Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gnomedex Registration

It seems key technology people also have problems with computers as would be the case at the most recently updated Gnomedex website as Iggy has posted something that I would love to read, however it appears I am having troubles logging in to my account. Even though I am pretty sure I knew the password and username, it appears I needed to get it re-sent to me. That took all of about 3 seconds to get my new password sent to me, however it still does not let me in to my account and it now appears I am in a loop whereas I keep getting brought back to the home page but not logged in. I am not getting a message that I have entered the wrong password or username, just brought back to the home page. Oh well, I am sure this too will be fixed over time as I am just glad to know I have a seat at this years conference!