Friday, October 27, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 is now available-should you care? No!

As anyone that knows me or has read any of my previous blogs about the AVANT BROWSER then you will have no need to care nor wonder what IE7 is all about. Why? Because you can be better off not being another one of those statistics that get struck with every spyware/spam issue known to mankind. Oh okay so maybe I am being a little harsh about this. But seriously, think about the fact that every windows computer system comes with the Internet Explorer already installed so think about just how many people that means have to be 'trained' to NOT use this program! I have started to get many calls and emails regarding the fact that there is a new IE available and wondered if they should be worrying about it... to the point that even their Internet providers are sending out in there newsletters that it is available.

Let me make it perfectly clear.. the fact that everyone is mentioning this is because yes, if you are using the Internet Explorer then yes you will want to upgrade, but NO, by no means should you even worry about it if you aren't using it in the first place. Why? Because when you install this new version it does a number on the windows security, as in many ways, it sets everything back to "windows defaults' where the Internet Explorer becomes the default browser. Yes, of course you are given this option after you install it, just as you are given the option if you want to use the new phising filter which of course you should, but wait a minute, just what is this doing to the rest of the computer? Well folks, that is yet to be determined and as I mentioned initially in this blog.. why not wait and see, since you should be more then happy with the latest changes made in the Avant Browser which already has no issues with these security problems!

As always, you can get the latest version of the Avant Browser from my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page.