Monday, March 19, 2007

Bluetooth Keyboards, a hot comodity?

With the most recent purchase of my Asus R2H I quickly realized the importance of a keyboard and to look no further then the bluetooth portable keyboards. Thing is, my local suppl yer could bring the same unit in at Canadian prices, less then it would have cost me to buy direct from the place they got it from-- go figure! What I didn't realize, and if I had, I would have ordered it direct from the factory, was that I would be waiting 2 months for the item to arrive! Now this got me thinking about the product that I was waiting to arrive, was it "cheap and no good" or was it so good that they can't keep them in stock? What other question I had while I waited for this to arrive, was that there were no other distributors of bluetooth fold able keyboards it would seem. Now with all the pocket pc's, blackberries, etc, it is no wonder that this would be a very useful device to have so what's up? Now that the device has arrived (a truly marvelous piece of technology I might add) I truly can't see why I didn't purchase a handful of these and sell them locally, I am pretty sure the market would allow for this as I can already see my productivity while using the R2H going up big time.