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Riots? Or Laugh Riots?

Biden Comes out from Hidin'
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There is a lot of good stuff coming on tomorrow’s show.
dumb sign advocating large gatherings only if it a protest.
Cripes. Who are they kidding?
The George Floyd incidents are slowing down except in places like Seattle. There a part of the town was taken over by protestors and renamed CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone). Curiously, the show has someone on the inside who can give us some meaningful insight since the news media will not.

First of all, this is an area where most of the residents are Amazon employees. The large umbrellas you see set up all over the place are from Amazon and some odd umbrella loaning program. There are also Amazon Security guards double dipping and hired by the protestors to help protect the turf. The entire six blocks seems to be established as a giant block party with free food and bands along with movies being shown. It’s kind of nuts.
picture of CHAZ
A look at CHAZ, the Amazon umbrellas can be seen in the distance.
Professional sign for CHAZ
Meanwhile, the Internet is lit up with sketchy conspiracy theories including the one that points out that nobody was wearing a face mask at the Minneapolis George Floyd incident. Looking back on the footage it is odd how nobody has a mask or even one hanging off an ear. But the mask does show up on a paramedic and that’s about it. And that is until the second video appeared from the street cam. That one shows two officers with masks. But it’s possible the second video was rigged.
Letter expressing idea that the Floyd riots were part of a psyop because nobody was wearing masks.
Image from arrest showing a cop wearing a mask
Image from arrest with car repositioned oddly.
The Park police arrives and the cop is clearly wearing a mask in the middle of the screen. A couple of frames later (with nothing shown in-between) he is gone the car is positioned differently. Also the cop on the far right is indeed wearing a mask, but nobody else is.
More importantly on the original video the camera turns towards a maskless white girl who is also filming the event. Where is her recording?

This will be resolved in time to create a fuss just before the November elections as the mainstream media continues to gaslight the American public to favor Joe Biden.

And yes, you will hear the latest eye-rollers from Biden on tomorrow’s show. That never gets old.
Picture of Joe Biden looking befuddled.
Did I drive here?
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Animatyed gif showing a guy trying to puch a dog in the water but falling in himself.
Karma is real.
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