Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The only way to truly know the speed and performance of your computer

If you really want to know just how fast your computer is capable of performing I highly suggest performing a full reformat/reinstallation. That is of course, if you truly find your system lagging. As much as the anti-spyware programs and cleaner-type programs can help scan and remove many things, as well, performing a 'windows repair' installation can make a difference, but if you truly want to see what speed is, you need to start fresh! Personally I find that if I haven't performed a full reformat/reinstall within a one year period then I know I am due. Typically I am performing a windows repair installation (which essentially replaces the windows system files at which point I then perform all windows updates and patches) at about the 6-8 month mode, but when I find that this just doesn't seem to be cutting it, I'll do the full reformat. As I just did with my server as you may have read from previous blogs, I had no idea just how much of a dog/pig it had become! Wow, what a difference... no if only I can get the exchange server and stuff to function through my router correctly... but that's another topic altogether!

Since performing a full reformat/reinstall means wiping the drive clean, you will have to make sure you have everything backed up. For me, I do it in a number of ways. First, I'll use Norton's Ghost program to do a full drive image backup. I then backup 'my account', in my case, to another drive/partition/networked server and to top it off, I have utilized Carbonite's backup system which is something I would truly suggest any and all to go for... think about it.. for $5 dollars a month, I know each and every file on my system is completely backed up.. If I wanted to, after I had done my drive wipe, I could have simply reinstalled windows and run the restore program and everything would be back just the way it was. Although I didn't do this, it may have made things quick again, however in my opinion that would have simply restored everything exactly how it was, which is fine from a data point of view, but I was after reclaiming speed/performance therefore the data backup was done locally, but regardless I always have Carbonite to fall back on! I don't need an entirely new operating system such as windows vista at this point, not when I figure I have reclaimed about 30% of my performance of my machine! Remember my TIPS on OPTIMIZING may help you out and the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page is full of tweaker tools and anti-removal/cleaner software to download and use!