Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New CCleaner available

When you run your CCleaner it will typically remind you there is an update available and would you like to go and get it. Of course you should always be using the latest software in this case as you wll want it to be scanning the most current of spyware issues that might be found on your computer. Thing is, it is sometimes a little confusing or frustrating when they are then directing you to a website that uses some sort of pop up file push which is then quite often blocked and/or you have to allow this permission, etc.etc. There is an easier way! If you are reading this then you probably already know who I am, therefore knowing you can simply go to one place on my website and click on the link and choose RUN and it will then install automatically. Or you can click on the link to go directly to software manufacturer's site. I also know how easy it is to be taken in by other pop ups that look 'real' and you feel it is some sort of spyware preventer, which ends up only to be other spyware/spam related, causing further frustration and problems on your computer.