Saturday, March 10, 2007

What I'm Reading

some place this as a link on their blog, probably will add it soon as well
some things I have been reading

All of EU to switch off energy inefficient lights within three
shouldn't this sort of thing almost become a bi-law within cities? If it is so much of a savings, lets just do it. Similarily when it comes to buying ink for your inkjet printer.. better off to just buy a new printer as it is cheaper, not to mention 'new'. I made the switch at least 8 years ago and at that time, the price for one bulb was quite expensive compared to what they cost today. I would think if you are really supposed to get over 5 years of life on these things, that the consumers would be buying them like crazy when they see a deal to be had. One actually just burned out on me, one that I figured must be at least 5 years old and even if there was still a warranty on this, it would never be replaced with the same model today anyway, not to mention what you must go through in order to get the replacement, but that being said, you should be given the chance to do so, but when the cost, regardless if you get this reimbursed, in the end it would cost more for all involved. This is truly something that has become completely disposable as well.

Vista activation crack #2 auto-renews the 30 day grace
just another game, it seems, like cat & mouse. A good scenario as to the way it is with security and the internet. If you put a lock on something then the curious want to know what is so important that it requires a lock.

A Few Lines About Lines
As much as I enjoy travelling, this is one thing I do think of while I am in one and truly do appreciate where I live!