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Hating on Hate Speech

Facebook Knuckles
Dear Producer,
As we head into July we head into the second half of the year and celebrate it with the July 4th weekend next week. The normal celebrations should contrast nicely with the noisy socialists and Marxists who have captured and co-opted today’s youth and the entire progressive wing of the Democrat party.

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Death charts from Sweden
Nobody is bothering to analyze Sweden since it did not buy into the globalist shutdown.
Fears of a Trump re-election seem to be dominating the slant of news operations in pretty much all the coverage of Covid-19 and the economy. There is a fundamental globalist slant if you dig deep.

Facebook, probably one of the most effective advertising platforms outside of Google can be exploited by political campaigns from all political perspectives. A concerted effort has been made to prevent Republicans from doing any sort of negative advertising by fact checking advertising.

Much of this is led by the globalist multinational behemoth Unilever. Unilever has pulled all its ads from Facebook because Facebook allows people to “post hateful content.” This would include memes ridiculing Joe Biden for being mentally incapacitated. Anything condemning Trump as Orange Man Bad would be good to go, of course. When you dig deeper, the pressure group, Sleeping Giants, is behind much of this. This operation was discussed in detail on the show.
Unilever logo
Unilever is also dropping the name "whitening" from its products so as not to offend anyone.
Click on pic for story.
Facebook is hedging its bets with various concessions. The companies who have developed an effective Facebook advertising strategy will probably take a hit and live with it rather than risk being targeted by Sleeping Giants.

Little of this story is covered by the big mainstream newspapers to any degree since it should hurt Trump more than Biden. Besides, Facebook and the social media giants are competitors with the newspapers, so this is great. And if you want a good read, read the history of Unilever here.
Biden finding pennies
New guidelines may make this meme hate speech.
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John C. Dvorak
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Hateful Content?
Biden Meme
Not OK
Anti-Trump meme
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