Friday, March 02, 2007

New Avant Browser available

As with any new update available on the net now a days, many ask if it is always good to get the latest updates. My answer for when it comes to the web browser is "yes, absolutely!" Since the web browser is your front line to all the sites you hit, it is very important that it is up to date with all the latest security fixes and patches. So, if you are using the Avant Browser,and you open it up to start your day of surfing and you get the message that there is an update available, this is one of the times when you want to click YES. Now, saying that, it will take you to the Avant download page where, if you choose the first link to download, you may get a little lost, as this link is typically going to send you to one of their sponsors sites, where you may have to sit through a few seconds of some flashing ad before the download starts and because of that, you may find yourself clicking on the wrong thing. This is why I always have the direct download link available on my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page here. Simply clicking on it and selecting RUN will automatically install over top of the old version. In fact you will probably be prompted that the browser is currently running and, "is it okay to close the browser" in which you should say YES as well. Staying up to date on this sort of thing is relatively important since it is not a Microsoft product like the Internet Explorer and will not be included in any windows updates that may be available.