Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Internet vs Television

If you look closely at the trends of the Internet, it doesn't take one very long to recognize the video used on websites now, thanks to places like youtube. Although, forums have been a part of the Internet for a long time, it is interesting to see how television acting includes in many programs, references to 'blogs' and website URLs as in the case of the popular "Prison Break" program, they make reference to a and if you check, you will not only find that it is an actual working website, but you will find some of the references that you see on certain closeups on camera. With all the 'reality tv' series, games shows, and now integrating the Internet real time, it makes it that much more believable-or does it?

It seems that when you try and push something on people, such as 'web tv', it doesn't necessarily mean people will go for it, which in this case they didn't. But wait a few years, until high speed Internet is available in many more places to make it commonplace, you throw a few videos that you have the ability to watch when you want to and that makes it okay to watch on a less then great image quality or size. But what that has also done is make the cell phone carriers realize a huge market with video streaming through the cell phone. What is next? Satellite Radios already give you hundreds of audio channels at your fingertips wherever satellite coverage is, so where is the video? Don't worry, it's coming, and when it does arrive, how will you see it used? These are all trend-questions, something I look forward in finding answers to!