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Tomorrow’s show.
You’ll hear an analysis of the screwy John Bolton book that is getting a lot of attention. What’s interesting is that the Democrats and particularly the most leftist are telling people not to buy the book. The make the claim that since Bolton did not chime in during the impeachment that profits from this book should be kept from Bolton.

Meanwhile he’s being dubbed a traitor by Mike Pompeo and others. You’d think this should trigger sales for the book from the left, but no. The left does not want people reading the book. One guest on the left-leaning Stephanie Miller Radio show said that people should just listen to the Bolton interviews and they will find out all they need to know. Just do that. Do not buy the book!

To exacerbate things the New York Times panned the book too.
Photo of book cover
None of this makes any sense until you read the book and discover that it may be a Trojan Horse insofar as Trump hate is concerned. For the most part it’s about Bolton being a foreign policy genius. And, yes, Bolton says a lot of the negative things coincidentally outlined on the “Trump hate list” linked here. More interesting is how he attacks others even more than Trump including the other Trump naysayers including Mad Dog Mattis who apparently wanted to load the White House with Democrat operatives.

Bolton attacks the Obama Iran deal to an extreme and you can see why Democrats do not want their pals reading the book. Here is an excerpt showing the tone of the book in general. (Emphasis added).
The Room Where it Happened by John Bolton (excerpt)

t was not long before Bannon and Priebus were again calling and texting me to come into the White House in some capacity, as they sought to overcome the mismatches between Trump, McMaster, and Tillerson.

The most palpable manifestation of the problems was Iran, specifically the 2015 nuclear deal, which Obama considered a crowning achievement (the other being Obamacare). The deal was badly conceived, abominably negotiated and drafted, and entirely advantageous to Iran: unenforceable, unverifiable, and inadequate in duration and scope. Although purportedly resolving the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear-weapons program, the deal did no such thing. In fact, it exacerbated the threat by creating the semblance of a solution, diverting attention from the dangers, and lifting the economic sanctions that had imposed substantial pain on Iran’s economy, while allowing Tehran to proceed essentially unimpeded.

Moreover, the deal did not seriously address other threats Iran posed: its ballistic-missile program (a thinly disguised effort to develop delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons); its continuing role as the world’s central banker for international terrorism; and its other malign activity in the region, through the intervention and growing strength of the Quds Force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s external military arm, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and elsewhere. Freed from sanctions, benefiting from the transfer of $150 million in “cash on pallets” in cargo airplanes and the unfreezing of an estimated $150 billion in assets globally, Tehran’s radical ayatollahs were back in business. Trump and other 2016 GOP candidates campaigned against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the lumbering formal title of the Iran deal, and it was widely believed to be ready for extreme unction following his inauguration.

But a combination of Tillerson, Mattis, and McMaster frustrated Trump’s efforts to break free from this wretched deal, earning them the plaudits of the adoring media as an “axis of adults” restraining Trump from indulging in wild fantasies. If only they knew. In fact, many of Trump’s supporters saw their efforts as preventing him from doing what he had promised voters he would do. And McMaster wasn’t doing himself any favors by opposing the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe things like... radical Islamic terrorism.
So things may not always be as they seem. In fact, when interviewed by an unusually skeptical Bret Baier on Fox, Bolton could not explain a lot about the writing of the book and you’d come away, after the interview, wondering if Bolton actually wrote it. Who did write it, if not Bolton? You’ll find out on tomorrow’s show.
JOhn Bolton and Breet Baier
There is a lot coming up on tomorrow’s show.

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