Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gnomedex 7.0 I'm going, but then you already knew that!

Okay so you may have already read in a previous blog, that I will be attending another Gnomedex this coming summer and came across a recent discussion that is going on in one (or more) of the available forums through the Gnomedex website and through Lockergnome, the interesting statistic of male versus female attendence. I found the quote to be the reason why I go each and every year (number 5 for me this year), "Gnomedex, by the way, continues to attract influencers before they become influencers - male and female. "

By the way, in providing the links to this post, I have found that through my vista machine on my laptop, I can not get to the lockergnome site using Mozilla, avant browser, or Internet explorer with the configurations the way they are... interesting, since I do have the secure zone turned off.

Oh, and for those keeping track of how the techs working behind the scenes for this year's gnomedex are doing. I have received email from the tech support since they had read my blog entry regarding troubles with log in. Thanks to this sort of communication, things do get accomplished quickly. All you have to do is ask!