Sunday, October 01, 2006

Avant Browser Update Available

As I had recently reported that there was a new version of the Avant Browser (version 11) available, typically there will be many 'updates' to this. Currently as I write this, we are at version 11.8 therefore if you want to stay current, it doesn't take anything more then to click on the HELP and then CHECK FOR NEW VERSION at which point you will be prompted that there is or isn't one available. If there is, by clicking Yes, it will go and retrieve it for you where you will simply click on the install and it will update your current version. When I reported about this earlier, I noted that if you were using version 10.x then you should go to the add/remove programs from the control panel and remove it before installing the new version (which you can always get from my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT site here). Once you have completed the update from version 10.x to 11.x you will want to go through the AVANT BROWSER OPTIONS and set these to your liking. Note that version updates from this point will not change your settings in the options but when the change from ver 10 to 11, you would have to go and re-set things the way you want.

This is not uncommon to any program where a 'major update' takes place. A major update is any time the version number changes (10 to 11 for example), but any 'new build' as in version 11.3 to 11.4 should not cause for major option changes.

Should you upgrade each and every time is a new build available? Yes, when it comes to your web surfing program, you should always stay current to prevent possible security attacks and problems that cause spyware and malware to infect your system.