Wednesday, June 03, 2020

TPS Consulting Wednesday Afternoon Edition


Minneapolis Cops Sued for Shooting, Beating, and Gassing Over a Dozen Journalists

23KGizmodo / 3h
The ACLU has filed a class-action lawsuit against Minnesota authorities on behalf of journalists whom state and local police were filmed beating, shooting, gassing, and arresting during protests against the police killing of George Floyd. Read more...

Why Saying 'All Lives Matter' Is a Problem

3KLifehacker / 5h
It has now been seven years since Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi created the Black Lives Matter movement and organization in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. Upon hearing this slogan, some people reacted by wondering “But don’t all lives matter?” As in, if the… Read more...

Upgrade your images with the power of artificial intelligence

300+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 13h
According the legendary writer Arthur C Clarke, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." There's a lot of magic in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020. It leverages artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional tools that'll enable you to do remarkable things from initial concepts to final output. And it won't break the bank. Work smarter with machine leaning If you've e

How Sega hopes to use Japanese arcades as streaming data centers

Ars Technica / 1h
Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Sega ) If you thought the three-inch-wide Game Gear Micro was going to be the weirdest announcement out of Sega today, think again. We'd give that title instead to the company's announcement of a strange and somewhat amorphous concept known as "fog gaming," which seems set to utilize idle arcade machines to distribute a new type of cloud gaming service in Japan. D

Fortnite C2 Season 3 delayed yet again, but Epic has a good reason

SlashGear / 1h
Epic has delayed Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 – Season 3 for a third time, bumping the event and release dates to mid-June. Unlike the first two announcements, Epic has actually provided a reason for this delay, and it’s one we’ve heard from other major companies in recent days. “We’re acutely aware of the pain our friends, families, team members, players, and … Continue reading

Epic delays the next 'Fortnite' event and season again

Engadget / 1h
Epic Games has delayed the next Fortnite event and season once more. A one-time event called The Device is moving from June 6th to June 15th. Chapter 2 Season 3, which will probably feature a flooded map, will start two days after that. The publisher made the call amid ongoing, widespread anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd. A former Minneapolis police officer has been charge

Scientists Grow Mini Human Livers, Transplant Them Into Rats

99Futurism / 1h
In a development that could someday help patients on long organ donor waitlists, doctors have managed to grow miniature human livers out of skin cells. After triggering the skin cells to turn into stem cells, doctors then implanted them into a scaffold to help them grow into livers, Inverse reports . The scientists then implanted those new miniature human livers into five rats, which had cells fr

Looted iPhones show this message after Apple Store theft

SlashGear / 1h
Apple Stores were among those looted in during protests of police brutality and calls for justice for the murder of George Floyd and other black citizens by police forces across the United States. A number of iPhone devices were stolen by individuals that took advantage of the situation to turn peaceful protests into violent riots. Individuals that decided to loot … Continue reading

Things Are Looking Grim for AMC Theatres

Gizmodo / 1h
As the future of theaters remains uncertain post-pandemic, cinema chain AMC said in a regulatory filing this week that “substantial doubt exists” about its “ability to continue as a going concern” and its chances of springing back even after its theaters are, eventually, permitted to reopen. Read more...

Fitbit's COVID-19 ventilator gets emergency FDA approval

41Engadget / 1h
Fitbit is one step closer to putting its Flow ventilator into use during the pandemic. The FDA has given Fitbit an Emergency Use Authorization for the Flow to help with severe COVID-19 cases. It still doesn’t have customers lined up, but it’s “in talks” with US government agencies to gauge needs and hopes to work with aid organizations worldwide. The Flow is pitched as a blend of advanced sensors

This $25 handheld sewing machine is great for quick fixes, easy stitches

Mashable / 2h
TL;DR: Make clothing repairs yourself at home with the Handy Dandy portable sewing machine for $24.95, a 58% savings as of June 3. How much clothing have you tossed out, shoved in the back of a drawer, or forgot about simply because of a small rip, broken hem, or torn pocket? We're all guilty of it. But pulling out your grandmother's bulky old sewing machine that you barely know how to use isn't

For more equitable startup funding, the “money behind the money” needs to be accountable, too

100+TechCrunch / 2h
As protests continue across the U.S. and beyond, there has been chatter this week in Silicon Valley and the venture industry more broadly about race and which venture firms have done a better job of diversifying their ranks and founder bets. There have been mea culpas, promises by firms to hold themselves more accountable, vows to “listen and learn.” SoftBank and Andreessen Horowitz have even ann

Paperwork automation platform Anvil raises $5 million from Google’s Gradient Ventures

92TechCrunch / 2h
Remote work has changed the tools offices need for communicating asynchronously across meetings and chat, but not all collaboration takes place in neat little chat bubbles. Anvil is a San Francisco startup that’s aiming to transform how businesses collaborate around the humble PDF. Anvil’s automation platform levels up Google Forms and allows customers to digitize tiresome PDFs through dynamic fo

How to Cope as a 'Distance Caregiver' During the Pandemic

24Lifehacker / 2h
The COVID-19 pandemic has meant dealing with challenges most people never thought they’d face: toilet paper shortages, universal homeschooling and a novel virus that has killed more than 100,000 Americans in less than three months. It has also changed the caregiving landscape dramatically. Approximately 39.8 million… Read more...

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 shows up in a leak, despite doubters

20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
While we were expecting just two Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones to launch this year, we could be getting a high-specced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra anyway, as new documents suggest. Earlier in 2020, the three models in the Samsung Galaxy S20 line included the high-specced and high-priced S20 Ultra , so we expected one to come alongside the Note 20 line. But recently, a tipster alleged that Samsun

A COVID-19 resilience test for B2B companies

100+TechCrunch / 2h
TX Zhuo Contributor TX Zhuo is the managing partner of Fika Ventures , focusing on fintech, enterprise software and marketplace opportunities. More posts by this contributor Discovering that deckhands make great waiters — and why this matters Winning deals as a new venture capital fund Colton Pace Contributor Colton Pace is an investor at Fika Ventures. He previously held roles investing at Vulca

Andreessen Horowitz launches $2.2M fund to invest in underserved founders

72TechCrunch / 2h
Andreessen Horowitz announced today in a blog post that it is launching a fund designed to invest in underrepresented and underserved founders. The Talent x Opportunity (TxO) fund, which a16z says was in the works for six months, starts with $2.2 million in donations from the firm’s partners. TxO will be invested in a small group of seed-stage startups the first year and expand in size going forw

NetApp to acquire Spot (formerly Spotinst) to gain cloud infrastructure management tools

100+TechCrunch / 2h
When Spotinst rebranded to Spot in March, it seemed big changes were afoot for the startup, which originally helped companies find and manage cheap infrastructure known as spot instances (hence its original name). We had no idea how big at the time. Today, NetApp announced plans to acquire the startup. The companies did not share the price, but Israeli publication, CTECH , pegged the deal at $450

Royal Air Maroc Awards Now Bookable On

31One Mile at a Time / 2h
Royal Air Maroc joined the oneworld alliance as of April 2020, and it’s now possible to redeem AAdvantage miles on Royal Air Maroc directly through This is also exciting because it means that awards on all oneworld airlines can now be searched and booked through American adds online Royal Air Maroc awards American Airlines’ website is now showing Royal Air Maroc award availability

How to donate to support the Black Lives Matter movement

32Mashable / 2h
Since the death of George Floyd in police custody people have been rallying around the world. Beyond protesting police brutality, you can also help by opening your wallet. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Protests , Donations , Black Lives Matter , and George Floyd

XPS 13 price cut: the powerful Dell laptop is on sale for $879.99

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Upgrade your machine and save money with the all-new Dell XPS 13 that's on sale for $879.99. That's a $20 discount and a fantastic price for a powerful laptop. The Dell XPS 13 features a 13.3-inch InfinityEdge display and packs 4GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and a 10th Generation Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor. The powerful laptop received an upgraded battery life of up to 19 hours, and the new 2.25mm we

Robots need coffee too, but not for the reasons you think

SlashGear / 2h
Coffee is the beverage of choice for millions of people who need a boost of energy for work or increased focused for exams. The beans are found in a variety of products, including one unexpected machine: a robot. Coffee grounds, it turns out, can help a certain kind of multi-legged robot perform its job with fewer issues, but not for … Continue reading

How to be an effective ally online, at protests, and moving forward

11 Windows Mac Apple36Mashable / 2h
If you’re a white person or non-black person of color, it’s high time to step up your game as an ally to black activists demanding an end to police violence. (And let's understand history for a second: It has always been high time.) In the last two weeks, a flood of public support for digital campaigns demanding justice for George Floyd, a 46-year-old man who died after an officer kneeled on his

How to Find Out If Your Local Prosecutor Is Holding Police Accountable

40Lifehacker / 2h
Addressing police violence is a complicated problem, requiring a number of solutions. When it comes to holding police officers accountable, your local prosecutor plays a critical role. A prosecutor’s job is to represent local, state or federal governments in court, help investigate crime, and decide whether to charge… Read more...

Easy Tips For Understanding An Auto Repair Manual

80Lifehacker / 2h
So you’ve been wanting to work on your own car more and heard “one of the best tools is a repair manual.” True, but they’re never as easy as Lego instructions. Today I’ve got some tips on getting the most out of a dense, boring car manual so you can use one more effectively. Read more...

UK Considers Revoking British Airways Heathrow Slots After BA Cuts Flight Attendant Pay Up To 50%

69View from the Wing / 2h
With British Airways terminating all of its cabin crew and offering to re-hire about 70% for as little as half what they were making before, the U.K. parliament is taking up my suggestion that the BA shouldn't be able to keep its free gift of London Heathrow slots - their most valuable asset, which protects them from competition. Continue reading ...

Instagram, give the swipe-up feature to everyone so protesters can share resources

Instagram IGTV 5 Media100+Mashable / 2h
There's no denying Instagram Stories is a strong platform for protesters who want to spread a message. Unfortunately, a lot of activists are missing an essential tool for connecting their followers to valuable resources: the swipe-up feature. While it seems minor, it would allow accounts to link to important sites for fundraisers, organizations , and bail-out funds. As they protest the killing of

How to Check Your Privilege

92Lifehacker / 2h
Privileges are the benefits and advantages you have over someone else because of your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, health, level of education, physical ability, and/or socioeconomic level. It’s important to be aware of the benefits and advantages you have in order to be able to help those who do not… Read more...

The New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Rolls Out to All Windows 10 Computers

28How-To Geek / 2h
Months after its initial launch, Microsoft is rolling out the new Chromium-based Edge browser through a Windows Update. According to a Windows Support document, all computers running Windows 10 version 1903 and higher will receive the update, along with the faster, redesigned Edge browser. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The BBC is Testing a New Voice Assistant with Windows Insiders in the UK

BBC Beeb UK MicrosoftHow-To Geek / 2h
The BBC has been hard at work creating its take on Alexa and Google Assistant called ‘Beeb.’ Now Beeb is ready for testing, at least if you’re a Windows Insider in the UK. It’s early days though, so don’t get your hopes too high on a perfect experience. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Google Is Handing out Free Nest Hubs to Some Nest Aware Subscribers

How-To Geek / 2h
Good news for some Nest Aware subscribers, Google is sending out emails with a free Nest Hub offer to some users. The deal seems limited to anyone on the new $12 a month plan, so if you haven’t seen an email, that might be why. But maybe check your spam just in case. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

NASA InSight Lander Finally Manages to Bury Its Probe Into Mars

500+Futurism / 2h
Gaining Traction At long last, NASA’s InSight Mars lander managed to wedge its thermal probe underground without it getting stuck. It sounds trivial, but the lander has been struggling to burrow the instrument, dubbed the “mole,” for more than a full year now, CNET reports . Now, finally, InSight may be able to complete its research on Mars’ internal temperature. Spinning Wheels After early attem

Throw Some Spam on the Grill

36Lifehacker / 2h
Grilling is a fairly straightforward cooking method—you put the food over hot coals or literal fire, and you leave it there to cook—and yet people still find ways to make it very complicated (though, admittedly, delicious). But you know what’s not complicated and still very delicious? Spam. Read more...

Google’s leaked TV dongle looks like a merger of Android TV and Chromecast

Google Android TV UI32Ars Technica / 2h
"Sabrina," the new Android TV dongle. Yes, it looks like a big Chromecast. [credit: XDA Developers ] It looks like Google will finally sell an Android TV dongle to the masses. XDA Developers has leaked promo images of a device codenamed "Sabrina." The device looks like a slightly bigger Chromecast with a remote control, and it runs Android TV. The device is very much in the mold of an Amazon Fire

iPhone users now have these new ways to secure their Google account

SlashGear / 2h
If you’ve got an iPhone and you use a Google account, then here’s a bit of good news: Google has made it easier to secure your account using your phone. Today, Google announced that it’s rolling out more security options for Google account users on iPhone, whether those users are looking to secure personal or business accounts. Specifically, the company … Continue reading

Emirates Wants To Partner With A “Big Three” US Airline

300+One Mile at a Time / 3h
For years there was so much bad blood between the “big three” US airlines and the “big three” Gulf carriers, though the sentiment is slowly changing . Could we soon see one of the “big three” US airlines partner with Emirates? Emirates’ President, Tim Clark, hopes so. Emirates wants to work with a “big three” US airline Emirates President Tim Clark had an interview with Aviation Week yesterday, i

Data breach victims aren't changing their passwords

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
A new study by academics from Carnegie Mellon University's Security and Privacy Institute (CyLab) has revealed that only a third of users actually change their passwords after a data breach announcement. The study, titled “ (How) Do People Change Their Passwords After a Breach? ”, is not based on responses from survey participants but on their actual browser traffic. To compile their study, the a

Why filming police violence has done nothing to stop it

500+MIT Technology Review / 3h
The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers was captured on video, not once but half a dozen times. As we try to understand why a police officer continued compressing a man’s neck and spine for minutes after he’d lost consciousness, we have footage from security cameras at Cup Foods, where Floyd allegedly paid for cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. As we wrestle with the sight

More Evidence That Mars Once Had a Ring—and Will Again

Mars Martian Moon Phobos68Gizmodo / 3h
New research offers an explanation for the unusual orbit of Mars’ moon Deimos, one that bolsters the hypothesis that the Red Planet periodically features a Saturn-like ring. Read more...

The FBI must be stoked about Zoom's encryption policy

Eric Yuan Zoom End100+Mashable / 3h
Zoom has big privacy plans — for its paying customers, that is. After getting caught falsely claiming it offered end-to-end encryption, the video-conferencing app Zoom promised to increase the privacy and security of its product and even announced some concrete steps it would take to follow through on that promise. In a June 2 earnings call , however, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan clarified that one of thos

What 'Incognito Mode' Can and Can't Do to Protect Your Data

40Lifehacker / 3h
Do you know what Chrome’s Incognito mode does with your browser’s data? If not, it’s worth a refresher, because it seems some users have been operating under the wrong impression. Read more...

Amazon deal alert: the Ring Doorbell Pro hits lowest price ever

Amazon 5 Today Days40TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Just in time for Father's Day, Amazon has the best-selling Ring Doorbell Pro down to its lowest price ever. You can get the certified refurbished video doorbell on sale for $119 . That's a $70 discount and the lowest price we've found for the Ring Pro. The Ring Doorbell Pro allows you to monitor your property in HD video and check in anytime with live on-demand video. Unlike previous models, the

Cops Are Using Military Spy Planes to Surveil BLM Protesters

3KFuturism / 3h
Cyberpunk Dystopia The National Guard and law enforcement are flying surveillance planes above protesters marching in solidarity of George Floyd, who was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer last month, Motherboard reports . According to data obtained by Motherboard , a RC-26B reconnaissance airplane circled over Washington, DC Tuesday night. The plane carried night vision cameras and has bee

The Guy Who Invented Dark Matter Has Some Doubts

200+Futurism / 3h
Critical Introspection Jim Peebles, the Princeton University cosmologist who first theorized the existence of dark matter and dark energy, is asking some tough questions about his own work. That’s not to say that he thinks he was wrong, he wrote in an article for New Scientist . Rather, Peebles argues that physics and scientists’ understanding of the universe is still woefully incomplete — and th

A Brief 'Hiss-tory' of DC's Cheetah, From the Comics to Wonder Woman 1984

28Gizmodo / 3h
Wonder Woman 1984 will see Diana of Themyscira facing off against one of her greatest rivals: Barbara Ann Minerva, also known as Cheetah. Even though she’s one of Wonder Woman’s most famous villains from the comics, this is the first time we’re actually going to spend quality time with her in an adaptation. But who is… Read more...

Rare ancient skeleton discovery helps solve big food mystery

SlashGear / 3h
Researchers with the University of Exeter have announced the discovery of ancient skeletons that help solve a big food mystery: when did humans in Central America start eating maize as a staple food? The discovery is described as ‘unparalleled’ because the skeletons were ‘remarkably well-preserved’ in the rock shelters where they were found. Maize, also called corn, joins wheat, rice, … Continue

Major Hydroxychloroquine Trial Shows No Prevention Benefits

1KWired / 3h
A large, double-blind study examined 821 people who had been exposed to the virus. The drug was no better at stopping Covid-19 infection than a placebo.

What Happens After You Leave the ICU?

32Lifehacker / 3h
If you’ve never been hospitalized, you might think of the day a patient leaves the hospital as a singular event in their recovery: a sign that they are either fully recovered from their illness, ailment or injury, or are very close to it. But an extended stay in the hospital takes its own toll, often resulting in what… Read more...

How to Protest During a Pandemic

84Lifehacker / 3h
Avoiding large gatherings is part of how we’ve tried to stay safe for the past few months, but protests have something in common with hospital services and (apparently) takeout margaritas: They’re essential to our well-being as a society. Read more...

This $12 Mini Handheld Egg Massager Is Totally Just for Your Aches and Pains

24Lifehacker / 3h
Life Ergonomic Handheld Massager | $12 | SideDeal

Why You Should Skip PayPal and Donate Directly to Organizations

74Lifehacker / 3h
There are lots of organizations that need funding to combat police brutality and racial injustice right now. We’ve put together a list of options , and you’ve surely seen calls to donate to various groups on your social media feeds. But once you’ve chosen a worthy organization to which you’d like to donate, there’s an… Read more...

Every police department should have to hear our rage via Zoom call

100+Mashable / 3h
Yesterday, the Los Angeles Police Commission held a Zoom call with citizens — of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, as well as some former residents — and watched with blank faces as citizens berated them mercilessly for eight hours. The call came not only after several nights of protests in Los Angeles, but also after LAPD chief Michael Moore blamed the death of George Floyd on the city's pr

This electric camper works on land and sea — Future Blink

40Mashable / 3h
The Z-triton camper functions as a bike, boat, and shelter. Read more... More about Tech , Mashable Video , Activities , Camping , and Future Blink

Join us to watch five startups pitch off at Pitchers & Pitches on June 10th

100+TechCrunch / 3h
If you want to capture investor attention, you need a killer pitch. And that’s under normal circumstances. You’ve probably noticed that circumstances are anything but normal. With a global pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis, you’ll need to up your pitching game and get ready to bring the heat. We can help. Register today for the second installment of our Pitchers & Pitches series. This inte

Hyatt Now Offers Free Cancellation For All Stays Through July 31, 2021 (But Read The Fine Print)

View from the Wing / 3h
Hyatt has extended their free cancellation policy. Reservations made directly with Hyatt for travel through July 31, 2021 are refundable as long you as you cancel the booking at least 24 hours in advance. You actually have to watch during the booking process to make sure this flexibility applies though. Here's why. Continue reading ...

Scientists Raise Concerns Over Data Used in Two Major Covid-19 Studies

Two Coronavirus Study63Gizmodo / 3h
Serious credibility questions are now surrounding two coronavirus studies recently published in scientific journals, including one that found little evidence for the drug hydroxychloroquine working as a potential treatment for covid-19. Critics have argued that the data used by the same team of researchers in both… Read more...

Berlin’s Tegel Airport will stay open, limp along for a few more months

The Points Guy / 4h
It’s not time to say “auf weidersehen” to Berlin’s Tegel Airport (TXL) just yet. The close-to-downtown airport will continue operating for at least a few more months, extending the life of an airport that could have closed to flights in less than two weeks. That comes after Berlin’s airport authority — the Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, or FBB — agreed just last month to a plan that would “te

Why Saying 'All Lives Matter' Is a Problem

5KGizmodo / 4h
It has now been seven years since Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi created the Black Lives Matter movement and organization in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. Upon hearing this slogan, some people reacted by wondering “But don’t all lives matter?” As in, if the… Read more...

Read These Books to Learn About Systemic Racism

400+Lifehacker / 4h
As we become more aware of the racial injustices happening in the present, it’s also important to educate ourselves about the past and how it impacts where we are. Below is a list of books that look at how different aspects of structural and institutionalized racism have affected the black community. Read more...

SpaceX's latest batch of internet satellites includes one with a sun shield

83Engadget / 4h
SpaceX is launching another pack of Starlink satellites into orbit at 9:25PM Eastern (weather permitting), but this won’t be a typical mission. As TechCrunch explains , one of the 60 internet satellites in the bunch will test a sun visor that should make the vehicles less of a nuisance in the night sky . If the design succeeds in cutting back on reflected light, it could become a staple for Starl

How to blur people's faces in protest photos — and why you should do it

300+Mashable / 4h
With mass protests taking place across the United States and abroad, social media safety is more important than ever. Enormous crowds of people are gathering in cities around the country to protest racism and police brutality in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week. Photos and videos of these protests serve the very important purpose of documenting t

Delta to keep social distancing onboard until customer ‘confidence’ returns

41The Points Guy / 4h
Delta Air Lines is in no hurry to lift social distancing rules on its flights during the coronavirus pandemic, extending a cap on the number of passengers on any given flight through September. The Atlanta-based carrier will limit the number of travelers on its planes at 60% of economy seats, 50% of first class seats and 75% of Delta One suites through Sept. 30, Delta said on Wednesday. The caps

Challenger bank Varo, soon to become a real bank, raises $241M Series D

100+TechCrunch / 4h
Mobile banking startup Varo Money has raised an additional $241 million in Series D funding, the company announced today. The investment was co-led by new investor Gallatin Point Capital and existing investor The Rise Fund, co-founded by TPG. Also participating in the round were Bono (yes, that one), along with entrepreneur, impact investor, and movie producer Jeff Skoll; plus HarbourVest Partner

How to Enable Everything in Google's June Pixel Feature Update, Except What's Broken

Google Pixel 4A Verizon53Lifehacker / 4h
Owners of Google Pixel Androids are getting a handful of new features, including updates to your device’s Personal Safety app and more . In addition, Personal Safety is now supported on all Pixel smartphones from the Pixel 2 on up, not just the Pixel 4. The problem? Google has made enabling Personal Safety a mess. Read more...

Common ‘forever’ chemicals in drinking water linked to early menopause

SlashGear / 4h
Common ‘forever’ chemicals found in drinking water, among other things, have been linked to early menopause in women, raising new concerns over the contaminants. The study builds upon an existing body of research that has linked per- and poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) chemicals with a number of health issues, including everything from thyroid disease to certain types of cancers. READ: Some water … Conti

Delta Will Keep Blocking Middle Seats Through September 30th – Other Airlines Won’t

100+View from the Wing / 4h
Delta has pledged to continue to block middle seats through September 30. This goes farther than what other airlines will do. They're also doing more cleaning between flights, too. But how can that make sense? Continue reading ...

Android 11 doesn’t block non-Google Play apps, but does add a hiccup

SlashGear / 4h
The latest version of the Google version of Android has a system in play that seems to give non-Google Play apps a hard time. This version of Android does not block the installation of APKs outright. Instead, it force-quits apps when they’ve been given permission to install an outside APK file – at first. The situation seems to be that … Continue reading

What to Watch Tonight, June 3, 2020

51Lifehacker / 4h
Looking for something to watch tonight? Every afternoon we’re hunting down and highlighting the best viewing options around. Read more...

Monzo to lay off up to 120 employees as the ‘economic situation’ remains challenging

100+TechCrunch / 4h
Monzo , the U.K. challenger bank, continues to be faced with tough decisions linked to the coronavirus crisis and resulting economic downturn. Following the shuttering of its Las Vegas-based customer support office and almost 300 staff being furloughed in U.K., the company has announced internally that up to 120 U.K. staff are being made redundant. Reuters first reported the news just moments ago

This robotic mower cuts your grass for you — Future Blink

80Mashable / 4h
Landroid is controlled by an app and is able to create a custom mowing schedule for your lawn by calculating the size of your yard. Read more... More about Tech , Robots , Mashable Video , Gardening , and Future Blink

iPhone looters find devices disabled, with a warning they’re being tracked

1KArs Technica / 4h
Enlarge / The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. (credit: Samuel Axon) Along with other retailers big and small, Apple Stores have been subject to looting by opportunists amid the ongoing protests around the United States. In response, Apple has again closed all of its stores in the US. Stores had only recently reopened after closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. But looters who brought st

PlayStation Store Days of Play sale serves up a bunch of PS4 game discounts

SlashGear / 4h
Summer is nearly upon us, which means we’re in for video game sales as far as the eye can see. There have already been a handful of PC sales, and there will undoubtedly be more as we make our way through June and July, but today, it’s the PlayStation 4’s turn. Sony has kicked off its Days of Play sale … Continue reading

Google Facing $5 Billion Lawsuit for Tracking People Using Chrome's Incognito Mode

81Gizmodo / 4h
While most people know that using “private” or “incognito” mode stops your browser from saving things like your history or cookies, those modes don’t fully prevent you from being tracked online. And in a new proposed class-action lawsuit filed on Tuesday, plaintiffs are seeking upwards of $5 billion in damages from… Read more...

Sleep on a Cloud With Two Therapedic Memory Foam Pillows for $39

24Lifehacker / 4h
Therapedic Memory Foam Pillows (2-Pack) | $39 | MorningSave Read more...

Get Your Dad What He Really Wants, a 55" Vizio M-Series Quantum 4K Smart TV, for $399

Gizmodo / 5h
Vizio M-Series 55" Quantum 4K Smart TV (Refurbished) | $399 | Newegg Read more...

Watch Sesame Street and CNN's Town Hall on Racism

500+Lifehacker / 5h
If you’ve been looking for a way to talk to your children about racism and the protests that are happening across the United States but are at a loss for words, Big Bird, Elmo and other Sesame Street favorites are here to help. CNN and Sesame Street are partnering up for another town hall event—this time about… Read more...

Since Zoom Won't Ensure Your Privacy, Try These Alternatives

74Lifehacker / 5h
There are many free group video chat and teleconferencing apps out there. Plenty of them tout their privacy and security features. Just because they keep certain communications off-limits to other users or potential hackers doesn’t mean your conversations are protected from the companies themselves, nor the other… Read more...

Legends of Tomorrow's Timely Season Finale Celebrates Revolution

100+Gizmodo / 5h
“If you make life bleak enough, people become so focused on survival they forget they can revolt.” Zari may not have known those words would come out at a time like this, but the season five finale of Legends of Tomorrow delivered the message we all need: Sometimes a little chaos is the best way to enact change. Read more...

NASA contractor reportedly hit by ransomware

NASA SpaceX Dragon48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
After congratulating SpaceX and NASA on their successful launch , the operators of the DopplePaymer ransomware announced that they had infected the network of one of NASA's IT contractors The DopplePaymer ransomware gang revealed in a blog post that they had successfully breached the network of Maryland-based Digital Management Inc. (DMI). The company provides managed IT and cybersecurity service

TrueNAS isn’t abandoning BSD—but it is adopting Linux

69Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge / Penguins and sharks, living together in perfect harmony—what a wonderful world it will be! (credit: FreeNAS / Ars Technica ) To the surprise—and likely consternation—of BSD fans everywhere, FreeNAS vendor iXsystems is building a new version of its core product, TrueNAS , on top of Debian Linux. This week's TrueNAS Scale announcement builds on the company's March announcement that its co

Amazon knocks $300 off the price of Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple 16 MacBook Pro200+Engadget / 5h
Amazon can’t resist price cuts for the 16-inch MacBook Pro , apparently. The internet retailer is once again selling Apple’s high-end laptop for $2,100 after a discount takes effect at checkout, or about $300 off. You’re getting the base version with a six-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and Radeon Pro 5300M graphics, but that’s more than enough unless you’re handling very

Delta Air Lines Will Block Middle Seats All Summer

500+One Mile at a Time / 5h
At this point a vast majority of airlines have dismissed the concept of consistently blocking seats so that nobody has a neighbor. While that wouldn’t offer “true” social distancing, it would at least offer some amount of personal space. Some airlines have gone above and beyond, though, clearly as a way of differentiating themselves. Delta has just extended this policy even further. Delta’s seat

New Research: Mars May Have Once Had Rings

200+Futurism / 5h
Two of Mars’ moons, Phobos and Deimos, have mysterious orbits. Deimos in particular, which orbits the Red Planet so closely that it circles the planet three times in just a single Earth day, has astronomers puzzled. Its orbit is at a two degree angle, something that researchers have mostly glossed over — until now. “The fact that Deimos’s orbit is not exactly in plane with Mars’s equator was cons

Studio Ghibli's first fully CGI movie will be 'Aya and the Witch'

300+Engadget / 5h
The next movie from the world renowned Studio Ghibli will be a departure from its previous efforts. The studio co-founded by Hayao Miyazaki is well-known for its expertise in traditional, hand-drawn animation, and only occasionally uses CGI in its films. The upcoming Aya and the Witch , however, will be animated entirely in 3D . It will premiere on Japanese television, rather than in theaters, wh

Galaxy Note 20+ 5G will be the phone to buy this fall: Here’s why

SlashGear / 5h
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ 5G was revealed in a series of leaks over the past couple of weeks, and a tip today puts the whole story in focus. Here we see a device that’s primed to be the go-to device for users that want the most premium smartphone on the market. The combination of newest hardware components and notoriously … Continue reading

This hybrid Jeep auto-enables EV mode in the city – then reports you if you use gas

SlashGear / 5h
Fiat Chrysler is testing new hybrid Jeep prototypes that can automatically switch into electric-only mode within urban areas, aiming to reduce pollution in cities. The system, installed on new Jeep Renegade 4xe SUVs, not only relies on vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology to intelligently change drive modes, but can also notify the city if the driver overrides that change. Most hybrid vehic

The next 'Elite Dangerous' expansion lets players walk on planets

Elite Dangerous Odyssey400+Engadget / 5h
To date, Elite Dangerous players have had to enjoy the game's recreation of the Milky Way Galaxy from the confines of their spaceships and landing vehicles, but that will soon change. For the MMO's next expansion, Odyssey , players will be able to explore new worlds on foot. The update will build on 2015's Horizons DLC , which gave players the chance to land on planets. Like Elite 's current slat

Of course technology perpetuates racism. It was designed that way.

300+MIT Technology Review / 5h
Today the United States crumbles under the weight of two pandemics: coronavirus and police brutality. Both wreak physical and psychological violence. Both disproportionately kill and debilitate black and brown people. And both are animated by technology that we design, repurpose, and deploy—whether it’s contact tracing, facial recognition, or social media. We often call on technology to help solv

George Floyd death: Anti-racism sites hit by wave of cyber-attacks

500+BBC News - Technology / 5h
Amid the US civil unrest, advocacy groups are hit by attacks designed to knock them offline.

Hone your green thumb with this personalized gardening app — Future Blink

52Mashable / 5h
The GrowSquares app walks you through each step of your gardening journey from which plants to order to when to water them. Read more... More about Tech , Food , Mashable Video , Gardening , and Smartphone Accessories

New Plan: Berlin Tegel Airport Will Stay Open Through November

100+One Mile at a Time / 5h
Berlin Tegel Airport’s management can’t seem to decide whether or not to stay open this summer… Berlin Tegel Airport was supposed to close on June 15 As recently as last week, the plan was for Berlin Tegel Airport to close as of June 15, 2020. The idea was that: Travel demand is way down due to the pandemic The much anticipated Berlin Brandenburg Airport is expected to open on October 31, 2020 ,

The First Aid You Might Need to Know at a Protest

100+Lifehacker / 5h
The past week has shown us that you can never predict when a peaceful protest will escalate into something violent. (Though it’s certainly happening a lot these days, mainly thanks to inappropriate responses from the police .) If you’re headed to a protest, it can be helpful to brush up on your first aid basics—and to… Read more...

Coronavirus Is Delaying MTA's Completion of Contactless Subway Payments

Apple New York December20Gizmodo / 5h
New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is delaying rollout of its contactless payment system for the subway and bus systems, which was originally scheduled for October. Now, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, completion of the system is reportedly being pushed back into December. Read more...

Bad Connection Interrupting Your Zoom Calls? TP-Link's Archer AX10 Wi-Fi 6 Router Is $10 Off

32Lifehacker / 5h
TP-Link Archer AX10 Wi-Fi 6 Router | $70 | Amazon Read more...

Open Zip Ties With a Broken Bobby Pin

2KLifehacker / 6h
If you’ve got something that’s zip-tied together that shouldn’t be zip-tied together—whatever it is, for whatever reason—a broken bobby pin can be an excellent release tool. Read more...

How the World Should Stop Fossil Fuel Production

100+Gizmodo / 6h
The world has to move away from fossil fuels. And a new study lays out a roadmap for how to do it in a fair and just way. Read more...

Wyatt Cenac's police-focused 'Problem Areas' is now streaming for free on YouTube

78Mashable / 6h
The first season of the HBO show Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas is now available to watch for free on YouTube . While Cenac brings a healthy dose of his comedic talents to this show, it's still a very serious series talking about very serious topics. The ten-episode season primarily tackles policing in America, from murders of people of color by law enforcement officers, to the infrastructures that

Fairmont’s Generous “Buy One Get One Free” Promo

300+One Mile at a Time / 6h
We’re increasingly seeing hotels offer promotions to incentivize future stays, and Fairmont has come out with a fantastic promotion for their North America properties. While I’ve written about this before, Fairmont has now added a few more properties to the list, so I wanted to provide an update. Fairmont’s “Stay Close” promo Fairmont is offering a great promotion whereby you can get a free night

University entrepreneurship — without the university

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Eric Tarczynski Contributor Eric Tarczynski is the Managing Partner at Contrary , a network-driven venture firm backed by founders from Facebook, Tesla, and many others. Across the country, university campuses are in limbo. The California State University system has committed to online classes in Fall 2020. Northeastern University is reopening as normal. UT Austin is taking a hybrid approach: in-

CES 2021 is going ahead despite in-person event concerns

CES 2021 Las Vegas37SlashGear / 6h
CES 2021 is set to go ahead in January next year, with the organizers of the huge tech show insisting that it will be able to safely organize an in-person event despite COVID-19. The surprise news comes amid ongoing concerns that the coronavirus pandemic has not been sufficiently dealt with, particularly in the US, where things like social distancing efforts … Continue reading

Google makes it easier to use security keys on iOS devices

100+Engadget / 6h
Google is making it easier to use security keys and its Advanced Protection Program to secure Google Accounts on iOS devices. Thanks to changes rolling out today , anyone with an Apple device (iOS 13.3 and above) will be able to use Google’s Titan Security Keys to secure both work and personal Google Accounts. Because both USB-A and Bluetooth Titan keys have NFC functionality, signing-in should b

Get Your Dad the Gift of Some Fresh Tunes With the JBL Link Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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JBL Link Portable Bluetooth Speak | $130 | Newegg Read more...

Game Companies Say They’re Supporting Black Lives Matter, But Few Are Offering Specifics

1KGizmodo / 6h
As protests over the killing of George Floyd by police spread throughout the country last weekend, some of the gaming industry’s biggest companies put out statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. But while a few have shared some specifics about what they’re doing to help fight systemic racism, almost… Read more...

Archaeologists discover the largest—and oldest—Maya monument ever

500+Ars Technica / 6h
Enlarge (credit: Inomata et al. 2020) The Mayan culture built city-states across Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize for centuries, but we’re only starting to appreciate how extensive Maya civilization was and how drastically Maya farmers and engineers reworked the Mesoamerican landscape. Over the last few years, lidar surveys have revealed an ancient landscape previously hidden beneath vegetation and

Satellites Are Tracking Poor Nations’ Coronavirus Outbreaks

100+Futurism / 6h
Humanitarian Surveillance In order to better coordinate aid and relief for coronavirus outbreaks in poorer nations, a scientist is training machine learning algorithms with phone data and satellite imagery . Ultimately, the goal is to identify the people who are in greater need by their phone activity and by spotting signs of economic turmoil or local COVID-19 outbreaks, University of California

How to attract more than 10 million TikTok followers in 5 months

200+TechCrunch / 6h
Adam Guild Contributor Adam Guild is a growth marketing expert and the founder of Placepull . More posts by this contributor Founders who share insights can build industry trust at scale Imagine going from zero followers to 10,000,000+ followers in less than five months. I have watched somebody do exactly that. My brother Topper Guild is already reaping the benefits of fame: People stop him in th

Could Choosing A Window Seat Protect You From The Virus When You Fly?

View from the Wing / 6h
A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

New AMD graphics cards will arrive before the PS5 and Xbox Series X

100+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
We've known for a while that AMD RDNA 2 would be powering both the next generation consoles and new graphics cards , but now it seems certain that Big Navi GPUs will arrive before the PS5 and Xbox Series X . This news comes out of the Bank of America Securities Global Technology Conference, where AMD CFO Devinder Kumar confirmed that the much-sought after Big Navi will be the first RDNA 2 based p

5 things hotel CEOs told us about the future of travel

The Points Guy / 6h
The entire world is dealing with the novel coronavirus pandemic , and while it is still very much with us, many people are ready to get on the road again after months of being homebound due to local lockdowns. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen companies in all areas of the travel industry make changes to react to the new reality of the coronavirus. Airlines have adjusted change and cancellation

CES 2021 will happen in-person, so expect plenty of new tech in January

CES 2021 Las Vegas51TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
The organization behind CES says that it’s going ahead with plans for an in-person event in Las Vegas in January 2021 – with a few modifications, of course. CES, if you haven’t heard of it, is the event where companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Acer and more come together to announce the latest batch of TVs, laptops, phones and speakers, as well as talk about the trends that they think will

Pokemon Sword and Shield first expansions: All the new Pokemon detailed

Pokémon Sword ShieldSlashGear / 6h
The first DLC expansion in Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s expansion pass officially has a release date of June 17th. That’s big news for Sword and Shield fans, in part because the expansion pass promises to add a bunch of Pokemon to the game, filling in some more of the purged Pokedex. We got an introduction to some of those Pokemon … Continue reading

“Let’s start a riot”: Denver cop fired for inflammatory Instagram post

400+Ars Technica / 6h
Enlarge / Tommy McClay, left, poses with two other officers in a photo that has since been taken down from Instagram. (credit: Tommy McClay) The Denver police department has fired an officer who posted a photo to Instagram with the caption "let's start a riot." "The officer violated the Department's social media policy, posted content inconsistent with the values of the Department, and the office

16 Health Workers Talk About Their Battles With the Pandemic

100+Wired / 6h
WIRED’s video team reached out to doctors, physician assistants, and paramedics, and asked them about their experiences treating Covid-19 patients.

Score a Shark vacuum for up to $150 off during this Best Buy sale

Bing Shark Up To $15032Mashable / 6h
Getting pumped about buying a new vacuum cleaner is maybe the surest sign you've entered adulthood — or that you're turning into Danny Tanner. I got a new vacuum cleaner today and I’m excited. Wtf has happened to me? — bob saget (@bobsaget) May 12, 2020 Whatever the case may be, you definitely don't want to miss the Shark vacuum sale that's now happening at Best Buy: For a limited time, select mo

CES will go ahead as an in-person event next year

CES 2021 Las Vegas400+Engadget / 6h
CES 2021 is still scheduled to take place as an in-person event despite COVID-19 having a firm hold over most walks of life. Although many, many other events and conferences have been canceled this year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) seems confident that CES can take place in January with safety measures in place. The trade show is typically packed, with hundreds of thousands of atten

Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser rolls out through Windows Update

Microsoft Edge Windows300+Engadget / 6h
Edge, Microsoft’s replacement for its often-criticized Internet Explorer was first released in 2015. But last year, the company rebuilt the browser from the ground up, this time with Google’s open source Chromium framework rather than its proprietary EdgeHTML engine. It’s been available to users since January , but Microsoft only hosted it as a manual download, and it lacked some important featur

Calm Your Anxious Stomach With These Soothing Beverages

100+Lifehacker / 7h
It would be a great understatement to describe things as “tense” right now, and tension can lead to anxiety, which—for some of us—can lead to nausea and other kinds of stomach issues. And, though I would never suggest you abandon Pepto or Tums, I’ve found that the addition of a stomach settling-beverage helps to… Read more...

Father's Day gift ideas 2020: the 10 best gifts for tech-savvy dads

Alexa Amazon 2020 Echo28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Father's Day 2020 is just around the corner (Sunday, June 21 to be exact), and if you're still searching for the perfect gift for dad, then you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some fantastic tech-savvy Father's Day gift ideas that include something for everyone. Whether he's a fitness fanatic, a movie and music lover, or enjoys a good cup of coffee, we've got a device or appliance th

Daily Crunch: Zoom reports spectacular growth

100+TechCrunch / 7h
Zoom’s latest earnings report was even better than expected, SoftBank announces a new fund to invest in founders of color and Google pulls a trending app that targets apps from China. Here’s your Daily Crunch for June 3, 2020. 1. Remote work helps Zoom grow 169% in one year, posting $328.2M in Q1 revenue Zoom’s customer numbers were similarly sharp, with the firm reporting that it had 265,400 cus

Robotics startup lets machines get closer as humans keep their distance

100+TechCrunch / 7h
Kyle S. Gibson Contributor Kyle S. Gibson is a writer and videographer in Boston, currently focused on robotics and industrial internet of things. Kyle has worked for publishers AmericanInno and MIT Technology Review, sales automation developer Pegasystems, and blockchain strategy group New Alchemy. He is currently writing for MIT Horizon, an emerging technology education platform. His work is su

Watch SpaceX launch its latest batch of Starlink satellites, including one with a sun visor

SpaceX Falcon One Starlink100+TechCrunch / 7h
SpaceX just executed its most important and historic launch ever this past weekend, flying NASA astronauts for the first time. On Wednesday, it’s set to follow that up with a less significant Falcon 9 rocket launch, but one that’s still vital to the company’s future. This mission is the latest of SpaceX’s Starlink launches, which the company is using to put up a vast network of small satellites t

Black tech leaders issue call to action to fight racial injustice in the Bay Area

500+TechCrunch / 7h
As a tumultuous week of protests draws broad attention to America’s open wounds of racist police violence, a coalition of Black founders, advocates, investors and other leaders are issuing a call to action for those in the tech industry to stand against the systemic forces that continue to claim Black lives. The effort, called “ Black Tech for Black Lives ,” pulls together a set of specific, acti

The First Gaming Laptop With AMD Inside Is Wicked Fast, Wicked Cheap, and Wicked Hot

HP 15 Intel AMD CPU300+Gizmodo / 7h
In a world dominated by gaming laptops that look like race cars or alien space ships, the Asus ROG Zephrus G14 eschews that stereotypical look . The flashiest lights come from an optional LED matrix display on the lid (ours came without). The whole thing is a massive departure from those hefty black bricks festooned in… Read more...

These new Star Wars Disney Plus rumors sound too good to be true

92TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
The success of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus , coupled to rumors that season 2 of the show will reintroduce key characters from the Star Wars universe, has seemingly sent the rumor mill into overdrive on what's coming next. Two reports from the past few days have focused on possible live-action debuts of other notable Star Wars icons, and they both raise an eyebrow. The first is Grand Admiral Th

Fiat may automatically switch hybrids to electric-only mode in city centers

100+Engadget / 7h
As cities plan zero-emissions zones and consider banning gas-powered cars altogether, automakers are looking for creative ways to make sure their customers aren’t left stranded. Fiat is now piloting tech that could allow its hybrid plug-in cars to automatically switch to electric-only mode when they enter congested city centers, Reuters reports. The system uses onboard sensors that allow the car

CES set for an in-person event in 2021

CES 2021 Las Vegas100+TechCrunch / 7h
CES 2020 barely made it in under the wire, before COVID-19 gripped the world. The following month, Barcelona’s MWC was ultimately shut down, as the pandemic began to move across Europe. That was the first of many dominoes to fall, as events were either taken online or canceled altogether. Seems CES won’t miss a beat, however. The CTA (CES’s governing body) announced recently that it plans to go f

John Boyega makes emotional speech to Black Lives Matter protesters in London

500+Mashable / 7h
Star Wars actor John Boyega is one of the many people taking action in wake of George Floyd's death. Floyd died on May 25, after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly 9 minutes , and in the week since, protests against racism and police brutality have spread around the world. Thousands of people in the UK gathered to protest in solidarity with the U.S. over the weekend, and

Study reveals surprising origin of some Dead Sea Scrolls

Popular Mechanics / 7h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Batwoman’s Idea to Replace Ruby Rose Is Curiously Boring for a Comic Show

400+Gizmodo / 7h
We already knew Ruby Rose decided to exit the CW’s Batwoman series after its debut season . That was surprising enough. Now there’s word that the network might not just recast the role of Batwoman , it’s possibly decided to do away with the character of Kate Kane entirely. In a universe of time travel, doppelgängers,… Read more...

GOOLOO's 2000A Jump Starter Falls to $60, Its Lowest Price Ever

32Gizmodo / 7h
GOOLOO 2000A SuperSafe Jump Starter | $60 | Amazon | Use code ONBEVWP3 + Clip coupon Read more...

Annual PS Plus and PS Now memberships drop to $42 at Amazon

100+Engadget / 7h
If your PlayStation Plus membership is about to expire, now is a good time to extend it. Amazon has discounted 12-month pre-paid PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions to $42. While we seen retailers like Newegg sell annual PlayStation Plus subscriptions for as low as $40 , that promotion was only available for a short time. Buy PlayStation Plus (1-year) at Amazon - $42 Buy PlayStatio

Do You Remember the Time Sega Made a Micro-Sized Self-Playing Grand Piano Too?

Sega Game Gear Micro28Gizmodo / 7h
Yesterday, Sega revealed its Game Gear Micro throwback console and if you think putting just four retro games inside a tiny handheld with an even tinier screen was strange, the company has some even weirder gadgets in its back catalog, including a meticulously detailed miniature grand piano that plays all by itself. Read more...

LAPD Zoom call: 8 moments you need to see from the angry, public roasting of police

1KMashable / 7h
Read more... More about Protests , Police Brutality , Lapd , George Floyd , and Culture

Here’s How Deadly Military Tech Ended up in Police Hands

1KFuturism / 7h
Clearance Sale For the last 23 years, the Pentagon has funneled over $7.4 billion of military gear, vehicles, and weaponry to more than 8,000 police departments . The “1033 program,” created through 1997’s National Defense Authorization, grants the military the power to pass surplus equipment to police who need only pay the cost of shipping, Wired reports . It’s like a federal hand-me-down progra

Kitty Hawk ends Flyer program, shifts focus to once-secret autonomous aircraft

100+TechCrunch / 7h
Kitty Hawk is shutting down its Flyer program, the aviation startup’s inaugural moonshot to develop an ultralight electric flying car designed for anyone to use. The company, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page and led by Sebastian Thrun, said it’s now focused on scaling up Heaviside , a sleeker, more capable (once secret) electric aircraft that is quiet, fast and can fly and land anywhere aut

Snapchat’s ‘dynamic ads’ product for e-commerce retailers rolls out worldwide

100+TechCrunch / 7h
Snap today announced the global expansion of its new advertising product, Dynamic Ads. The ad product introduced last fall allows advertisers to automatically create ads in real time, using the brand’s extensive product catalogs. Snap provides a variety of mobile-ready templates for advertisers to choose from, then serves the ads to Snapchat’s 229 million daily active users based on their interes

The pandemic’s devastating effect on wildlife and conservation efforts

38The Points Guy / 7h
When travel was put on pause and countries slammed shut their borders, some destinations that had long been plagued by overtourism began to show signs of recovery . Venetian waterways became significantly more clear, and smog above the Himalayas dissipated. In some countries, however, the absence of tourists can be disastrous, and one sector of the industry has been left particularly vulnerable.

Sega Game Gear Micro is retro done right – let me tell you why

SlashGear / 7h
The Sega Game Gear Micro is a new video game console that’s about the size of half the palm of your hand. It is exceedingly tiny – and it’s made to be collectible. This device will be released in four different colors and will play several different games originally released for the original Sega Game Gear! The original SEGA Game … Continue reading

AMD beats Intel and Nvidia with more than half a billion GPUs sold

15 AMD Intel Nvidia32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
AMD has shipped more than half a billion GPUs since 2013, beating out rivals Intel and Nvidia. That's according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR), which claims AMD has shifted some 553 million GPUs since entering the market seven years ago. Compared to its competitors, AMD accounted for 22% of the overall GPU shipment market over the past seven years, with Nvidia claiming 16% and Intel dominating with

Samsung Galaxy Watch deals bring big price cuts to the US and UK

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Samsung Galaxy Watch deals are hitting the US and UK this week, with discounts from Best Buy and Amazon offering fantastic prices on the cheap smartwatch and its even cheaper Active sibling. That means you can save plenty of cash on your new wrist-candy, with prices nearing their all-time low positions. Shoppers in the US can take advantage of a $50 discount on the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Activ

How to Tip Gizmodo

23Gizmodo / 7h
Have something you think we should know? You can email any of our writers directly, or send general tips to . Read more...

NYC’s push for citywide contactless transit payment is delayed by COVID-19

Apple New York December100+TechCrunch / 7h
Last May, New York City’s Metro Transit Authority opened the first contactless payment systems at select subway station turnstiles. The system-wide rollout was set to be completed at all subway stops and buses this October. Like so many things in this life, however, COVID-19 put a damper on those plans. OMNY — One Metro New York — has been delayed, and is now expected to be completed by December.

Get big data boosts and unlimited social media with these SIM only deals from Voxi

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
The temperature outside may have dropped, but the UK's SIM only deals competition is boiling hot at the moment. And the social media-loving Voxi network has just launched one of its best offers yet. On its two cheaper plans, Voxi is currently offering you a strong boost in data. Go for the cheaper option at £10 a month and your data is doubled from 6GB to 12GB. Up your costs to £15 and see a rise

Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X will launch in Japan, and says it must do a ‘much better job’

54TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
The Xbox Series X will launch in Japan during the holiday season 2020 (that’s between October and December for our non-US readers) despite historically poor sales for the Xbox brand in the country. Microsoft confirmed the console would launch at the same time as the rest of the world in a statement to the long-running Japanese video games magazine, Famitsu (thanks, VGC ). The Xbox One arrived in

Lost Monument of Early Maya Civilization Discovered in Mexico

100+Gizmodo / 8h
The surprising discovery of a 2,800-year-old monumental structure in Tabasco, Mexico, is shaking our conceptions of Maya civilization and its emergence as a cultural force. Read more...

This 512GB microSD Card Can Store All Your Games and Plenty More, and It's Only $65 Right Now

24Gizmodo / 8h
TeamGroup 512GB microSD card | $65 | NewEgg

Marnie the Dog's sister really, really hates cops

92Mashable / 8h
Read more... More about Police , Social Media , Protest , Marnie The Dog , and George Floyd

Aeroplan members can now earn and redeem with Etihad Airways

The Points Guy / 8h
By far, the benefit I value most about frequent flyer programs is that members can earn and redeem miles for flights not only with the program’s own airline, but with partner carriers as well. For Air Canada’s Aeroplan, that means flights with all 26 Star Alliance member airlines , along with a small number of non-alliance partners, including limited redemption opportunities with Cathay Pacific,

Save up to $200 with Microsoft Surface 3 laptop deals at Amazon

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
These Microsoft Surface laptop deals are offering savings of up to $200 at Amazon right now, providing price cuts on these premium machines that may make them just that little bit more affordable. Released in October 2019, these laptops haven't seen too many discounts so far, but with 2020 rolling on it looks like these machines are starting to think about making themselves a little cheaper. That

Get 46% off an Audible membership for four months with this new $7.95 a month deal

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Audible has just launched a great introductory offer for new subscribers only - offering 4 months of membership for just $7.95 per month . If you've found yourself in a spot of lockdown-induced boredom, this is a great way to pick up some free audiobooks and save some cash in the process - around $28 to be precise. This Audible monthly membership includes one free audiobook per month, two free Au

Sweden’s Hands-Off Approach to COVID Has Failed Dramatically

5KFuturism / 8h
Sweden’s approach to tackling the coronavirus was strikingly different than the rest of the world’s. Rather than shutting down schools, restaurants, and gyms to curb community spread of the deadly virus, Sweden decided to leave its doors open, instead of enforcing most forms of social distancing. Only gatherings of over 50 people are still banned . Schools have remained open for students under th

Instagram adjusting spam protocol as Black Lives Matter posts flood the platform

Instagram Black TuesdaySlashGear / 8h
This week a flood of posts to Instagram triggered a protocol built in to the platform to combat spam. One element isn’t enough – a billion posts with the same hashtag posted in quick succession probably wouldn’t have any problem on Instagram. But a billion posts with the same hashtag and the exact same image, all at once – that’s … Continue reading

How to Quickly Search for Emoji on Windows 10

91How-To Geek / 8h
Emoji are playful graphical representations of emotions, things, symbols, or ideas. Sometimes while using Windows 10, you’d like to quickly find the perfect emoji, but there are hundreds to choose from. Here’s how to quickly find the emoji you’re looking for with a text search. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Grab a Refurbished PowerBeats Pro for $110 Off

21How-To Geek / 8h
Ready to rock? Best Buy is selling refurbished PowerBeats Pro true wireless earbuds for $140. That’s $110 off the regular retail price and the lowest price we’ve seen for the PowerBeats Pro. If you don’t mind using a pair of refurbished earbuds, then get ready for a listening experience that’s better (but goofier looking) than the AirPods Pro. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Zoom Will Only Offer End-To-End Encryption to Paid Users

34How-To Geek / 8h
When you’re on a Zoom video conference all, your data isn’t end-to-end (e2e) encrypted. While Zoom does encrypt the calls, it does so using the same technology as your browser, and the company can decrypt your call at-will. Zoom previously promised to move to e2e encryption, but now the company says it will only do so for paying users. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Wednesday's Best Deals: Vizio M-Series TV, 128 GB iPad, Therapeutic Pillows, MLB: The Show, Inflatable Brachiosaurus, and More

52Gizmodo / 8h
A copy of MLB: The Show , an iPad , a Vizio M-Series TV , a Playstation Plus membership , a Flyco razor gold box , and an inflatable brachiosaurus lead Wednesday’s best deals. Read more...

The Future of Solar Is Double-Sided Panels that Follow the Sun

300+Gizmodo / 8h
Most solar panels capture sunlight from only one side, meaning they can capture more or less of it depending on where the sun is in the sky. In recent years, they’ve become far more efficient, typically converting around 22 percent of the light they capture into energy. Read more...

The Garmin Fenix 6 is Garmin's most badass sports watch and it's $150 off

37Mashable / 8h
TL;DR: A selection of Garmin smartwatches including the new Fenix 6 are on sale at Best Buy as of June 3, with savings up to $150. This summer is about to get real outdoorsy. With social distancing rules relaxing but still in place, folks will likely become highly reliant on the outdoors to kick their cabin fever. A survey by CivicScience found that 15% of Americans plan to hike more than usual t

Wednesday's Best Deals: Vizio M-Series TV, 128 GB iPad, Therapeutic Pillows, MLB: The Show, Inflatable Brachiosaurus, and More

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A copy of MLB: The Show , an iPad , a Vizio M-Series TV , a Playstation Plus membership , a Flyco razor gold box , and an inflatable brachiosaurus lead Wednesday’s best deals. Read more...

Looking for a great best business VPN deal? Save 20% on our #1 pick

5 Monthly VPS Best VPN32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
It's no surprise that VPN services have rapidly grown in popularity in 2020. For the average Joe at home, they provide a safer environment to stay online and entertained. And the growth of business VPN use has been just as rapid. As well as giving remote workers more online security, the encrypted tunnels used by VPNs means that your sensitive business data is protected when being passed from emp

Chinese Airlines Will Be Banned From Flying To The United States

2KOne Mile at a Time / 8h
The United States is introducing a new China travel ban, which would spell the end of nonstop flights between the US and mainland China (for now). Unlike the China travel ban instituted in early February, this one isn’t about COVID-19, but rather is about a growing aviation spat between the US and China. Maybe I’m biased, but in this case I think the US is 100% correct. US bans Chinese passenger

Nintendo Labo kits are on sale for up to $50 off

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With COVID, a wrecked economy and George Floyd, my focus is not on traveling right now

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Despite the global pandemic that has crippled travel and left the industry experiencing a total economic impact that’s nine times greater than the period following September 11, 2001 , TPG’s staff has been trying to look forward by answering people’s questions about travel. We’ve told you what hotels will look like in the future , how air travel may change and what to expect the next time you ren

I Miss My Japanese Flip Phone

100+Gizmodo / 8h
In the fall of 2006, I was a wide-eyed nerd who had just landed in Tokyo for my freshman year of college. There’s a lot of bureaucratic nonsense you have to do when you decide to study abroad long-term, but at the top of my list was getting myself a keitai , or a Japanese cellphone. Read more...

US cop hits Australian cameraman live on national television

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Enlarge / Australian reporter Amelia Brace speaks on camera shortly after the police punched her cameraman. (credit: Channel 7 of Australia) The prime minister of Australia has called for an investigation into the assault of an Australian cameraman that aired live on a national television news show on Tuesday morning, Australia time. That's Monday evening in Washington, DC, where the attack occur

How You Can Support Black Gamers

500+Lifehacker / 8h
More than a week has passed since the brutal police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Rallies and protests have since ensued, rightfully, from coast-to-coast. And it’s not just Floyd. It’s Philando Castile and Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner ( among many, many, many… Read more...

First the trade war, then the pandemic. Now Chinese manufacturers are turning inward.

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Ask Zhu Kaiyu about his factory, and he can rattle off a series of statistics meant to impress: 15,000 square meters, 800 employees, 300 machines, 5 million articles of clothing sold per year. Zhu opened his factory for knitted apparel in Dongguan, in China’s Guangdong province, in 2002. He’s proud to be the trusted manufacturing partner for foreign companies like Full Beauty Brands, the owner of

SpaceX can now send humans to space. It just needs a market.

SpaceX Falcon One Starlink200+MIT Technology Review / 8h
SpaceX achieved something historic this past weekend with its Demo-2 launch. The company’s Crew Dragon vehicle became the first private spacecraft to take humans into orbit—a milestone for NASA, the American space industry, and the company itself. Afterwards, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters that the mission had helped establish the success of a new business model, where NASA is

2021 VW Arteon teased with stunning Shooting Brake surprise

SlashGear / 8h
VW is dropping some hints about what could be its most unusual car, with the first preview of the new 2021 Arteon confirming the automaker isn’t afraid to take a risk. Originally launched as a four-door fastback in 2017, the Arteon promised a more style-focused alternative to the Passat – and risked treading on the toes of far more expensive … Continue reading

Eve's HomeKit-only indoor security camera arrives on June 23rd

Eve Cam HomeKit June 23rd88Engadget / 8h
It’s still hard to find HomeKit-friendly security cameras , let alone ones that are focused primarily on Apple’s smart home framework, but Eve Systems is close to filling that gap. The company is shipping the HomeKit-exclusive Eve Cam indoor security camera on June 23rd, with pre-orders available now. The $150 device uses HomeKit Secure Video to let you see, store and (if you want) share video re

Sega’s tiny Game Gear Micro is 92% smaller than the original

Sega Game Gear Micro100+Ars Technica / 8h
Your actual hand may vary. Actually, we hope it does, because this one looks a bit weird... In honor of the company's 60th anniversary, Sega has announced the coming Japanese release of the Game Gear Micro. What Sega is calling a "portable mascot" will ship in Japan on October 6 for an MSRP of ¥4,980 (about $50). No release plans have been announced for other markets. The "Micro" moniker is well-

Samsung is offering free AKG headphones when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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Samsung is now giving away a free pair of AKG y500 headphones with every purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. That means you can grab the latest Galaxy tablet to hit the shelves, as well as a brand new set of headphones for less this week, and we're showing you how to take full advantage of this deal. You don't have to buy your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite from Samsung to qualify for this deal

Enhance your cooking routine with a KitchenAid stand mixer on sale

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Apple Pay won't fully roll out in NYC subway until December

Apple New York December51Mashable / 8h
In March 2019, Apple announced that people would be able to use Apple Pay to pay for rides at all New York City subway stations by October 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench in that plan. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal , which cites Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials, the OMNY payment system will be delayed by about two months. The report s

Google offers a free Nest Hub to some Aware subscribers

Google Free Nest Hub54Engadget / 9h
Google is no stranger to giving away free Assistant-capable devices , but the company's latest promotion is more interesting in that you can snag a free Nest Hub . The company has started emailing some Nest Aware subscribers in the US and the UK to offer them the Assistant-enabled smart display. The offer, which was spotted by Android Police , is valid through July 31st. Android Police If you alr

How to Add New Buttons to the Microsoft Office Ribbon

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The Microsoft Office ribbon contains most of the commands you need, but sometimes it would be useful to add to it. Here’s how to find and choose other buttons to add to the ribbon in whichever tab you want. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Snag a Nintendo Labo VR and Vehicle Kit For $20 Each on Best Buy

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Tired of Animal Crossing yet? Best Buy is selling the Nintendo Labo VR and Toy-Con Vehicle kits for $20 each. These kits, which usually sell for $70, include DIY projects and exclusive minigames that are fun, educational, and interactive. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

SEGA's Game Gear Gets Resurrected With a Truly Tiny "Micro" Edition

20How-To Geek / 9h
The Game Gear was SEGA’s answer to Nintendo’s Game Boy, a full-color, 8-bit handheld released in 1990. Despite technical prowess and critical praise for its games, a hulking size and terrible battery life doomed the console to the Game Boy’s shadow. Thirty years later it’s getting a Phoenix Down, and coming back as the latest “mini” console revival. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

How to Use AWS's API Gateway as a Frontend for Lambda Functions

How-To Geek / 9h
API Gateway is a fully managed service for building, testing, and hosting production APIs. Rather than renting an EC2 server and managing your API server yourself, API Gateway can handle it for you and streamline the whole process. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

E-Bikes Are Having Their Moment. They Deserve It.

1KNYT > Technology / 9h
The benefits of owning a battery-powered two-wheeler far outweigh the downsides, especially in a pandemic.

Tesla AutoPilot fails in spectacular fashion

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

More than 90% of face-to-face payments are now made using contactless cards

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Card and contactless payments continued to increase in 2019, with card payments accounting for over half (51 per cent) of all payments for the first time, according to the latest UK Payment Markets report from UK Finance. Debit cards were the most used transaction method in the UK with 17 billion payments, of which 7 billion were contactless. Consumer use of credit cards also rose during 2019, up

Samsung Hand Wash smartwatch app helps you form a healthy habit

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Hand washing has always been an important way to prevent the spread of viruses, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, getting into a hand washing routine is more important than ever. Creating and then sticking to a new routine, however, can be easier said than done, so Samsung has created a new hand washing app for Galaxy Watch and Gear owners … Continue reading

Cool: Air Canada & Etihad Airways Launch Partnership

400+One Mile at a Time / 9h
Air Canada Aeroplan and Etihad Guest have launched an exciting new partnership as of today. This was initially hinted at back in April 2019 , so the partnership is a bit over a year late, but it has now happened. Better late than never, right? The new Air Canada & Etihad partnership With this new partnership, Air Canada and Etihad Airways are offering reciprocal mileage earning and redemption opp

Apple Card debuts a $50 sign-up bonus in partnership with Walgreens

200+TechCrunch / 9h
Apple’s rewards-based credit card, Apple Card, is offering its first sign-up bonus in partnership with Walgreens. On Monday, June 1, Apple and Walgreens introduced a new offer that will pay consumers $50 in Daily Cash when they get a new Apple Card and spend $50 or more at Walgreens within their first 30 days of being a cardholder. The limited-time offer is detailed on Apple’s website and can be

The fundraising marketplace has stabilized. Or has it?

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Russ Heddleston Contributor Russ is the co-founder and CEO of DocSend . He was previously a product manager at Facebook, where he arrived via the acquisition of his startup, and has held roles at Dropbox, Greystripe and Trulia. Follow him here: @rheddleston and @docsend More posts by this contributor What the last 2 months of fundraising tells us about the future When is it time to st

What the last 2 months of fundraising tells us about the future

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Russ Heddleston Contributor Russ is the co-founder and CEO of DocSend . He was previously a product manager at Facebook, where he arrived via the acquisition of his startup, and has held roles at Dropbox, Greystripe and Trulia. Follow him here: @rheddleston and @docsend More posts by this contributor When is it time to stop fundraising? For many startups looking to secure funds, the

Wearable growth slowed — but not stopped — by pandemic

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Growth in the wearable sector has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to other hardware categories like smartphones and PCs, however, the space actually fared reasonably well. According to new projections from ABI Research, device shipments are expected to be up 5% year-over-year in 2020. Global PC shipments set to drop 7% in 2020 That single-digit growth is, however, significantly

Honor’s latest phone can scan your temperature

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

govpubsfinds: Sometimes the Government Printing Office...

Music, Arts & Literature / 9h
govpubsfinds : Sometimes the Government Printing Office distributes Very Important Publications, like procedures for impeachment, labor policies, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Other times, the Government Printing Office publishes “Facts About Eggs.” And this is the THIRD leaflet about eggs published by the GPO. What are some facts about eggs? 1. Different eggs are suited for diff

A new mom reviews two smart breast pumps

62Engadget / 9h
What’s it like having newborn twins? Well, the other day while eating a cinnamon roll for breakfast at 1:30pm, I accidentally bit off the end of the plastic fork I was using and I just kept chewing because I simply did not have time to react. I am writing this from the front seat of my car, waiting to be called into my daughter's optometrist appointment. It just occurred to me that I have had to

Huge: Air Canada Aeroplan Introduces Etihad Awards (Combine With Star Alliance Flights, Too)

29View from the Wing / 9h
A year ago Aeroplan accidentally announced a partnership with Etihad Airways. That deal wasn't ready for prime time, but now it's live. You can earn and redeem Aeroplan miles for travel on Etihad, which is huge in my opinion - especially with no fuel surcharges. You can combine Etihad flights with Star Alliance airlines in a single award and travel to India, the Mideast, the Maldives and more. Co

Why You Should Add Alt Text to Twitter Images

73Lifehacker / 9h
I’m a lazy tweeter, it’s true. I don’t use the service much, and when I do, I’ll occasionally upload an image with some pithy comment and call it a day. But that’s wrong on my part. I, like you, should also spend a moment to add alt text to my tweeted images. Read more...

Astroscale expands into geostationary satellite life extension with new acquisition

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Orbital spacecraft sustainability startup Astroscale has acquired the IP, most assets and staff of an Israeli company called Effective Space Solutions in order to broaden its service offering to include servicing geostationary (GEO) satellites, as well as low Earth orbit (LEO) debris removal. Astroscale, founded in Japan in 2013 with a mission of addressing the growing problem of orbital debris a

Endlesss, the iOS music-making app from Tim Exile, takes to Kickstarter for desktop version

100+TechCrunch / 9h
In entrepreneurship, timing is everything. Launch too early and the market or underlying tech may not be ready to support your idea. Launch too late and the opportunity may have already been conceded to competitors. For Endlesss , the music-making app from Tim Exile, the timing feels just right. Launched on March 31st, just as the U.K. and many other countries around the world entered lockdown, t

Triple your data with these cheap iPhone SE deals from just £22 a month

iPhone 12 Apple 1332TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
iPhone SE deals are all about saving money on your next iPhone. Most of the cheapest offers on this device don't exactly have great data caps - but that's where a recent promotion comes in. is tripling the data it gives out across a collection of iPhone SE contracts on Vodafone, with prices starting from just £22 a month . And while none of these data caps will appease non-stop stre

Google faces $5 billion lawsuit over privacy mode tracking claims

Google Tracking Incognito26SlashGear / 9h
Google has been accused of tracking users in Chrome, even when the Incognito privacy mode was enabled, with a new lawsuit seeking $5 billion in damages. Filed in the federal court in San Jose, California this week, the proposed class action suit alleges that Google contravenes the Federal Wiretap Act. That’s the legislation which protects people from interception of their … Continue reading

Grab a Surface Pro 7 with a Type Cover keyboard for under $800 this week

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Surface Pro deals are offering up the entry-level Surface Pro 7 with a premium Type Cover keyboard for just $799.99 this week . That's a fantastic price on everything you need to get started with the Surface tablet, and convert it easily into a more traditional laptop. At that price you're getting a 10th generation i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB of SSD storage, as well as picking up the Type Co

11 racial justice documentaries to further your education

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Read more... More about Entertainment , Movies , Black Lives Matter , Ava Duvernay , and Entertainment

OnePlus Z release date, price, leaks and everything we know so far

OnePlus 8 Netflix US56TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
In the build-up to the OnePlus 8 launch we heard lots about a budget member of the series, but when the launch event happened only the ‘base’ device and the OnePlus 8 Pro showed up. So, what happened to the OnePlus 8 Lite? The OnePlus 8 Lite, or OnePlus Z as some leaks suggest the phone could be called, would address the concern many people had with the OnePlus 8 series: due to big price hikes up

Zoom and CrowdStrike hang onto 2020 gains despite huge earnings expectations

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. Yesterday after the bell, Zoom and CrowdStrike reported earnings . The two technology shops, members of the SaaS cohort of public companies that has performed so well this year , had high expectations to meet. This column noted on Monday that both companies could help set market

Turkish Airlines Introduces Inflight Hygiene Experts

200+One Mile at a Time / 9h
Airlines around the world are changing onboard service protocols in light of COVID-19. Along those lines, Turkish Airlines has just announced an interesting initiative. Turkish Airlines’ hygiene expert A lot of airlines have introduced policies that seem unenforceable, though Turkish Airlines is at least taking a step towards enforcing safety policies . Turkish Airlines will be appointing a hygie

UCI researchers create human cells with the transparency of a squid

SlashGear / 9h
Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have made a breakthrough with a bio-inspired research project that they say is the first step towards intrinsically translucent tissue. The team was inspired by octopuses, squids, and other sea creatures that can disappear by using specialized tissues in the body to manipulate the transmission and reflection of light. The scientists have been

Bruce Campbell's Ash vs. Evil Dead Co-Stars Think They Can Bring Him Back for More

500+Gizmodo / 10h
David Thewlis discusses his Na’vi role in Avatar 2 . No, Josh Gad hasn’t heard about adding Frozen 3 to his seemingly endless list of things to do. New comic books might tease an older kong and new kaiju for Godzilla vs. Kong . Plus, what’s to come on Stargirl . Spoilers away! Read more...

Tag Yourself: Which of These Incredible LAPD Disses Are You?

200+Gizmodo / 10h
On Tuesday the Los Angeles Police Commission held an online meeting in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests, featuring a public comment section where hundreds of residents called in to express their anger and frustration with the LAPD. And in addition to calls for police chief Michel Moore to resign, who … Read more...

Our cheap gaming laptop deal of the week is this Dell G3 15 with a $300 price cut

35TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
If you're on the hunt for a cheap gaming laptop deal, check out this Dell G3 15 for $849.99 (was $1,149.99) over at the official Dell store, it's going for $300 less right now. This gaming laptop deal is a great start for anyone dipping their toes into the world of enthusiast PC gaming for the first time, or even for someone simply looking to upgrade their old rig. It comes equipped with a 9th Ge

‘Final Fantasy Adventure’ was everything I hoped for 25 years later

73Engadget / 10h
When I play older games, I usually prefer to do so with the original cartridge and on original hardware. (I still have all of my 8- and 16-bit consoles, the Japanese equivalents of each, as well as a few CRTs to play them on.) There are a few situations, though, when playing on a more modern system is warranted. For example, I’d rather play an RPG on a console I know is going to keep my progress

The best set-top boxes 2020: the top PVRs to enhance your TV

Netflix Bebop June28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
These days, many of us watch a healthy mix of live TV and streamed content – and the best set-top boxes of 2020 make it easier to keep on top of your favorite shows, whether you're counting down the days to the return of the Premier League or flicking through Netflix for your next movie fix. Set-top boxes – or PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) – allow you to record live TV to watch later, so you ne

2020 iPad Air to use USB-C says supplier but it’s not all good news

iPad Air LightningSlashGear / 10h
Apple’s cheaper iPads could be getting on of the iPad Pro’s most useful features, rumors from the supply chain suggest, with the company set to further retire the Lightning port. When the iPad Pro 11 1st Generation and iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Generation launched in 2018, Apple opted to do away with its own Lightning port in favor of USB-C. … Continue reading

Zoom faces criticism for denying free users e2e encryption

Eric Yuan Zoom End300+TechCrunch / 10h
What price privacy? Zoom is facing a fresh security storm after CEO Eric Yuan confirmed that a plan to reboot its battered security cred by ( actually ) implementing end-to-end encryption does not in fact extend to providing this level of security to non-paying users. This Zoom ‘premium on privacy’ is necessary so it can provide law enforcement with access to call content, per Bloomberg , which r

5G to hit one billion connections by 2022

Honor Play 4 China44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
The long-term impact of Coronavirus on 5G adoption will be limited, according to new forecasts from analysts at CCS Insight that predict there will be more than one billion connections by 2022. The pandemic has resulted in some short term disruption. Lockdown measures have restricted the ability of operators to build 5G infrastructure, caused regulators to delay auctions of new spectrum, and have

Surface Buds review: A tale of two experiences

74Mashable / 10h
Microsoft Surface Buds $199.99 View Product The Good Comfortable in-ear fit • Surprisingly good sound quality • Above average battery life The Bad Baffling design choices • Unresponsive left Bud touch panel • Intermittent Bluetooth connection issues The Bottom Line Microsoft's Surface Buds are an ambitious step in the right direction, but an uneven user experience holds them back from greatness.

The largest electric aircraft in the world makes history with 28-minute long maiden flight

44Mashable / 10h
The eCaravan, powered by a 750-horsepower electric motor, completed its first successful flight in Moses Lake, Washington. It's an important step towards entirely new ways of sustainable air travel. Read more... More about Airplane , Electric Vehicles , Lithium Ion Battery , Ecaravan , and Tech

Xiaomi has even more cheap phones coming soon - and these you can actually buy

38TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
If you follow smartphone news you probably know Xiaomi has a penchant for announcing fantastic-looking cheap phones , but rarely with any release information for most countries - for example, we're eagerly awaiting the Poco F2 Pro release. Well, it's now broken that pattern with two upcoming phones. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro have just been confirmed for the UK, after having been anno

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Gaming PC

100+Wired / 10h
Prebuilt gaming computers are more affordable and more powerful than ever. Before you shell out for one, here's some advice.

How to Copy Data between AWS and Azure Buckets Using rclone

How-To Geek / 10h
Data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. From marketing to genomics, the analysis of large sets of data leads to predictive models, which steer to favorable outcomes for the business. The more data you use, the better those models are, which means the better outcomes they can produce. Of course, this means that moving data from one place to another

How to Set Content Restrictions on Xbox One

How-To Geek / 10h
All modern gaming platforms are fully featured media devices, capable of accessing games, music, videos, and websites of all kinds. Limit mature content and block or limit access to the Xbox One by using a Microsoft Family Group. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Koenigsegg and Polestar are cooking up something mysterious

Sweden Koenigsegg EinrideSlashGear / 10h
When it comes to hypercars, Koenigsegg makes some of the craziest rides out there, such as the Gemera four-seater. Polestar, on the other hand, makes some interesting electrified performance vehicles. Both of the automakers call Sweden home. On the surface, it may seem as if the two automakers have nothing more in common than hailing from the same country. An … Continue reading

Kids Are Not Racially 'Colorblind'

500+Lifehacker / 10h
The idea of “colorblindness” when it comes to race is certainly not a new idea. You’ve surely heard it; you might have thought it; maybe you’ve even said it: “Oh, I don’t see color; I only see the person.” Especially when it comes to kids, we have a desire to see them as innocent—which they are—and that this… Read more...

SoftBank launches $100M+ Opportunity Growth Fund to invest in founders of color

1KTechCrunch / 10h
As we continue to see protests across the US (and elsewhere) sparked by the killing of George Floyd by police in Minnesota, SoftBank is announcing a new investment vehicle to back entrepreneurs of color, part of its contribution to trying to redress the imbalance of power as it has played out in the tech world. Today it launched the Opportunity Growth Fund, which “will only invest in companies le

Watchful is a mobile product intelligence startup that surfaces unreleased features

300+TechCrunch / 10h
Meet Watchful , a Tel Aviv-based startup coming out of stealth that wants to help you learn more about what your competitors are doing when it comes to mobile app development. The company tries to identify features that are being tested before getting rolled out to everyone, giving you an advantage if you’re competing with those apps. Mobile app development has become a complex task, especially f

Even Sega Thinks the New Game Gear Micro's Screen Is Too Small

Sega Game Gear Micro100+Gizmodo / 10h
Finally acknowledging that the original Game Gear was a hefty beast as far as handhelds go, Sega has just released details on its latest throwback console: a miniature version of the Game Gear that’s reminiscent of Nintendo’s Game Boy Micro. It’s tiny, but even Sega wonders if it’s too tiny, given the company will… Read more...

Why Black Birdwatchers Want to ‘Change the Whole Face of the Outdoors’

1KGizmodo / 10h
After a racist white lady called the cops on a black man who was birdwatching in Central Park last week, the black birding community came together to launch the first-ever Black Birders Week. Read more...

Amazon UK will stream some English Premier League games for free

100+Engadget / 10h
Amazon first started showing live Premier League football matches in the UK last year and will do so again this summer, but because of restrictions imposed by the ongoing coronavirus crisis, it’s announced that it’ll also be showing additional fixtures for free. Unlike before, viewers won’t need a Prime subscription to watch them. Coming soon... #PrimeVideo will be showing four extra @PremierLeag

Facebook’s new privacy tool helps delete old social media posts easily

Facebook Delete Posts49TechRadar - All the latest technology ne.../ 10h
We share a lot of stuff on social media sites like Facebook and often this content does not age well. This leaves us in a fix and trying to find ways to delete these unwanted social media posts. Well, Facebook is finally making it easier for us to delete our old social media posts. It has introduced a new Manage Activity Tool that will not only help us delete or hide those old yet irritating soci

MIT researchers created a shoe coating to help prevent falls

MITSlashGear / 10h
Most people who live in a part of the world with icy winter conditions know the risks that slippery ice raises. Falls are a very common form of injury in icy winter weather, but MIT has a new coating that can be applied to shoes that could improve traction on slick surfaces. The coating was inspired by the Japanese art … Continue reading

Amazon Prime's live Premier League games will be free-to-air

51TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Amazon Prime has confirmed that its remaining live Premier League games for the 2019-20 season will be streamed free-to-air. The four fixtures, which haven't yet been confirmed, will be streamed at some point after the Premier League resumes on 17 June. Alex Green, Managing Director of Prime Video Sport Europe, said: "We will be making all four of Amazon Prime Video’s additional fixtures in the 2

True wireless earbuds deals: Sennheiser Momentum and Sony WF-1000XM3 hit lowest prices ever at Amazon

40TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
True wireless earbud deals are offering Sennheiser Momentum and Sony WF-1000XM3 buds for their lowest prices yet this week. In the case of the former, both the US and UK can take part in the savings, after the latest generation was released earlier this year. The original Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earbuds are offering prices of $179 / £179 at Amazon this week. That's the lowest price yet

Ultimate guide to Frontier Miles

The Points Guy / 10h
Frontier Airlines has long been my favorite U.S. low-cost carrier. The airline has consistently low fares on new Airbus planes and its frequent flyer program, Frontier Miles, is pretty solid. You can use miles to redeem for free flights on the airline’s vast domestic route network, and its elite status is surprisingly powerful for anyone that flies Frontier on a regular basis. But despite being o

How to Schedule Tweets on the Twitter Website

How-To Geek / 11h
If you don’t want to tweet something at a late hour, you can now schedule tweets on the Twitter website. There’s no longer any need to use a third-party service or TweetDeck! Here’s how it works. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

What Is Caution Fatigue, and How Can You Combat It?

100+How-To Geek / 11h
This long-term quarantine might have you feeling tired in more ways than one. Caution fatigue, though, is very real. It’s also especially dangerous. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

The Best Gear for Storing Your Coffee

49How-To Geek / 11h
The best coffee is fresh coffee. If your beans (or grounds) sit out and get exposed to air or moisture, they lose some precious flavor. Leave them out too long, and they stale and disgusting. If you’re going to the effort of making good coffee at home, you need to make sure you’re storing your raw materials properly. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Storm Troopers Enforce Disney’s New Coronavirus Rules

28View from the Wing / 11h
Disney has been using Star Wars storm troopers to enforce social distancing requirements and compliment guest on their face masks at the Disney Springs shopping and dining complex near Disney World, which re-opened May 20. The characters “tell people to ‘stay in your sector’ and ‘move along.'” This "could indicate how the theme park plans to utilize its colorful cast of characters to enforce safe

Eastern Airlines Acquiring Used Boeing 777

100+One Mile at a Time / 11h
While most airlines around the world are downsizing, Eastern Airlines is in the process of expanding their fleet with a used Boeing 777. Wait a second, what is Eastern Airlines? When I mention Eastern, most people probably think about the original Eastern, which was a major US airline from 1926 to 1991. But then there’s modern day Eastern. In 2015 the airline relaunched (or more accurately, right

Get Yourself a 10.2" 128GB iPad for $330

24Gizmodo / 11h
Apple iPad 10.2" 128GB (Space Grey) | $330 | Amazon Read more...

Coronavirus: France's virus-tracing app 'off to a good start'

France StopCovid App1KBBC News - Technology / 11h
France's digital minister says 600,000 people installed the app in its first hours of release.

BBC launches voice assistant that will learn regional accents

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It's a highly frustrating moment talking to a voice assistant that doesn't understand your regional accent. But a new voice assistant launched by the BBC will learn UK regional accents to ensure you don't have to attempt to alter your accent in order to be understood. That voice assistant is called Beeb — a nod to the BBC's nickname — and it's just been released in beta form for a select group of

Get six months of business broadband free with this new deal from Vodafone

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If you're running a business right now, paying out big fees for broadband deals is likely the last thing you want to be doing. Luckily, Vodafone has an offer that can help cut that cost right down. When you invest in either of Vodafone's main business broadband deals - Essentials Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 - Vodafone will give you the first six months completely FREE. And that's not all - Vodafo

Lili raises $10M for its freelancer banking app

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Lili , a startup building banking products to meet the needs of freelance workers, is announcing that it has raised $10 million in seed funding. The startup takes its name from its founders, CEO Lilac Bar David and CTO Liran Zelkha, who previously founded Israeli challenger bank Pepper . Bar David told me that while many neobanks have emerged over the past few years, most of them “are very focuse

Tembici raises $47M Series B to expand its fleet of electric bikes

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Tembici , which says it owns 80% of the market share in Latin America’s micromobility space, now has $47 million more in capital to double down on its docked ebike offering. The Series B round was led by Valor Capital and Redpoint eventures. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group, and Joá Investimentos also participated in the round. The new funding marks IFC’s

awesomepeoplereading:Josephine Baker reads.

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awesomepeoplereading : Josephine Baker reads.

Honor Play 4 finally announced as true successor of the Honor Play

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Honor has revived the 2-year old Honor Play series in China today. The company has officially unveiled the Honor Play 4, Honor Play 4 Pro with flagship Kirin 990 SoCs and a special edition that features an added IR sensor in the country. In the past, this series was presented as an affordable gaming line and looking at the new models, it seems that trend will continue. The company has been teasin

Samsung made a hand washing app for Galaxy Watch owners

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Chances are you’re washing your hands more than ever before right now, but if you like the validating assurance of technology to make sure you’re doing it right, Samsung’s got the app for you. Designed for its range of wearable Gears and Watches, the Hand Wash app reminds users to wash their hands at regular intervals throughout the day. The company cites a 2020 study by University College London

Morrisons launches vegan essentials food box for home delivery – now has something for everyone

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Morrisons has launched a vegan essentials food box that contains a selection of ingredients and products for £35. Morrisons online might have struggled to meet demand for online food delivery during the pandemic, but the supermarket's food box service continues to be a useful option. Clearly it’s been popular, as Morrisons has slowly expanded its range of food boxes and now offers something for e

Windows 10 adoption recovers from recent blow while Linux blazes full-speed ahead

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Windows 10 is back on the up-and-up in terms of how many users it has, according to the latest figures from one big analytics firm – although it’s Linux which has been making the most headway among desktop operating systems over the last couple of months. In fact, according to the figures from NetMarketShare for May 2020, Linux has hit an all-time high of a 3.17% share, a big leap from two months

How to Audit Your Linux System’s Security with Lynis

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If you perform a security audit on your Linux computer with Lynis, it will ensure your machine is as protected as it can be. Security is everything for internet-connected devices, so here’s how to make sure yours are safely locked down. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Philips 800 Series OLED TVs offer Ambilight and Dolby Vision from £1,500

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On the hunt for a new OLED TV? Want it to be a bit flashier than the average black rectangle in the corner of your home? Then check out the new Philips 800 Series OLED TVs, set to hit UK stores from July. The OLED805, OLED855 and OLED865 sets (which we previewed earlier this year in Amsterdam), will start at £1,500, and will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. It's a comprehensive update f

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Review: The (Basically) Perfect Chrome OS Device

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I’m a longtime Chrome OS user and truly believe it’s a great platform for most “average” users. I also think that everyone should own a Chrome OS device, but up until now it’s been hard to recommend one device to everyone. Not anymore—the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet is that device. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Bentley retires its 6.75-liter V8 engine after 61 years of service

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The younger generation might not know it, but Bentley’s 6.75-liter V8 engine is the longest-serving V8 motor in continuous production – until now, that is. The final example of this 6.75-liter engine was recently completed at the Bentley factory in Crewe and is entering retirement after 61 years of glorious service. “Our venerable 6 ¾-liter V8 has powered the flagship … Continue reading

World’s first Microsoft certified 4K Collaboration Display with IoT Hub System – Windows collaboration display from Sharp

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Sharp, a renowned global manufacturer of consumer electronics and provider of business solutions, launches the world’s first Mircosoft certified “Windows collaboration display” ( Model: PN-CD701) . Sharp and Microsoft have collaborated to design and produce a 4K Interactive Screen with built-in 4K camera and IoT (Internet of Things) Hub system. The Windows collaboration display is designed to sup

Sigh Of Relief As Virgin Atlantic Brings Frequent Flyer Program Back Online

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Virgin Atlantic has been looking for – but hasn’t yet received – a government bailout. They’ve presented themselves as insolvent without one. To conserve cash there are several airline frequent flyer programs that have suspended redemptions, or partner airline redemptions, that would require them to pay out funds. So when Virgin Atlantic’s frequent flyer program went offline due to technology iss

MacBook deals: Save $200 on a brand new Apple Macbook Pro with the latest Amazon sale

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Great MacBook deals have landed this week at Amazon, giving you the chance to save $200 on two great offers in their very latest Apple Sale. The 2020 13-inch 512GB MacBook Pro is available right now for just $1,299 (was $1,499) - the lowest price we've ever seen on this brand new release. Featuring an upgraded 512GB SSD, an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, this smaller 13-inch Macb

Podcast: To beat a pandemic, try prepping for a tsunami

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Deep Tech is a new subscriber-only podcast that brings alive the people and ideas our editors and reporters are thinking about. Episodes are released every two weeks. We’re making this episode—like much of the rest of our coronavirus coverage—free to everyone. “The reality is that there are two ways to look at responding” to a natural disaster, says Linda Kozlowski, a city councillor in Manzanita

Shaquille O'Neal talks about George Floyd, protesting, and demanding justice

George Floyd Limbaugh500+Mashable / 12h
Shaquille O'Neal is best known for being one of the most famous basketball players of all time — but he also has law enforcement training, and a few years ago he was considering running for Sheriff in order to heal the divide between police and the community. In the video above from Jimmy Kimmel Live! , the host asks O'Neal for his perspective on the protests against racism and police brutality c

Best Western Selling Gift Cards With 20% Bonus

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We’re increasingly seeing travel brands get creative when it comes to generating revenue during these tough times. In particular, we’ve seen hotel brands sell discounted gift cards for future stays, and we’ve now seen these promotions from Anantara , Belmond , Marriott , Small Luxury Hotels of the World , and more. We can now add another hotel group to the list… Best Western selling gift cards wi

Google Incognito mode is not as private as you might like to think

Google Tracking Incognito52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Google has been hit with a $5 billion class action lawsuit in relation to its collection of user data via web browsers operating in private mode. Many users consider private or “Incognito” mode a refuge from prying eyes, but Google stands accused of collecting user data irrespective of browser settings. According to the official complaint, the company uses Google Analytics , Google Ad Manager and

Sony Days of Play sale is live: save on PS4 headsets, games, and PS Plus deals this week

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The Sony Days of Play sale is upon us, and with it come plenty of PS4 deals on gaming headsets, games, and PS Plus memberships. That means you can get in the game for less this week, and kit yourself out with everything you need to make the most of the PS4 console generation. With a massive library of exclusive titles, plenty of peripherals and accessories to dig into, and with prices falling fur

Byju’s early learn app now available for kindergarten kids

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Bengaluru based ed-tech startup, Byju’s is now offering early learning programs for kindergarten kids in India. This program aims to provide the kids with a strong head-start in their learning journey. The new early learning program is designed for kids who are aged 4 or 5 years, which is LKG and UKG. It is available in the Byju’s early learn app. This is a first of its kind offering for the litt

C4 Ventures raises $88M fund for post-Series A startups, in a post-COVID19 world

300+TechCrunch / 12h
C4 Ventures, the Paris -based VC, has raised a new €80 million ($88 million) “Fund II”. The fund was founded by Pascal Cagni, a former Europe boss of Apple, and includes cofounder Raph Crouan, another Apple alumni previously with Startupbootcamp and is currently President of La FrenchTech. C4 is designed to be a “post-Series A” fund and normally invests around €3-4 million euros. The new fund is

Forget Dragon, the Falcon 9 rocket is the secret sauce of SpaceX’s success

SpaceX Falcon One Starlink3KArs Technica / 12h
Enlarge / A Falcon 9 test rocket lifts off of pad 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on June 4, 2010. (credit: Matt Stroshane/Getty Images) Winds howled across Florida's Space Coast on June 3, 2010, as classic summertime thunderstorms rolled inland off the Atlantic Ocean. The heavens opened up, and torrential rainfall doused some parts of Cape Canaveral with as much as three inches of rain in

The Morning After: Sega's tiny Game Gear Micro appears

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The next step for the retro console craze is here. Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary with this Game Gear Micro, which is unthinkably small . Of course, if the 1.15-inch screen strains your eyesight then you can always buy a four-pack of the retro handhelds. Sega That’s necessary, since it comes in four colors, each preloaded with a different set of games -- do you want Sonic & Tails , Shin

Apple News+ Audio feature might just be a month away

SlashGear / 12h
There are many people who prefer getting their news through their ears but most of the content on the Internet is, more often than not, delivered in written form to be read. There are always screen readers and text-to-speech engines but we’re still far from the ideal of not making them sound artificial (unless that’s actually your thing). Audio content … Continue reading

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe arrives with updated styling and better refinement

Yandex Hyundai SonataSlashGear / 12h
The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe is not an all-new model, but it sure looks like it. Hyundai’s redesigned midsize SUV is now brandishing a new fascia, an updated interior, and improved off-road capabilities with its first-ever Terrain Mode selector. “We modernized the new Sante Fe with premium features and appealing aesthetics that are sure to add value,” said SangYup Lee, … Continue reading

Israel’s Team8 raises $104M to make bigger cybersecurity and enterprise bets

100+TechCrunch / 12h
Team8 , the Israel-based firm founded by a team of intelligence vets and backed by the likes of Intel, Microsoft, Walmart and Cisco to develop and spin out cybersecurity startups, is announcing a step change in its business model that underscores the huge amount of activity we’re seeing these days in the sector. Alongside its studio model, it’s launching a venture capital arm, with the aim of inv

Save on sex toys from Ann Summers

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TL;DR: Save up to 30% on lingerie, swimwear, sex toys, and accessories on Ann Summers . Ann Summers has dropped a sale on lingerie, swimwear, sex toys , and accessories, and whilst we're not sure how useful swimwear is right now, we're sure you can find a use for everything else. You can now save up to 30% on a wide range of goodies from Ann Summers, with everything from vibrators to lubricants d

More people are searching how to be a hacker during lockdown

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More and more internet users are searching for and visiting sites concerning hacking and cybercrime , new research has revealed. A report from found that interest in dark web and hacking sites rose during the months of March, April and May 2020 as the coronavirus lockdown took hold around the world. There was also a significant spike in search terms around cybercrime, with the upwar

Protest Photography Safety Tips: Dos and Don'ts, How to Blur Faces, Essential Gear

1KWired / 12h
Here's our guide to taking photos safely at a protest, what not to do, what gear to bring, and how to remove location data and blur faces before uploading to social media.

Our 15 favorite Florida hotels for every type of traveler

20The Points Guy / 12h
One of the most attractive things about Florida — in addition to its sunny weather — is its diversity of accommodations. From luxe oceanfront resorts to cost-effective barrier island beach cottages to family-friendly complexes in central Florida tied to all the theme park fun, you’ll find something that’s absolutely perfect for you — no matter what type of traveler you are. To help you sort throu

Black Lives Matter: here's how you can help right now

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On May 25, George Floyd was killed when police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for over eight minutes, sparking outrage and protests over police brutality and police killing of black Americans. TechRadar affirms this truth: that Black Lives Matter. We know the protests may bring out confusion and difficult feelings in our readers. We’d like to share resources that may help you better un

US senator urges UK to ban Huawei and co-develop rival 5G technology

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The US is increasing pressure on the UK to ban operators from using Huawei equipment in their 5G networks, arguing that its use could pose a threat to American military interests. Huawei has been frozen out of the US market on national security grounds and Washington is urging its allies to follow suit. The US government has also imposed sanctions on the Chinese firm, most notably banning America

PlayStation Plus memberships just got even cheaper

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TL;DR: A 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus is on sale for £29.85 on ShopTo as of June 3, saving you 40% on list price. It wasn't long ago that annual PlayStation Plus memberships went on sale, and we celebrated the fact that you could have saved 30% on list price. If you didn't quite jump on the deal at the time, you're getting a rare (and even better) second chance, because you can now s

Decoding CPU Reviews: A Beginner’s Guide to Processor Terms

91How-To Geek / 12h
CPU reviews are complicated. Before you even get to the performance benchmarks, you have to navigate a maze of terms, like silicon, die, package, IHS, and sTIM. That’s a lot of jargon with little explanation. We’ll define the key parts of a CPU that PC enthusiasts discuss the most. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Robots serve customers at Dutch restaurant as they reopen

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .