-b

Facebook users in the US can now share their Collections with friends

21SlashGear / 5h
If you’re a faithful Pinterest user, there’s a good chance you’ve completely forgotten about a competing product: Facebook Collections. This tool, as its name suggests, allows users to collect content in their own private Collections, but with limitations that no doubt reduced its popularity compared to Pinterest. That is changing with a quiet update that enables users to share their … Continue r

Amazon Prime Day 2020: When's It Happening, and What Deals Can You Expect?

48Gizmodo / 5h
Featured Deal: Instant Vortex Pro 9-in-1 10qt Air Fryer | $140 Read more...

Bird launches navigation app to help riders stay in the right lane

100+TechCrunch / 5h
Bird is rolling out a new standalone app, called Bird Maps, in Paris and Tel Aviv that will provide turn-by-turn navigation for riders who want to use bike or micromobility lanes for their entire trip. The app, which will be available on iOS and Android, was created using navigation software from Trailze, an Israeli startup that has mapped the urban grid with micromobility in mind. Bird has not d

Astronomers find the first known regular pattern of fast radio bursts

400+Engadget / 5h
Astronomers are having an easier time finding fast radio bursts as of late, and that now includes the first regular pattern for those bursts. A research team from MIT and elsewhere has discovered that something 500 million light-years away is routinely producing four days of seemingly random but frantic bursts, followed by 12 days of silence — something that happened consistently for 500 days of

2021 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Sedan and Wagon take on M5 and RS6 Avant

Mercedes-AMG 2021 AMG
SlashGear / 6h
We’ve already seen their sensible siblings: now it’s time for the 2021 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Sedan and Wagon to come out and play. Taking the automaker’s handsome luxury mid-ranger as their starting point, the two AMG-blessed upgrades throw in a handcrafted AMG 4.0-liter V6 biturbo engine good for 603 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time as low as 3.3 … Continue reading

Amex is waiving transfer fees: Should you transfer points even if you’re not planning travel?

41The Points Guy / 6h
The CARES Act is turning up some unexpected benefits, such as private-jet operators offering lower prices . In addition, it’s making credit card point transfers cheaper. American Express is temporarily waiving all excise taxes on Membership Rewards point transfers to U.S. airlines, citing the CARES Act. As first spotted by Travel with Grant , this applies to all domestic airline transfers made th

Walmart tests cashierless grocery store with self-checkout tech

90SlashGear / 6h
Walmart is testing a new front store design in Arkansas, its home state, that doesn’t feature any traditional cashiers. Rather than standing in line, putting items on a conveyor belt, and waiting for the cashier to scan and bag them, customers will be able to use self-checkout technology to ring up their own products. The test is intended to see … Continue reading

Justice Department proposes major overhaul of Sec. 230 protections

Hawley Section 230
72Ars Technica / 6h
Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images ) The Department of Justice today released a set of proposals calling for sweeping reform to the law that grants immunity to apps and websites for the content users post or share to them, following months of political rhetoric about the supposed suppression of conservative speech online. The proposal outlines recommended changes to Section 230 of the

'Pokémon Smile' left me with clean teeth and lots of questions

Pokémon Sword Shield
65Mashable / 6h
Nintendo's Pokémon Presents broadcast introduced a series of exciting releases for fans of the franchise, including an expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield and an upcoming new Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Among these larger announcements was the reveal for Pokémon Smile , an AR game for mobile in which "children can brush their teeth to rescue Pokémon that have been captured by cavity-

Google Alerts accidentally circulating malware among users

72TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Fraudsters are using black SEO, Google Sites and spam pages to push fake data breach notifications impersonating big name companies in an effort to distribute malware and scams. As reported by BleepingComputer , Google Alerts help to spread these fake notifications as the service monitors search results looking for user-defined keywords. To spread their malware, the scammers either created pages

People are using Twitter's new audio tweet feature to mostly troll and joke

Twitter Tweets iOS
48Mashable / 6h
Twitter dropped a new feature on Wednesday, effectively allowing people to tweet voice memos. As with anything on Twitter, the jokes soon followed. As of right now, only some users seem to have access to the feature, which has only been rolled out for iOS. It lets you record up to 140 seconds of audio and then tweet it out in a post that looks pretty much like any other tweet. People are already

See the Motorola Edge Plus green screen issues that won’t make you envious

Motorola Razr Issues
48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Motorola Edge Plus owners are taking to forums to voice concerns over display issues that have manifested after a recent software update in early June. Edge Plus users complained on Motorola forums that the edges of their screens became tinted a greenish gray. Other photos also showed darkened spots and even entire displays turned a green hue. Here's an example one user posted : Motorola rushed o

This Candyman Shadow Puppet Short Film Is a Horrific Mirror You Can't Look Away From

500+Gizmodo / 6h
Much as the Candyman film franchise focuses on the stories of people foolish enough to summon a murderous ghoul into their midst by chanting his name, the films have always been, at their cores, gruesome reflections on the American legacy of anti-Black racism that led to the lynchings of thousands over the centuries. Read more...

Apple doubles down on its right to profit from other businesses

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Apple this week is getting publicly dragged for digging in its heels over its right to take a cut of subscription-based transactions that flow through its App Store. Almost unbelievably, it’s doing so in the middle of antitrust investigations both in the EU and the U.S . — the latter which CEO Tim Cook may decide to skip — in which lawmakers will attempt to determine if Apple abuses its market po

How to Help Your Memory When Stress Is Taking Its Toll

100+Lifehacker / 7h
If you’ve been extra forgetful lately, you are not alone. Chronic stress, as well as anxiety and depression, can cause forgetfulness, confusion and difficulty concentrating . But before you resign yourself to a fate of perpetual lost keys and forgotten names, here are some strategies to help your memory and alleviate… Read more...

Easily Organize Your Pantry With a Set of Food Storage Containers

Lifehacker / 7h
Food Storage Containers | $31 | Amazon

The big Pokemon announcements aren’t over yet

Pokemon Nintendo Switch
SlashGear / 7h
Earlier today, The Pokemon Company made a number of big announcements. Not only did it launch the first expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it also revealed a new Pokemon Snap game for Nintendo Switch alongside an upcoming game for Switch and mobile devices called Pokemon Cafe Mix. It turns out, however, that these aren’t all the announcements The … Continue reading

American’s Supply Chain Breaks Down, Can’t Get Sprite Zero

25View from the Wing / 7h
As airlines move away from inflight alcohol to save money , soft drink selection takes on greater importance. For domestic flights and for international flights departing the U.S. there appear to be 'supply chain issues'. Flight attendants have been told that while "[o]n June 1, we began transitioning from Sierra Mist to Sprite" individual flights now may have either one but not both . And Sprite

Zoom Reverses Course and Promises End-to-End Encryption for All Users

Zoom End Encryption
200+Wired / 7h
The video conferencing platform had previously said that only paid accounts would get the feature—a move privacy advocates roundly decried.

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3000XT brings 7nm improvements, higher boost

44Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge / "Thermal solution must be purchased separately" for both the Ryzen 9 3900XT and Ryzen 7 3800XT. (Ryzen 5 customers still get the freebie.) (credit: AMD ) On Tuesday, AMD announced three new additions to its desktop Ryzen CPU line: Ryzen 9 3900XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT, and Ryzen 5 3600XT. The new processor designs are expected to become generally available on July 7, the anniversary of the ori

Soccer and airplanes: Our favorite English Premier League aircraft liveries

The Points Guy / 7h
While being grounded for the past three months has been hard enough, the lack of pro sports has been an added pain for many. If you are a soccer fan, though, your future is looking brighter: just as travel begins to ramp back up , the most viewed football league in the world has also returned. As of Wednesday, the English Premier League has resumed holding matches. It won’t be the same football /

Google's racial equity push includes $175 million for Black businesses

200+Engadget / 7h
Google’s commitment to supporting the Black community will extend well beyond YouTube’s $100 million fund . Google and Alphabet chief Sundar Pichai has unveiled a racial equity initiative that, among other things, will contribute a total of $175 million toward creating economic opportunities for Black businesses and workers. Most, $100 million, will go toward funding participation for Black-led c

How to Get Unemployment Even If You're Working

100+Lifehacker / 7h
If the economic impacts of the pandemic put you out of a job this spring, you’re probably scraping by with a mix of your state’s unemployment benefits plus an extra $600 weekly payment thanks to the CARES Act . But what happens to those benefits if you go back to work—especially if you’re only able to work a fraction… Read more...

A Beginner's Guide To The Last Of Us

300+Lifehacker / 7h
Seven years ago, to the week, Naughty Dog released the third-person, survival-action game The Last of Us . It floored fans and critics and sold 20 million copies across two editions , cementing a position in the pantheon of great video games. Now the sequel is upon us: Naughty Dog will release the much-anticipated… Read more...

The lengthy plan to restart the NBA season features fitness rings for temperature tracking

100TechCrunch / 7h
A memo obtained by The Athletic details the NBA’s plans to play out the remainder of the 2019-2020 season, beginning at the end of June. It’s a fairly detailed return to action for the league, including some notable tidbits, like, “It is critical that every player understand that he has the right to choose not to return to play.” Sports are undoubtedly an important part of a society attempting a

Boston Dynamics now sells a robot dog to the public, starting at $74,500

400+Ars Technica / 7h
Meet Spot, the robodog. [credit: Boston Dynamics ] Boston Dynamics, easily the world's leading robotics company, is selling a robot to the public for the first time in its 28-year history. The company's robotic quadruped, "Spot," is now for sale on , where you can take home your very own robotic dog for a cool $74,500. If you can't tell from the price, Spot is an industria

Physicists Say They’ve Found Evidence of Elusive Axion Particle

500+Futurism / 7h
An international team of physicists claim they may have found evidence for a long-theorized type of subatomic particle called the axion. The axion was first suggested in the 1970s to explain discrepancies in particle physics. They have also become a popular way to explain the existence of dark matter, the nebulous stuff that makes up 85 percent of the mass of the universe. But scientists have nev

Belle Delphine, known for selling 'gamer girl bathwater,' is back

200+Mashable / 7h
After nearly a year of silence, bathwater entrepreneur and PornHub troll Belle Delphine is online again. Delphine announced her return in a tweet on Wednesday, accompanied by a bubbly rap about being a gamer on her YouTube page. "You were thinking I died? Bitch surprise," Delphine rapped in the NSFW video . She proceeded to rhyme "Gobble up" with "Here's a big duck." I'm...b..back ??? https://t.c

How to Make Spreadable Butter With Two Ingredients

100+Lifehacker / 7h
I am a diehard devotee of the room temperature butter lifestyle , but sometimes I forget to replenish the butter dish, which leaves me with nothing but frigid, brittle butter. Though I have found ways around this , it’s moments like these where I “get” the appeal of a spreadable not-really-butter butter-like substance. Read more...

LATAM Argentina Ceases Operations

100+One Mile at a Time / 7h
LATAM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few weeks ago. That’s simply a method for the company to reorganize, and the plan was for the airline to continue operating. Unfortunately that won’t be the case for at least one LATAM affiliate. LATAM Argentina is ceasing operation It has just been announced that LATAM Argentina will cease passenger and cargo operations for an “indefinite period of time” d

Blowing Bubbles to Pollinate Flowers

200+NYT > Technology / 7h
Researchers in Japan have developed a soap bubble-based pollination method that is as effective as doing it by hand.

Delta Air Lines ‘committed’ to new Boston hub; Austin, Raleigh focus cities

300+The Points Guy / 7h
Delta Air Lines is committed to returning to its coastal hubs and many of its focus cities as it begins what is expected to be a multi-year rebuilding of the airline’s route map. The Atlanta-based carrier will return to its hubs in Boston (BOS) — its newest hub — Los Angeles (LAX) , New York John F. Kennedy (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA), and Seattle (SEA) as it resumes flying, Delta CEO Ed Bastian to

Google lays out a spate of changes designed to diversify its management, its products, and startups

100+TechCrunch / 7h
As the world awakens to the many ways that people of color are systematically discriminated against, companies whose future depends on their ability to address their own role in this entrenched societal issue are taking some action. For its part, following weeks of protests around the U.S. and world to defeat racism, Alphabet just announced a number of related promises as part of its commitment t

Software shares set new records as tech rallies

Uber California Seattle
200+TechCrunch / 7h
In another up for technology shares, software companies saw their values reach new heights today. The day’s trading comes after a sell-off last week eased some of technology companies’ rebounds from their COVID-19 lows; stocks in tech companies have more than made up for their early-year declines in mid-2020, with the Nasdaq reaching 10,000 points before giving up some ground. Today the Nasdaq Co

SiriusXM acquires podcast analytics company Simplecast

SlashGear / 7h
SiriusXM, the company still best known for its satellite radio service, has acquired another company: Simplecast. The analytics and podcast management company joins SiriusXM’s own push into the increasingly crowded market, something the company says will help podcasters earn more revenue. With extra help from the SiriusXM-Pandora team and the resources they bring, Simplecast says it will be able

Norway just became the first place in the world to allow ocean cruises to resume. Will others follow?

The Points Guy / 8h
Ocean cruising is back, baby! Well, sort of. Norwegian cruise and ferry company Hurtigruten on Tuesday restarted its famed ferry service along the coast of Norway , which often draws traditional cruisers as well as locals traveling between Norwegian towns. The company’s 919-passenger Finnmarken, which is a hybrid between a ferry and a cruise ship, departed from Bergen in the southern part of Norw

Humble Bundle's Fight for Racial Justice offer includes 'Spelunky,' 'Baba Is You,' and more

43Mashable / 8h
On the same day that brought their Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality offer to a close — which helped raise $8.17 million for organizations fighting racial injustice — Humble Bundle announced that they too will be hosting a special charity bundle that will donate 100% of its proceeds to projects related to the Black Lives Matter movement. [Editor's note: Humble Bundle is owned by Mash

A guide to protesting: What to know, wear, and bring

65Mashable / 8h
Cries of, “No justice, no peace,” ring out across the country and show no signs of stopping. Since the killing of George Floyd, who died after an officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25 as Floyd said he couldn't breathe, we’ve seen protests happening across the globe , with participation in all 50 states and overseas. Demonstrators are calling for an end to police brutality,

Twitter begins rolling out audio tweets on iOS

Twitter Voice Tweets iOS
100+TechCrunch / 8h
Twitter is rolling out to its platform a new type of tweet — audio tweets — allowing users to share thoughts in audio form inside their feeds. The feature will only be available to some iOS users for now, though the company says all iOS users should have access “in the coming weeks.” No word on an Android or web rollout yet. For users with access to the new feature, the process is pretty straight

'Horizon Forbidden West' won't be a PS5 launch title

200+Engadget / 8h
Sony and Guerrilla Games tentatively plan to release Horizon Forbidden West sometime next year. In a new video detailing the upcoming open-world title, game director Mathijs de Jonge, said the studio "aims" to release the game in 2021. That means Forbidden West won't make the PlayStation 5's 2020 holiday launch . Outside of a release date, the three-minute video is full of tantalizing details. Ac

Twitter test lets users post voice messages for 'a more human touch'

92Engadget / 8h
Twitter is testing a new feature that allows users to include an audio clip with a tweet. In its announcement today, Twitter said voice messages “will add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter” and help convey the appropriate tone for tweets. You can include text with your voice recording, or simply allow your voice message to speak for itself. Sending a voice tweet is fairly intuitive: Ta

Arkansas Sues Televangelist for Selling Fake COVID-19 Cure

500+Futurism / 8h
The state of Arkansas is suing famed televangelist Jim Bakker for selling useless, made-up cures for COVID-19. In February, Bakker and Sherril Sellman, a guest on his TV show, advertised a colloidal silver solution that they claimed could eliminate coronaviruses from the human body within 12 hours, the Springfield News-Leader reports . Needless to say, colloidal silver, which describes any soluti

This Is Democrats' Make-or-Break Climate Moment

70Gizmodo / 8h
The world is facing a make-or-break moment for climate policy. Without unprecedented action, we’re all but guaranteed to see catastrophic climate breakdown by the end of the decade. Read more...

ASUS's latest ZenBooks are thin and light but don't skip on ports

ASUS Rog Phone 3 RAM
55Engadget / 8h
ASUS has unveiled a trio of new laptops it says are the “world’s thinnest” — the ZenBook 13 (UX325), ZenBook 14 (UX425/UM425) and ZenBook Flip 13 (UX363). The devices, which have been popping up at retailers over the past week, are meant to be ultra portable without sacrificing I/O capabilities. The ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425) are both 13.9 mm thin, but also offer full-size USB Type

This natural coating can make your produce last longer — Future Blink

72Mashable / 8h
Apeel is a plant-based coating that helps fruits and veggies stay fresh. Read more... More about Tech , Science , Food , Mashable Video , and Future Blink

Zoom U-turns on no e2e encryption for free users

Zoom End Encryption
100+TechCrunch / 8h
In a major security U-turn, videoconferencing platform Zoom has said it will, after all, offer end-to-end encryption to all users — including those who do not pay to use its service. The caveat is that free users must provide certain “additional” pieces of information for verification purposes (such as a phone number where they can respond to a verification link) before being allowed to use e2e e

Lecturing at home

52MIT Technology Review / 8h
Jacob White, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, was invited by Dean of Digital Learning Krisha Rajagopal to share the details of his teaching-from-home set up with the Academic Continuity Working Group. In this short video during one of the ACWG’s 8 a.m. calls, he walks through how he devised a makeshift lecture hall in his house to teach his class in feedback system design

Transcribe Anti-Slavery Letters to Help Historians

500+Lifehacker / 8h
The Boston Public Library has a collection of letters that were sent to and from anti-slavery activists in the 19th century. The only problem: They’re handwritten, which makes them hard to read and impossible to search. This is where you come in. Read more...

The Segway's Inventor Wants to Mass-Produce Human Organs—Yes, You Read That Right

500+Gizmodo / 8h
You remember the Segway, the two-wheeled device that required a gymnastics-level of balance to ride standing upright? Its inventor is currently working on an incredibly ambitious project to create a massive lab for growing human organs—once the FDA approves lab-grown organs for human transplant, of course. There’s… Read more...

50% Rebate On Air Canada Award Tickets

View from the Wing / 8h
Air Canada Aeroplan is offerings a 50% rebate on redemptions of Canadian domestic flights and between the U.S. and Canada booked by July 1 for travel between July 1 and October 15, 2020. Even though the 'border closure' has been extended, that actually doesn't prevent Canadians from flying to the U.S. and of course restrictions on travel could be lifted come late July or beyond. You may think boo

10 Podcasts to Listen to If You Need to Laugh (to Keep From Crying)

100+Lifehacker / 8h
I don’t need to tell you how dark the state of the world is lately—I’m confident you know. What you might not know, however, is that podcast listenership has been down since the pandemic shuttered our workplaces and canceled our commutes, which is unfortunate, given podcasts are the very thing that might bring us some… Read more...

Twitch's streaming software for newbies arrives on Mac

Apple Mac Trade iMac
55Engadget / 8h
If you’re a Mac user who’s interested in livestreaming but you aren’t sure how best to get started, it might be worth checking out the Twitch Studio Beta, which is available on Mac starting today . Twitch created the software, which debuted on PC in November, for streaming newbies. It has pretty much everything you need to start sharing your esports-level gameplay, cooking skills, musical talents

Twitter’s latest iOS feature test lets users share audio clips

SlashGear / 8h
Twitter has announced a new feature that gives users the option of sharing short audio clips in addition to text, videos, GIFs, and images. The company says this new option ‘will add a more human touch’ to its platform, enabling users to hear someone speak their thoughts with all of the included emotion rather than just reading plain text on … Continue reading

Cheap 4K TV deal: this 58-inch Roku TV is on sale for $279.99 at Best Buy - today only!

48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
If you're on the hunt for a cheap 4K TV, then today is your lucky day. You can get this Westinghouse 58-inch 4K TV on sale for just $279.99 today only at Best Buy. That's a $70 discount and a fantastic price for a mid-size Roku TV. The Westinghouse smart TV has the Roku TV experience built-in, which allows you to stream content from your favorite apps like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and more. The Ul

Zoom Changes Its Mind, Gives Free Users End-To-End Encryption

43How-To Geek / 9h
End-to-end encryption ensures that strangers, businesses, and governments can’t drop into your chats or video calls. It’s essential for online privacy, so all websites should use it, right? Well, after initially claiming that only premium users deserve their privacy, Zoom announced that free users will also receive end-to-end encryption. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Bose calling it quits on audio AR platform, report says

Bose AR
100+TechCrunch / 9h
Headphone-maker Bose is calling it quits on their Bose AR platform play, noting that they’ll be winding down support for third-party developers on their platform next month. In a statement to Protocol , which first reported the news, a Bose spokesperson admitted the program hadn’t panned out as planned, further noting that Bose would no longer be working on third-party developer apps and would ha

Take a Load off With Prospera's $69 Shiatsu Foot Massager

20Lifehacker / 9h
Prospera Shiatsu Foot Massager | $69 | MorningSave

Is COVID threatening the future of international first class?

The Points Guy / 9h
Long-haul international first class had been falling out of favor well before the coronavirus pandemic began. Some airlines, like Asiana, discontinued first class entirely, while Korean Air significantly reduced the number of routes on which it offers first class. A number of different factors contributed to this, including airlines opting to replace their superjumbo jets with smaller, more fuel-

The Timey-Wimey History of Doctor Who's Time War

200+Gizmodo / 9h
The Last Great Time War. Those five words have hung over Doctor Who ever since it was revived in 2005: an earth-shattering conflict that saw the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords, pitted against the Daleks. It’s been started, ended, revived, and discussed across Who media for years, and will be explored once more this… Read more...

Crypto Startup School: How to build projects and keep them safe

92TechCrunch / 9h
Editor’s note: Andreessen Horowitz’s Crypto Startup School brought together 45 participants from around the U.S. and overseas in a seven-week course to learn how to build crypto companies. Andreessen Horowitz is partnering with TechCrunch to release the online version of the course over the next few weeks. Week five of a16z’s Crypto Startup School gets into the inner workings of crypto projects,

Block Political Ads on Facebook With 'Social Fixer'

Facebook US Instagram
500+Lifehacker / 9h
For those of you still Facebooking , get ready for the best news the platform has dropped in ages. If you aren’t already sick of all the political advertising blowing through your feed, you will be soon—unless you take advantage of a new feature that will hide every political ad on social network right now with a few… Read more...

An Italian-made rocket faces a big test on Thursday night

82Ars Technica / 9h
Enlarge / This image shows the Zefiro-23 second stage being installed onto the P80 first stage at the Vega Launch Site in February, in Kourou, French Guiana. (credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace ) Nearly a year has gone by since an Italian-made Vega rocket launched a 1.2-ton satellite from French Guiana only to subsequently fail at reaching orbit. Now, the Vega rocket is set for its return-to-flight mis

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 floods the world, adds Aquaman

SlashGear / 9h
After a long wait that was punctuated by multiple delays, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is here. As expected, Fortnite‘s map has been flooded, which means that some familiar locations are completely underwater. It also means that there are some new traversal options available to players – specifically, these traversal options involve sharks. Yes, if boats aren’t quite your style, … Continue readin

Another Blow for Hydroxychloroquine as WHO Cuts It From Coronavirus Trial

200+Gizmodo / 9h
The World Health Organization has, for the second time in less than in a month, decided to suspend its clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 patients. The decision was made following a review of the latest evidence as well as its own preliminary data, which concluded the drug would likely not help save… Read more...

Startups Tortoise, Swiftmile are combining their tech to solve scooter chaos

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Sidewalk congestion is a major pain point for cities, and fully charged scooters for riders are no guarantee. Those are the two main selling points of micromobility docking startup Swiftmile and remote-controlled scooter repositioning startup Tortoise, respectively. Today, Swiftmile and Tortoise announced a partnership to solve those problems. “ These are incredibly complementary services,” Torto

Delta CEO: Wearing masks is about ‘respect,’ says flyers who refuse will be barred

1KThe Points Guy / 9h
Delta Air Lines is joining its peers in threatening to bar any travelers who do not wear a mask onboard its airplanes as a precaution from the coronavirus pandemic. Travelers will not be allowed to board a Delta flight without a mask and, if they refuse to wear one onboard, will be added to a “no-fly list” at the airline, Delta CEO Ed Bastian told staff at a virtual town hall on Wednesday that wa

App Store and Apple Pay facing antitrust investigation

Apple App Store Basecamp
44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
EU antitrust regulators are currently investigating Apple over its App Store and its mobile payment system Apple Pay. According to the European Commission, its investigation will look into the iPhone maker's requirement of forcing app developers to sell to potential customers using its own in-app purchase system in the App Store as well as rules which prevent them from telling users about how che

Galarian Farfetch’d in Pokemon GO: What’s going on here?

SlashGear / 9h
This morning you might’ve woken up to find that your Pokemon GO universe was full of a new monster. The Galarian version of Farfetch’d is likely popping up at the vast majority of Pokestops near you right this minute. But why? It’s a celebration, said Niantic, of the release of The Isle of Armor! That’s the newest DLC for Pokemon … Continue reading

Microsoft reportedly tried to sell facial recognition tech to the DEA

Microsoft Facial DEA
100+Engadget / 9h
Microsoft isn’t selling facial recognition tech to local police , but it apparently doesn’t have that reservation for federal law enforcement. The ACLU has published emails indicating that Microsoft “aggressively” pitched the Drug Enforcement Administration on facial recognition between at least September 2017 and November 2018 (the emails extend to December 2018). The tech firm went so far as to

How to Drink on Domestic Flights During the Pandemic

100Lifehacker / 9h
Even as we adjust to the new normal of travel in the midst of a global pandemic, airlines are changing their policies to make it easier for crews to physically distance from passengers. One of the ways they are doing so is by limiting in-flight snack and beverage services. Unfortunately for you boozy travelers,… Read more...

How to Live Stream Apple's WWDC on Monday

Apple App Store WWDC
67Lifehacker / 9h
Like every other major convention this year, Apple’s WWDC 2020 will be an entirely online-based event to keep attendees safe. While this changes the nature of the event for those who attend in person, you’ll still be able to watch the big press conference live on Monday, June 22, at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific… Read more...

Major Mac Changes and App Store Drama: What We Expect at Apple's WWDC 2020

Apple Mac WWDC iMac
22Gizmodo / 9h
Next Monday, Apple is kicking off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where, as usual, the company will reveal the features coming to iPhones, Macs, and more this fall. But things are a little weird this year due to [gestures at everything] . Instead of showing off demos to excited developers in a San Jose… Read more...

Lyft makes ambitious pledge to only use electric vehicles by 2030

Lyft Electric 2030
92Mashable / 9h
Lyft is going all in on electric. So much so that, by 2030, every time you order a Lyft ride, it'll be an all-electric vehicle that shows up. At least, that's the promise company leaders made in an announcement Wednesday with the Environmental Defense Fund. The plan is to switch all vehicles on its platform — whether those are cars from its rental program , Express Drive car rental option for dri

Amid pressure, Zoom will end-to-end encrypt all calls, free or paid

Zoom End Encryption
300+Ars Technica / 9h
Enlarge (credit: Yuri Samoilov Follow / Flickr ) Under pressure from privacy and human rights advocates, Zoom said on Wednesday that it will make end-to-end encryption available to both paying and non-paying users of its video conferencing service. Previously, Zoom said it would provide end-to-end encryption to paying customers and a less-robust form of encryption, known as transit encryption, to

Netflix C.E.O. Reed Hastings Gives $120 Million to Historically Black Colleges

5KNYT > Technology / 10h
The Silicon Valley executive said he hoped his contribution would lead other wealthy individuals to give. “Generally, white capital flows to predominantly white institutions,” he said.

Zoom now promises end-to-end encryption is coming for all

Zoom End Encryption
100+Engadget / 10h
After announcing that it would not offer end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to free users, Zoom backpedaled and said that everyone using the conferencing software would be able to use AES 256 GCM protection. (The caveat being that chats won’t be covered.) The company claimed that it was trying to balance security with the ability to hold accountable those who use the app for nefarious purposes. Zoom no

Astronomers Say They Found “Dry Lake Beds” on Saturn’s Moon Titan

1KFuturism / 10h
In the early 2000s, astronomers spotted mysteriously bright spots on Saturn’s moon Titan , each more than 3,000 miles wide. Astronomers had long pondered whether they could be evidence of lakes or seas on the moon. Now, a new study takes that theory a step further, claiming the spots are the remains of dried up lakes — a conclusion that could have bold implications for the existence of extraterre

I’m Traveling For The First Time In 99 Days, And I’m Kind Of Anxious

100One Mile at a Time / 10h
READ MORE FROM THIS TRIP • Well, the day has finally come. I was last on a plane on March 10 (which was 99 days ago), and today I’m getting on a plane again for the first time since then. It’s a new world out there, and I’m not sure what to expect. Where are we going? Five days ago I wrote about how I thought we were ready to take a trip again , with the right mindset and precautions. We conside

Experts Want a 9/11 Commission-Level Probe of the US COVID Response

500+Futurism / 10h
In the wake of the U.S. government’s failure to adequately respond to the coronavirus pandemic, health experts and legislators are now calling for a full investigation akin to the infamous 9/11 Commission report . The underlying argument is that while the COVID-19 pandemic was and continues to be devastating, Wired reports , far more dangerous outbreaks could follow at any time. Should that come

SiriusXM buys Simplecast to grow its burgeoning podcast empire

63Engadget / 10h
In a move that's likely to lead to even more competition in the already hotly contested podcasting space, SiriusXM announced Wednesday it's acquiring Simplecast . The platform gives independent and enterprise podcasters tools to publish their audio content. It also comes with a suite of analytics to measure audience engagement. SiriusXM says the Simplecast team will work with AdsWizz, an ad tech

Zoom will offer end-to-end encryption to free users, with a catch

Zoom End Encryption
65Mashable / 10h
Zoom decided that the FBI might not need access to free users' video calls after all. The company behind the popular video-conferencing tool announced today that, despite earlier promises to the contrary , it intends to offer end-to-end encryption to both its paying and non-paying users. This is a big privacy win for those who rely on Zoom to chat with friends and family, as end-to-end encryption

Software will reshape our world in the next decade

200+TechCrunch / 10h
Alfred Chuang Contributor Alfred Chuang is general partner at Race Capital , an early-stage venture capital firm. As I was wrapping up a Zoom meeting with my business partners, I could hear my son joking with his classmates in his online chemistry class. I have to say this is a very strange time for me: As much as I love my family, in normal times, we never spend this much time together. But thes

This jet water flosser cleans your teeth in 10 seconds — Future Blink

52Mashable / 10h
Instafloss uses a 360-degree, multi-jet design to make flossing a quick, painless process. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Teeth , Flossing , Future Blink , and Dental Care

Lyft commits to all electric vehicles by 2030

Lyft Electric 2030
100+Engadget / 10h
Lyft has announced the rideshare company will transition to 100 percent electric vehicles (EV) by 2030. The change will affect drivers’ personal cars and vehicles in every other Lyft program. Lyft acknowledges the switch will not be easy, but should reduce up to 16 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions while also being easier on drivers’ wallets. Lyft has outlined a three-step plan to m

Doom Patrol's New Season 2 Trailer Is a Dark Disco Extravaganza

200+Gizmodo / 10h
Before Doom Patrol ’s Danny the Street was reduced to a single brick , the extradimensional being used to delight in throwing wildly extravagant parties for their friends—all of whom were social outcasts in need of a compassionate community. Danny might not be at their full power just quite yet, but in the latest… Read more...

New UK-US agreement allows US companies to launch from UK spaceports

New US Agreement UK
100+TechCrunch / 10h
In a new move designed to encourage more economic and scientific collaboration between spacefaring nations, the U.K. and U.S. governments have signed a new agreement that would make it possible for U.S. companies to take part in space launches from the U.K., including its many in-development spaceports. The deal sounds one-way — but the nature of the agreement is designed to bolster the supply, d

Google's latest developer tools could make Assistant more capable

62Engadget / 10h
Google wants to make the Assistant more powerful, and is announcing today a slew of developer-centric updates that will make it easier to build tools for the digital helper. Three new features in particular are most intriguing: Home Storage, Continuous Match mode and AMP support on smart displays . Google is also releasing a new web-based console and SDK that will make it easier for developers to

Get up to $30 off your next Amazon order using just 1 Citi ThankYou point

The Points Guy / 10h
If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper and hold a Citi ThankYou card , we’ve got good news: There’s a new promotion from Amazon giving targeted Citi cardholders an opportunity to save 20% (up to $30) on eligible purchases by redeeming just one ThankYou point. We generally don’t recommend paying with your points , given that each point is equivalent to just 0.8 cents on Amazon and we value Citi point

Check Out This Free Music and Podcast Production Camp for Your Teenager

73Lifehacker / 10h
If your teenager has ever wanted to compose their own music or produce their own podcast, they’ve got a chance to learn some basics this summer in their own homes, at their own pace, for free. Read more...

Find Your Keys, Wallet, and More With a TrackR Pixel 3-Pack Down to Just $9

28Lifehacker / 10h
TrackR Pixel 3-Pack | $9 | SideDeal

Senator Hawley's New 'Section 230' Bill Isn't Going to Make Silicon Valley Sweat

Hawley Section 230
28Gizmodo / 10h
Sen. Josh Hawley, one of Facebook’s most vocal critics on Capitol Hill, introduced new legislation on Wednesday that would purportedly chip away at the limited liability shield that protects social media giants from being sued for content moderation decisions. Read more...

Facebook tests easier sharing for its Pinterest-like Collections feature

48Engadget / 10h
Facebook is trying to make Collections, a feature you’ve probably forgotten about, more useful. The Pinterest-like tool lets you save and organize content like posts, photos and videos. Until recently, you could share Collections with specific friends, but over the past few months, Facebook has been rolling out a feature that allows users in the US to share Collections publicly, with all friends

AT&T’s “headcount rationalization”—i.e. job cuts—hits thousands more workers

AT&T Thousands 250
200+Ars Technica / 10h
Enlarge / AT&T service van driving in June 2019 in Oakdale, California. (credit: Getty Images | Andrei Stanescu ) AT&T is cutting 3,400 union jobs from its wireline broadband and phone network operations as well as closing 250 wireless retail stores, according to a union that represents AT&T employees. Wireline job cuts are initially "voluntary" through buyouts, but AT&T will proceed to layoffs i

Coronavirus: Health minister says app should roll out by winter

4KBBC News - Technology / 10h
Lord Bethell says the coronavirus-tracing app is "not a priority" and has no firm launch date.

Google is launching a way to buy Android app subscriptions outside of the app itself

Google Android App
200+TechCrunch / 10h
Alongside the Android 11 beta news and updates to Android developer tools , Google has quietly rolled out a significant change in how Android app developers can market their subscriptions on the Google Play Store. The company confirmed a select set of developers are testing a new feature that allows consumers to purchase an app’s subscription outside of the app itself. That is, instead of having

Founders can reap long-term benefits after exhibiting in Disrupt’s Startup Alley

100+TechCrunch / 10h
Disrupt 2020 offers an unprecedented opportunity to introduce your pre-series A, early-stage startup to thousands of potential investors, customers, journalists, technologists and other influential movers and shakers around the world. How? Read on. Grab yourself a Disrupt Digital Startup Alley Package and get ready to virtually showcase your innovative products, platforms or services in front of

No, Zen 3-based AMD Ryzen 4000 processors haven't been delayed until 2021

3 AMD Ryzen XT 2020
48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop processor s understandably have a lot of hype behind them, which is leading to a lot of rumors spilling out all over the internet – but not all of them are to be believed, especially when it goes so hard against what AMD itself is saying. Just yesterday, there was a rumor that came out from DigiTimes saying that AMD Ryzen 4000 would be delayed. On the surface that even make

Amazon to use AI tech in its warehouses to enforce social distancing

44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Amazon has launched a new AI-based tracking system at its offices and warehouses in an effort to enforce social distancing among employees. The new system, called Distance Assistant, uses cameras and monitors to highlight workers keeping a safe distance in green circles while those who are too close to one another are highlighted in red circles. Vice president and distinguished engineer at Amazon

A Brief History of Listening In on Police Radios

300+Gizmodo / 10h
Last Friday night, thousands defied New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s curfew order and marched in the rain, the fifth evening in a week marked by beatings and mass arrests after dark. It was now common for police to leapfrog ahead of the crowd, assemble a chokepoint, and ambush with mass… Read more...

Pokemon Cafe Mix lets you make Pikachu a latte

Pokemon Nintendo Switch
SlashGear / 11h
The Pokemon Company made a number of announcements during today’s Pokemon Presents broadcast, and while the new Pokemon Snap game for the Switch may have stolen the show, there was another interesting game revealed. Pokemon Cafe Mix is the name of the game, and it will have players running a Pokemon Cafe, preparing drinks and dishes for the Pocket Monsters … Continue reading

Screen Share: A College Teacher’s Zoom Journal

100+Wired / 11h
For 15 years, Anne Fadiman and her students huddled in cozy classrooms to study the craft of writing. Then came Covid-19.

AT&T is laying off thousands of workers and closing 250 stores

AT&T Thousands 250
500+Engadget / 11h
AT&T will lay off more than 3,400 technicians and clerical workers, along with managers and executives, according to the Communications Workers of America union, which represents some employees. The company confirmed it would make cuts, but didn’t specify the number of jobs. “We’ll be eliminating more non-payroll workers -- the vast majority of which are outside the United States -- than we are m

Lyft pledges that every vehicle on its platform will be electric by 2030

Lyft Electric 2030
200+TechCrunch / 11h
Lyft said Wednesday that every car, truck and SUV on its platform will be all-electric or powered by another zero-emission technology by 2030, a commitment that will require the company to coax drivers to shift away from gas-powered vehicles. The target, which Lyft plans to pursue with help from the Environmental Defense Fund and other partners, will stretch across multiple programs. It will incl

Microsoft pitched its facial recognition tech to the DEA, new emails show

Microsoft Facial DEA
200+TechCrunch / 11h
Microsoft tried to sell its facial recognition technology to the Drug Enforcement Administration as far back as 2017, according to newly released emails. The American Civil Liberties Union obtained the emails through a public records lawsuit it filed in October , challenging the secrecy surrounding the DEA’s facial recognition program. The ACLU shared the emails with TechCrunch. The emails, dated

Freedom launches Pilot to simplify teleoperation on third-party robots

100+TechCrunch / 11h
We knew remotely operated robotics were going to have their moment soon enough — but few predicted how much the category would be forced to accelerate in 2020. It’s true that many of the pieces were already in place, including the technology and the desire to innovate, but a global pandemic turned out to be the secret sauce here. Anything companies can do to remove potential human contamination f

Genome Analysis Points to Incest Among Ireland’s Prehistoric Rulers

Ireland Irish
100+Gizmodo / 11h
Evidence of incest and inbreeding has been uncovered at an elite prehistoric Irish burial site, in a new paper that reads like a Game of Thrones subplot. Read more...

The very best Father's Day gifts for the new dad in your life

Mashable / 11h
Stepping into the role of "dad" is a very exciting moment — whether you're welcoming a child with your partner or are becoming a single parent. However, that excitement comes with a hearty helping of stress. While new dads have an exciting adventure ahead of them, they're also in for a lot of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. It's just the nature of the gig. That's why the first Father's Day i

'30 Rock' is back for one last episode

30 Rock Google One NBC
28Mashable / 11h
NBC's "30 Rock" has been off the air since 2013, but, as part of NBC's upfront, the show is coming back for a reunion episode. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Nbc , 30 Rock , Tina Fey , and Alec Baldwin

Yes, the birth certificate proves Elon Musk and Grimes' baby is legally named X AE A-XII

300+Mashable / 11h
Read more... More about Elon Musk , Baby , Grimes , Elon Musk Goth Girlfriend , and Culture

Arizona fires seen fuming from space

100+Mashable / 11h
Read more... More about Science , Extreme Weather , Climate Change , Wildfires , and Science

Keep Your AirPods Safe From Dings and Dents With $20 off Nomad's Rugged Leather Case

AirPods Nomad Amazon
Gizmodo / 11h
Brown Leather AirPod Case | $10 | Nomad | Use Promo Code KINJA67 Read more...

This Star Is So Huge that Saturn’s Orbit Would Fit Inside It

2KFuturism / 11h
An international team of researchers has found that the red supergiant star Antares is even more gigantic than initially thought, reports . Previous research found that Antares, which is located about 550 light-years away in the Scorpius constellation, is about 700 times larger than the Sun — but that number increases dramatically when mapped in a different spectrum. “The size of a star

Walmart tests a cashierless store to prevent coronavirus spread

1KEngadget / 11h
Walmart -- which is America’s biggest source of employment -- is cutting cashiers from one of its stores. The company’s Fayetteville, Arkansas location is removing not just its clerks, but also its checkout line conveyor belts, according to a local Fox affiliate . Walmart says that this is a strategy to limit human interaction, but could also help customers pay and leave the store faster. If all

Body Cameras Haven't Stopped Police Brutality. Here's Why

200+Wired / 11h
Amid worldwide protests over racism and police violence, lawmakers are once again turning to the devices as a tool for reform.

Ahsoka Tano Leads the Charge in the New Star Wars Lego Sets

500+Gizmodo / 11h
There’s a lot to love in the new Lego Star Wars sets coming later this summer. But frankly, only one of them has a season seven Clone Wars Ahsoka in it, so we’ll start there, please and thank you. Read more...

Thor: Love and Thunder: cast, release date, trailer, plot and what we know

61TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth Thor movie, to be directed by Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi. It's got a release date of 2022, and sees Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as the God of Thunder for the ninth time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's significant in other ways, because it features Natalie Portman reprising her role as Jane Foster, but this time as the Thor-powered version of

China Is Building a Genetic Database of Every Man in the Country

1KFuturism / 11h
Chinese police are gathering blood samples from the country’s roughly 700 million men and boys — with the express purpose of building a national genetic database of their DNA. The Chinese government has reportedly been collecting these genetic codes since 2017, according to new research . Police have been showing up to people’s homes and even schools to draw blood and compile genetic information.

This hoodie has a face shield and 'sneeze sleeve' to protect against COVID-19

28Mashable / 11h
Part of the Protective Fashion line, the hoodie was designed to make being safe fashionable. Read more... More about Fashion , Mashable Video , Coronavirus , Covid 19 , and Face Shield

Decrypted: The tech police use against the public

100+TechCrunch / 11h
There is a darker side to cybersecurity that’s frequently overlooked. Just as you have an entire industry of people working to keep systems and networks safe from threats, commercial adversaries are working to exploit them. We’re not talking about red-teamers, who work to ethically hack companies from within. We’re referring to exploit markets that sell details of security vulnerabilities and the

The Internet’s Most Censored Space

100+NYT > Technology / 11h
Apple’s app store shows we can be fine with digital zones that ditch the myth of free expression.

Make Hot Pot in Your Instant Pot

100+Lifehacker / 11h
Whether you call it “hot pot” or “steamboat,” the Asian cooking method of simmering thinly sliced meat, seafood and a wide variety of vegetables in a pot of broth makes for a fun and delicious familial eating experience. The literal hot pot of broth is placed in the center of the table, and everyone takes turns… Read more...

Norwegian route restart may indicate demand for air travel in Europe is coming back

The Points Guy / 11h
On Wednesday, low-cost carrier Norwegian announced plans to reintroduce short-haul flying outside of Norway as of July 1 — at least eight months earlier than originally planned. That is a hopeful sign demand for air travel may be returning in Europe faster than airlines had anticipated during the height of the coronavirus crisis. Norwegian, the third-largest low-cost airline in Europe after Ryana

Alaska Republicans Write Whiny Letter in Desperate Effort to Save Arctic Oil and Gas Industry

74Gizmodo / 11h
In the last year, some big banks have committed to protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska through withholding their investments from the Arctic as a whole. Seems like Alaska’s elected officials are pretty pissed about it. In fact, they’ve formally made a whole stink about the new environmental… Read more...

Lucid Motors sets a date to detail how Air will disrupt EVs

SlashGear / 11h
The next big rival to Tesla’s Model S will get its official revel in September, with Lucid Motors promising to take the wraps off its Air all-electric sedan. In development for the past few years, the Lucid Air promises a luxury take on EVs, not to mention American production. It’s been four years since we saw the first Air prototypes, … Continue reading

Hungry? This promo code will save you $5 on a DoorDash gift card from Amazon.

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TL;DR: As of June 17, you'll save $5 when you spend $50 or more on DoorDash e-gift cards from Amazon when you enter the coupon code DASH during checkout. Yes, many cities are beginning to ease their social distancing restrictions so that restaurants can open up for limited outdoor seating. And yes, I truly cannot think of anything better than devouring a plate of tacos and a big-ass margarita on

Wyndham Promo: Earn 2K Bonus Points Per Stay

38One Mile at a Time / 11h
While Wyndham is the largest hotel franchising company in the world in terms of number of properties (they have 9,300 hotels in 90 countries), I don’t talk all that much about their loyalty program, Wyndham Rewards. Wyndham’s new bonus points promotion With Wyndham’s newest “2K on Every Stay” promo , members can earn up to 10K bonus points for upcoming stays. The way this promotion works: Receive

This MacBook Charger Hub Fixes One of Apple's Biggest Laptop Sins: Removing the Memory Card Slot

MacBook Pro Apple GPU
78Gizmodo / 11h
Apple’s butterfly keyboard will go down as one of the biggest tech blunders of recent years, but there’s another egregious sin the company has committed against its MacBooks that hasn’t been properly addressed yet: the elimination of the built-in SD card slot. There are lots of workarounds for the loss, but… Read more...

PG&E pleads guilty to manslaughter: “Our equipment started the fire.”

300+Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge / Search and rescue crews dig through the burnt remains of a business as they search for human remains on November 21, 2018 in Paradise, California. Fueled by high winds and low humidity, the Camp Fire ripped through the town of Paradise, charring over 150,000 acres. (credit: Justin Sullivan | Getty Images ) California utility firm Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) pleaded guilty on Tuesday

Windows apps are coming to Chrome OS - but there’s a catch

Windows Google Parallels
24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Google's low-cost Chromebook devices are finally getting support for fully-fledged desktop Windows applications – to a point. While Chrome OS has been able to run Windows apps for some time, users have only been able to access apps that are streamed via the cloud through a Parallels Remote Application Server. We've rounded up the best Chromebooks of 202 0 so far The best Microsoft Office deals av

Daily Crunch: Facebook will let you turn off political ads

T-Mobile Mobile Sprint
100+TechCrunch / 12h
Facebook adds a personal off switch for political ads, T-Mobile lays off hundreds of Sprint employees and a content management platform raises $80 million. Here’s your Daily Crunch for June 17, 2020. 1. Facebook adds option for US users to turn off political ads, launches voting info hub Facebook made the controversial decision not to fact-check or otherwise moderate political ads last year, but

Podcast: Robots are the new recruits on the pandemic’s front lines

100+MIT Technology Review / 12h
We give robots some pretty scary and stressful jobs: cleaning up nuclear sites, inspecting pipelines from the inside, exploring the frozen wastes of Mars. The arrival of the coronavirus has transformed more familiar settings, like grocery stores and hospitals, into potentially hazardous environments as well. Erika Hayasaki, a writer and journalism professor in California, learned that the pandemi

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Impact entertainment ‘accelerator’ inks deal with Netflix

87TechCrunch / 12h
Imagine Impact , the entertainment accelerator launched by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard to try and bring Silicon Valley-style mentorship and project development techniques to Hollywood, has inked a development deal with Netflix and is looking for submissions. Under the agreement, Impact will identify and develop film ideas in four specific genres over the next year that they will then bring to Net

Here’s what it takes to get planes back in service after they’ve been in storage

21The Points Guy / 12h
After three months with airplanes and airports often completely deserted, U.S. airlines are beginning to bring planes back into service. Jets that have been grounded for months are flying again . Hundreds are returning: American Airlines has brought back 64 stored jets for its June schedule and plans to bring another 141 back from storage in July. Delta will resume flying 120 of its grounded jets

Apple accused of 'hostile' app fee policies

Apple App Store Basecamp
200+BBC News - Technology / 12h
A clash with a new email app-maker has stirred up developer discontent against the tech giant.

U.S. Lawmaker Calls Out Amazon's 'Performative' Support of Black Lives Matter

70Gizmodo / 12h
Last week, Amazon made a terse announcement that it would institute a “one-year moratorium on police use of Amazon’s facial recognition technology,” known as Rekognition, in response to the wave of global protests against police brutality spurred by the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. At least one… Read more...

How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Debt

40Lifehacker / 12h
When it happens, it happens fast: One day you’re feeling in control of your debt, but the next thing you know, you’re feeling overwhelmed, panicky, and downright guilty. Read more...

Galaxy Note 20 “flat” model may be best value yet

38SlashGear / 12h
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will likely bring fans back to a time when the original Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was first released. Back then, it was the Galaxy Note line that first brought about the “Infinity Display” revolution for Samsung. Back then, the “Edge” only rolled down the right side of the phone. Now, it would seem, Samsung’s ready … Continue reading

Oura Rings May Be Part of the NBA's Restart Plan, But That Doesn't Mean It Will Save You From Covid-19

83Gizmodo / 12h
Sports came to a screeching halt with the onset of covid-19, but as the NBA looks to resume the 2019-2020 season at Disney World on July 30, it looks like the Oura Ring may be a part of plans to keep players safe. Read more...

The hunt for dark matter just found a potentially physics-shaking mystery

Orbiter tSO ESA Sun
SlashGear / 12h
Scientists hunting dark matter have stumbled across something else, with “unexpected events” recorded that could demand a rethink of modern physics. The researchers at the XENON1T instrument, a dark matter experiment buried deep underground at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy, aren’t exactly sure what they’ve found yet – and they’re not claiming it’s dark matter – … Continue

Lucid Motors will finally reveal its luxury electric sedan in September

73Engadget / 12h
Once again, Lucid Motors is ready to unveil a production version of its electric sedan, the Lucid Air . The company originally planned to debut the luxury EV in April at the New York Auto Show, but due to the pandemic, those plans were put on hold. Now, Lucid Motors says it will host an online reveal on September 9th and plans to be production-ready by late 2020. In addition to showcasing the veh

Qualcomm’s new robotics development platform is 5G-enabled

Qualcomm Snapdragon
100+TechCrunch / 12h
Qualcomm this morning just announced the latest version of its robotics development platform. The chipmaking giant is skipping a number, following up last year’s RB3 platform with the Robotics RB5 — which seems to signify, among other things, the key embrace of 5G connectivity this time out. Qualcomm announces a new robotics development platform The next-generation wireless technology has been se

The latest Apple sale offers free AirPods when you pick up an iPad or MacBook deal

MacBook Pro Apple GPU
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The Apple back to school sale has just gone live this week, offering a free pair of AirPods with a wide selection of iPad and MacBook deals, giving you the chance to get $159 worth of free earbud goodness. Promotions are fairly rare from Apple, and it's especially good when you consider that the current fleet of MacBooks and iPads contain some brand spanking new releases. These MacBook Pro 13's a

Foldable iPhone: what we want to see

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
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We’ve been hearing rumors for years that Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone, and so far, that’s all they are: rumors. But enough have cropped up to suggest design elements and features that may come to the final device. How long Apple has been working on a foldable phone is unclear, but the tech giant infamously keeps its projects under wraps until it’s ready to reveal them. Likewise, Ap

Pokemon Sword and Shield first DLC is now available: How to buy

Pokemon Shield Galarian
SlashGear / 12h
Today’s a big day for the Pokemon faithful of the world. Not only did The Pokemon Company reveal a new Pokemon Snap game for the Nintendo Switch – a huge surprise on its own – but today also marks the release of the first expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Isle of Armor is out now, so if you’ve … Continue reading

Say Goodbye to Eye Fatigue With Some Blue Light Glasses

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Blue Light Glasses | $18 | Amazon

Remessa Online raises $20 million to become the TransferWise of Latin America

87TechCrunch / 12h
Remessa Online , the Brazilian money transfer service, said it has closed on $20 million in financing from one of the leading Latin American venture capital firms, Kaszek Ventures, and Accel Partners’ Kevin Efrusy, the architect of the famed venture capital firm’s Latin American investments. Since its launch in 2016, Remessa Online has provided a pipeline for over $2 billion worth of internationa

HappyFunCorp’s Ben Schippers and Jon Evans will talk tech stacks at TC Early Stage

100+TechCrunch / 12h
How do you decide what tools and languages to use to build your concept into a company? How can the tech stack decisions you make in the early days affect you down the road — and how might your needs evolve over time? Find out at TC Early Stage , where HappyFunCorp CEO Ben Schippers and CTO Jon Evans will break it all down in a breakout session on building “a tech stack that can go the distance.”

Uber pushes into on-demand public transit with its first SaaS partnership

Uber Marin Transit
100TechCrunch / 12h
Uber will manage an on-demand service for Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area with a Software as a Service product as part of the ride-hailing company’s broader strategy to push into public transit. Marin Transit will pay Uber a subscription fee to use its management software to facilitate requesting, matching and tracking of its high-occupancy vehicle fleet, starting with a service that o

Mobile signal blackspots could soon be a thing of the past

44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
A village in the Welsh Valleys has become the first location in the UK to be connected to 4G through the £1 billion Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme. A deal agreed between the four major mobile operators (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone) and government was agreed earlier this year and will see operators share masts in areas of the country that don’t have access to all four networks. Operators will

Forget Prime Day, Amazon's Summer Sale is here with deals on the Echo, Kindle, Fire TV Stick, more

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
While Amazon's biggest 2020 sale event, Prime Day , is still up in the air, the retail giant has surprised us with a secret summer sale that includes price cuts on Amazon's best-selling devices. Amazon's Summer Sale is happening in the US and UK and includes fantastic deals on streaming devices, tablets, smart speakers, security cameras, and more. Amazon's top device deals include a $20 / £20 pri

Rockstar stops hackers from spawning KKK members in Red Dead Online

100+Ars Technica / 12h
Red Dead Redemption 2 Enlarge / Hackers had been spawning these character models from the single player version of Red Dead Redemption 2 in the multiplayer Red Dead Online. Rockstar has closed a loophole that let hackers spawn white-hooded Ku Klux Klan members in the "Red Dead Online" multiplayer portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 , even as other hacking problems in the game persist. The models for

Google is bringing Windows and Microsoft Office to Chrome OS

Google Parallels Windows
52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Chrome OS devices could soon get full support for some of Microsoft's most popular programs thanks to a new partnership revealed by Google . The online giant has teamed up with virtualisation experts Parallels, well-known for their expertise in helping Mac users run Windows installs, in order to enable much the same functions on Chrome OS devices. The new offerings, which include the full Microso

Virtually Stargaze at the Grand Canyon All Week

500+Lifehacker / 12h
While we have had more opportunities to see planets this month than usual, it’s not the same as looking up and seeing a sky full of stars . But this week, thanks to the Grand Canyon National Park , you can attend their annual “Star Party,” which is being held online through June 20. Here’s what you need to know. Read more...

‘Pokémon Café Mix’ is a puzzler and café management game in one

Pokémon Nintendo Switch
100+Engadget / 12h
New Pokémon Snap was the highlight from today’s Pokémon Presents streaming event, but Pokémon Café Mix could be a fun and casual game for fans of the series. It takes the typical formula of café games -- in which the player solves relatively simple matching and organizing puzzles to fulfill orders -- but mixes in Pokémon-style elements. As you build up the success of your café, characters can joi

This Asus TUF gaming laptop deal from Best Buy will save you $100

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If you’re after a laptop that has the hardware required to power the latest games, Best Buy is currently offering a $100 discount on an impressive Asus TUF 15.6” gaming laptop. With an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 inside for only $899.99, you can also snag $20 off a 12-month subscription to Microsoft 365, which should cover all your productivity needs. The Asus TUF 15.6-inch

Why Am I Connected to Wi-Fi But Not the Internet?

200+How-To Geek / 12h
It’s happened to all of us at some point. Your Wi-Fi signal is strong, but there’s no internet connectivity. That’s because Wi-Fi and the internet are two different things, and understanding the difference can help you troubleshoot future network problems. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Chrome OS is Getting Support for Windows Applications...Kind Of

Windows Google Parallels
20How-To Geek / 12h
I love Chrome OS, but if I had to point out the biggest issue with the platform as a whole, it’s a lack of truly powerful apps. You won’t get Photoshop or the full Microsoft Office suite on a Chromebook, but Google is teaming up with Parallels to bring support for Windows apps to Chrome OS. But there’s a catch. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Watch a Mysterious Blue Fireball Scream Over Australia

1KFuturism / 12h
Close Encounters Early Monday morning, a dazzling blue fireball streaked across the sky in western Australia. The unusual event left scientists speculating: was it space junk, a part of an old rocket that re-entered the atmosphere, or a meteorite that ventured too close to Earth? There seems to be more evidence for the latter, Live Science reports — but as of yet there are no definite answers. Vi

Long-term profitability is the only growth metric that matters

100+TechCrunch / 12h
Joe Yakuel Contributor Joe Yakuel is the founder and CEO of WITHIN , the world's first performance branding company. Your company’s one metric that matters (OMTM) shouldn’t be return on investment (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS), net promoter score (NPS), brand affinity or one of the other sophisticated-sounding acronyms marketers use to gauge success. Your company’s one metric that matters shou

How D2C brands are holding up during the pandemic

Zoom End Encryption
100+TechCrunch / 12h
Ashwin Ramasamy Contributor Ashwin Ramasamy is the co-founder of PipeCandy , an online merchant graph company that discovers and analyzes business and consumer perception metrics about D2C brands and e-commerce companies. More posts by this contributor Is the e-commerce shift going to last? Will ‘New Retail’ help D2C brands succeed offline? A lot has happened during the COVID-19 lockdowns in term

These cordless grass trimmers make it easy to keep your yard nice and tidy

40Mashable / 12h
TL;DR: Keep your yard in order with a grass and weed trimmer on sale for up to $100 off at Lowe's as of June 17. Although this summer may be a bit different than we imagined, it can still be full of fun activities. How do you find them? Step 1: Go outside to your backyard, if you have one. Step 2: Make a list of all the reasons it wouldn't be featured in Better Homes & Gardens. Step 3: Get to wor

Update: No, 260 Orlando Airport Employees Didn’t Test Positive For Coronavirus All At Once

300+One Mile at a Time / 12h
Update : In the meantime it has been clarified that 260 airport employees didn’t actually all test positive for coronavirus at once, despite Florida’s governor claiming that was the case. This clarification came after I wrote my initial post. The airport has now clarified that there have been a total of 260 confirmed cases among airport employees and traceable connections to airport employees sin