Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Flu Bug--Taking No Chances

So it appears as I make my journey from computer to computer, that it is cold and flu season once again. I must say when I found myself feeling a little under the weather today, I decided to take no chances as I see what is going around!

I think about how fortunate I have been with my health and (knock on wood), require no emergency visits to the health clinic, considering just how many computer keyboards and mice that I see in a typical week! As much as I don't find myself being a health nut/clean freak, I have found myself washing down with disinfectant wash more often. That stuff is truly a great invention.. waterless wash.. I keep a bottle in my car, one on my computer desk.. and a mini one in my computer bag (although that has to be removed when flying now unfortunately).

The worst part about being under the weather is your time/schedule, bumping everything on the calender truly sucks! So off I go, to take my vitamin C, drink my chicken soup, pour a hot bath, and slide under the down quilt!