Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The New Avant Browser settings

As with any 'new' program, there are typically some settings that you will want to adjust. This is why each and every program has an 'options'. Avant Browser is no different and therefore once you have installed it, or in this case, immediately after you have installed it, it will prompt you to whether or not you want to utilize the online storage (which I highly suggest as this will then keep your settings for each and every new version of browser that comes out). Initially however, you will have to set up the online account therefore you will need to click on that appropriate button and choose your email address then password and confirm it. Once you have done this. Close the browser completely and then restart it and enter your user information. Note the check box that displays "auto log in" which you should select as you are at your own computer. Once this is done your settings will be saved and you can then utilize the auto fill features whereas you save your password information and it can then be automatically retrieved. Is this safe? Of course, because you are logging in using a user name and password just like you would using your email online or any other web-based program that requires a user name and password, which you can of course change whenever you want!

The next big question I have seen is why the 'links' or in this case 'bookmarks' are not working. Well this would be because you are not using the Internet Explorer bookmarks, but can by once again going to the AVANT BROWSER OPTIONS and from the MISCELLANEOUS section, at the bottom of the list, make sure you check the 'USE IE FAVORITES AS BOOKMARKS".

A few other areas that I have found should be tweaked in the options are the 'exiting' features. Since you will want to be able to click on the big X in the top right corner to close your browser completely, unless you have this set up as the case, it will most likely simply minimize to the system tray where you will still see the Avnat Browser "A" icon. This feature is found in the EXITING options, where I suggest changing this to 'exit avant browser immediately' and turn off (de-select) the option for confirmation before exiting.

I also highly suggest going through each one of the available settings from with the TOOLS/Avant Browser options as you will find many useful options to enhance the way you use your browser while surfing the web.