Sunday, July 02, 2006

The reason you leave BETA for those that don't mind ISSUES!

So here I am on my way home from Gnomedex, waiting for my flight at the Vancouver airport where there is WIFI. Unfortunately I have found that there is no way for me to connect. I begin to think about the fact that I have the latest IE 7 Beta 3 installed (which comes with anti-phyising filter). Of course you are prompted upon installing this, whether you want this feature turned on or not, but then why wouldn't you? Since you are hoping this new software has all the latest security features. That it does, unfortunately too much security apparently. Even using another browser (avant browser or firefox which I have installed) did not work. Upon uninstalling the infamous IE 7 beta and rebooting, viola, instantly online.

So I highly suggest you keep any beta software on your system only if you feel you know what you are doing since it is quite apparent that it has the ability to disable many features that should have nothing to do with the software on your computer.