Thursday, July 06, 2006

What to do about Microsoft Warning? For my clients..

There are a few solution to this problem. The first is to stop receiving this reminder. The second is to remove this problem, if you feel this is a serious problem, it requires my bench as this requires a number of registry tweaks as in most cases I have found it easier to do a windows repair installation as this also repairs many corrupted system files at the same time. As always, a number of things can be checked on as well as updates completed utilizing the remote connection software which you will most likely already have installed on your computer (by myself). This is in the form of sending me your current IP address (by visiting my home page and clicking on the link that displays GET YOUR CURRENT IP ADDRESS). Depending on how long it has been since your computer has seen my bench for any sort of work will also be determined on whether or not the fix can be removed remotely. In most cases I am simply disabling this notification as it will not affect the way your computer is updated (serious updates are still completed and all others are already plugged from installing by my choice as a security method in any case this can be adjusted as well).

Just let me know (as many of you have been doing, however you are failing to remember the IP address in which I require to help you further).