Saturday, March 31, 2007

There is a time AND PLACE for everything

It is nothing new to hear that some agency is blocking something from being built, or in this case, controlled. As it appears through this CNN article

In my opinion, it is a shame that such a 'simple' idea of placing 'adult material' in a place of its own should not be allowed. Of course it would not move all objectionable material from the 'normal web' but it does place the ability to 'filter' since legal material is going to want to be more available. It would be so simple to have a filter but of course when you filter or place a lock on something, then there are always those that want to break down anything in their way. New laws are being created every day for various Internet practice, whether it be on a state/province or national level. There will always be arguments to this sort of thing, but to stop what is ultimately progress from taking its natural course, just as 'china towns' are built within cities. As the cities size in population grows, so do the cultures within the city. This would be a simple segregation, but of one that places it in to not such a dirty role, but one within business. We have labeled hotel/motels as a rate class, you decide what type of car you want to rent by a class code, we have already placed organizations (.org) businesses (.bus) and many others.