Saturday, October 14, 2006

Computer Tip-Hard drives never get defraged enough

As much as many techs out there may dislike Norton's products for whatever reasons, the one tool that I still live by is the Utilities. Speed Disk in particular, I have found to be a very useful way of keeping your hard drive alive and well. Personally I do not believe you can have your hard drive defragmented enough and with speed disk, it will optimize it only as much as it needs therefore it is never a problem to run it at the end of each day if you so choose. The built in Disk Defragmenter on the other hand, works in a much different way then speed disk and from my own personal experience, not very well. This doesn't mean however, that you shouldn't do it. On the contrary.. in fact you still should be optimizing your drive by using the built in defragger if you don't have Norton's speed disk. Doing a quick search on this topic kept bringing me to Diskeeper which is yet another program that specifically deals with the fragmentation and in this case, the defragmenting of your hard drive. If you do not feel purchasing software for the simple case of keeping your hard drive 'optimized' then at least use what is already built in to your operating system-- more often then you have been! There will always be debates out there from those that either believe or disbelieve in one product or another, but regardless of which is better, there is no doubt that defragging more often then not is the best medicine!