Monday, July 24, 2006

When things go wrong, things really go wrong

So here I sit with a broken pocket pc/phone.. For whatever reason it appears the logic is all screwed up when I touch the screen... Now I must look for some sort of warranty work cause I'm pretty sure it is less then a year old.. Great, now I get to deal with Telus (yippee).
Then my laptop decided to give me the 'disk error' on start up forcing me to do surgery on it.. Good thing for backups. In this case I happened to be experimenting with the new Carbonite Backup.. It's a wonderful tool so long as you allow it to completely back everything up. In my case I found it faster to use Ghost and restore, but not that Carbonite isn't worth the $5/month. On the contrary. Considering there is no limit to what it can backup, and with the advantage of highspeed internet on all the time, it is a wonderful way to make sure your computer is working correctly all the time!