Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two lost drives in 2 weeks

Not a good way to go in to March, or any month, with two cases with dead hard drives. On the one drive there was nothing to be saved as it was just dead. All lost! The other client was saved a little by the fact a ghost image had been saved over a year ago to another partition on the same drive but fortunately the drive itself was not physically dead and what appeared more as a partition corruption. To top it off by reading this previous story I mentioned, I have started to implement this carbonite backup to all computers I come in contact with. Since, as mentioned also previously, that for the cost of a Large Starbucks coffee once a month, isn't it worth knowing that all of your data is safe! Since we are all using digital cameras today where we just plug it in and transfer all pictures to your computer, if you aren't using webshots for those, or even if you are, knowing that ALL of your computer data is safe!