Friday, March 09, 2007


If you have a question regarding the use of Palm for me, I'll tell you to ask someone else! Why? Well, because I have now just spent the last 5 hours dealing with Palm syncronizing issues that I believe 'should' have been solved by a simple reinstallation of all software that deals with this device, only to find that this is not the case. After numerous attempts before this lengthy go-round I am pretty much back to square one again and therefore am forced to blog about my troubles!

Call it venting if you must, but for me to continue being so000-frustrated over something that should be so simple, I am left to find other alternatives. Why? Because as a user of data on a pocket pc and knowing that I have had little to no troubles when synchronizing my 'windows based' data to my pocket pc, why should I want to spend more time when it boils down to how much 'time' versus ' how much money' you want to spend. Ok so I have stopped my clock on this project long ago and have taken this on as my own project just for the sake of learning the correct way to do things so that in the future I won't have as much troubles. But when I am faced with so many issues, one must decide at what point do you say 'forget about it!' I have come to that point and now I am working on the synchronizing of the palm device to an Internet email based system using google's gmail. I am loving the capabilities of the email and the archiving, searching, contact lists, etc to the point that I have given up my Microsoft Small Business Server system for Google's online system. It just works!

So what is involved in making the change? Nothing more then setting up your free Google email account and then deciding whether or not you want this to be your default email client in which case you can then turn on the mail forwarding from your Internet provider's email which will do two things, it will then immediately forward the email to your Google account and will also allow you to keep a copy on the server if you should decide you want to continue to use that 'pop' style email. Bottom line for me is the fact that it works and very little 'time' is taken to set this sort of thing up.

Now to make the change permanently for other clients that want in.. well you can ask me about this as I am NOT going to deal with another palm related case again.... at least for some time.