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Covid Fade Away

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The show looks to be another doozy with some clippage indicating that the Corona virus is indeed reverting back to a more benign common cold virus. This was predicted by high-profile virologists who were then slammed as crackpots.

Their assertion was this was a lab created monster that could not sustain reproduction over time and disappear into the void much like the original SARS-CoV-1 virus from a few years back that vanished mysteriously. While SARS-CoV-1 was much more deadly and obliterated air travel, the extreme shut down measures were never employed. Why not?
Pic showing page from fact checking site
This is the sort of "fact-checking" propaganda you have to deal with. It's a lie by omission.  It says that there is "no evidence it could have been intentionally propagated." This is to counter the claim that it was "released by China." But nobody thinks that. The thinking is that it was designed as a research virus and accidentally escaped the lab. That entire thesis is not addressed. Worse, nobody had found an example of this virus in any animal acting as a reservoir.
There is an irony to the riots as they may unravel an elaborate scam involving the Coronavirus circus. This entailed a number of dubious assertions and narratives including fake medical pronouncements, phony research, vaccine freak outs, Bill Gates commentary, threats of pandemic 2, etc. etc.
Bill and Fauci picture
And of course, the riots and the sketchy groups instigating violence against small business and the police which should result in the establishment of more high quality police cameras all over the place, and personal tracking. It’s all to be discussed on the show as the Democrats continue to tell people to vote for them because of the protests while the Republicans cannot bring themselves around to understanding any of it. It’s a moment in time that will take years to de-code, although your No Agenda Show is doing it in real-time.
chart showing word usage
Interesting how these events and their prolongation show up in election years. Coincidence? This chart shows the usage data for the term "black lives matter."
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Child Abuse
Tweet showing little girl holding a sign
This unhappy little girl is "taking a knee" here and her parents think this humiliation is ok.
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