Thursday, July 13, 2006

This Recent WGA Issue has really brought my clients from out of the woodwork...

I will have to say one thing for Microsoft; when they want to clean up they certainly can stir it up. As I have blogged about in the past regarding the treatment of this and in my case, the repair in which I have found myself performing on a number of computers. The thing is, before the SP2 I was utilizing other forms of the firewall, but since SP2 I take advantage of this built in windows firewall. For that reason, as I have reported on Symantec issues versus Microsoft before as well, it seems to stay close to the way the operating system was intended to run seems to still be the best approach when trying to OPTIMIZE your computer, whether that be through various windows software tweaks or other hardware means such as wireless routers/hardware firewalls. Regardless of the settings you may have had on your computer, if you have been a client of mine at one time, then there is a good chance you are going to be seeing this recent WGA issue. This is mostly because of the tweaks which included the blocking of most windows updates other than critical ones, and since they placed this in to the critical category, it sort of messed things up, making the computer believe it was basically under attack, to put it in to terms of security. This is something that can be fixed (remotely if you are an existing client) and this is something that I continue to promote--the quick connection more frequently then not, after all, why wouldn't you want your computer optimized whenever you use it? Who wants to have problems... Take advantage of my remote connection (did I mention it is virtually free)

Remember, in order for me to connect, I need to know your current ip address, something you can send via email (or phone me if you can't use your email, but still have internet-no internet odds are I will not be able to connect as you probably have networking issues), along with whatever issues you are having.. Big or small, remember the sooner I know about it the sooner it is fixed instead of waiting until it becomes a major disaster. The fact that one client mentioned they heard a 'tick-tick' sound which seemed to be coming from their hard drive which ended up being the drive failure imminent and all data was immediately saved a new drive installed with the data cloned to it, simply before disaster! This is also why I continue to say communication is the key--so why do I have so many troubles with my phone? Oh that's another blog entry for sure!