Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gnomedex: Everybody is entitled to their opinion

.. and that is the beautiful thing about blogging of course, since you have the right to your own views on any topic you decide to talk about. In this blog that I came across doing a blog search on Gnomedex 6.0, I was quite shocked at the read. Okay, I understand having issues about a conference, but when you come out and start comparing last year to this year, when it was quite obvious that in the first years conference you were not too impressed with, then why would you even sign up for the next year, especially when once again all you are going to do is complain about it... Seriously, I have no problem with complaining and making these known, but to have nothing good to say--ever?

For me, I'm a single entity with no corporate backing therefore I come to this and any other conference, paying my own way. If I were to complain about one thing at this Gnomedex as with last year, is the simple fact that, even though the venue itself is great, the fact that there is no hotel/motel within walking distance of the conference that is less than $180 US/night... The fact that I went to Gnomedex 3.0 in Des Moines for $99 registration allowed me to fly all the way (from BC, Canada), true the registration fees have changed quite a bit, but then I believe the conference has as well, at least since Gnomedex 4.0 in Lake Tahoe (where I made a point of staying at the same hotel the conference was at which did make a difference, especially in the 'after hours' activities and networking). I personally stay out near the SEA-TAC Airport where I can stay for the three days at about the same price as one night down town (that includes the rental car by the way).. So am I complaining about the price of anything at Gnomedex? Other then the hotel prices, no way. Reading the above blog however, I see this person had elected to stay at the Edgewater (right next door to the World Trade Center) at where I could not find any priced room here at less then $280/night. So, quick math, I see this person that obviously didn't enjoy their first experience at Gnomedex 5.0 (they are obviously not from Seattle as they stayed at hotel), but then why spend over $1000 to come to a conference where you can find yourself having no fun (other then complain about the conference itself)...

Just my opinion.. By the way, I'll be signing up again for next year when it happens, and yes, I will most likely be staying at a downtown hotel simply because I do miss the extra curricular networking that happens after the main event!